25 Fun & Unique Work Christmas Party Ideas (2024)

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‘Tis the season for office shenanigans! Whether your workplace gives Nutcracker, Jingle Bell Rock, or Silent Night vibes, we’ve got a Christmas party idea that will have your colleagues chilling, vibing, laughing, and dancing around the water cooler. 

How do you host a good Christmas party at work?

Close up image of co-workers clinking together festive cocktails in a bright modern office space

A successful office Christmas party hinges on a blend of festive ambiance, inclusive activities, and thoughtful planning. We like to incorporate festive decorations, music, and a variety of entertainment to create a lively atmosphere. Providing delicious food and drinks adds to the enjoyment. Keep everyone well-fed and watered!  

Consider team-building games and activities that cater to diverse interests. This ensures that everyone feels included and encourages participation. By fostering an upbeat and inclusive environment, a good office Christmas party leaves lasting memories and strengthens team camaraderie. 

1. Interactive cooking classes

Top view of co-workers enjoying interactive cooking classes at a year-end function

Duration: 2 hours 

Accommodates: 10-20 people 

Best for: The team that binge-watches MasterChef 

Elevate your office Christmas party with a sizzling twist. Dive into an interactive cooking class where colleagues become culinary maestros. Bond over festive recipes, laughter, and delicious creations. It’s a hands-on celebration, spicing up teamwork and leaving everyone with a taste of holiday cheer and newfound kitchen prowess. 

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2. Gameshow

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Accommodates: 15-30 people 

Best for: Competitive spirits and trivia whiz-kids 

Wrap up the year with a bang. Transform your office into a thrilling game show extravaganza for the ultimate year-end bash. Colleagues can compete in hilarious challenges, trivia, and team games, sparking laughter and friendly rivalry. It’s the perfect recipe for a memorable, high-energy celebration to bid farewell to the year. 

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3. Paint and sip

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Accommodates: 8-15 people 

Best for: The artsy crew 

Uncork creativity at your festive work bash with a paint and sip soirée. Unleash artistic flair while enjoying delicious sips. A professional artist guides the way, ensuring laughter and masterpieces flow. It’s a vibrant, interactive celebration, merging artistic expression with holiday cheer for a truly colourful and unforgettable team experience.  

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4. Online mixology classes

Close up side view of a home mixologist free pouring a clear liquid into a fruity cocktail

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Accommodates: 10-25 people 

Best for: The after-work drink gang 

Sprinkle some virtual cheer into your year-end office gathering with an online mixologist session. Sip, chat, and learn the art of crafting festive drinks guided by a pro mixologist, using ingredients that are dropped off beforehand. It’s a laid-back yet spirited way to toast to the year’s end and enjoy some virtual camaraderie. Cheers to a relaxed and festive celebration! 

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5. Tree decorating competition

Duration: 1 hour 

Accommodates: The whole office 

Best for: Those who adore the whimsy of the Yuletide 

Have colleagues gather to decorate Christmas trees with a touch of festive fun. It’s a simple yet delightful way to share the holiday cheer and showcase everyone’s creativity. Best of all, the office will ultimately be adorned with the jollies of the season!  

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6. Pottery classes

Duration: 2 hours 

Accommodates: 8-12 people 

Best for: Those who like getting their hands dirty (literally) 

Channel your inner artist and mold some festive fun with a pottery class for your work celebration. Colleagues gather to shape and create holiday-themed pottery. It’s a hands-on, relaxing way to foster team camaraderie while unleashing everyone’s inner artist. Let the joy of creation add a unique touch to your festive season! 

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7. Virtual holiday party

Duration: 2 hours 

Accommodates: The entire virtual office 

Best for: Remote workers who want to let loose 

Bring the festive cheer to remote teams with a virtual holiday party. Organise a video call where everyone can join from home. Incorporate online games, a virtual Secret Santa gift exchange, and a shared playlist for music. It’s a simple and engaging way to celebrate together, bridging the distance with virtual merriment.  

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8. Virtual wine tastings

Close up image of a line-up of wine tasting glasses filled with different types of white wine

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Accommodates: 10-20 people 

Best for: Oenophiles and budding connoisseurs 

Ship a curated selection of wines to colleagues’ homes, then gather online. A professional sommelier guides the tasting, sharing notes on each pour. It’s a sophisticated yet cosy way to savour the season together, virtually toasting and celebrating. 

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9. Dance classes

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Accommodates: 10-25 people 

Best for: Those ready to cha-cha their way to the top 

Infuse energy into your year-end party with dance classes. Whether in person or online, a professional instructor guides the moves. Colleagues join from various locations, learning festive dance steps together. It’s a lively, team-building activity that brings joy, laughter, and a rhythmic end to the year.  

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10. Gourmet private chef

Duration: 2-3 hours 

Accommodates: 10-15 people 

Best for: Foodies! 

Elevate your year-end office celebration by bringing the culinary magic to you! Hire a gourmet private chef to craft a bespoke meal. Whether at the office or a designated venue, the chef curates a delectable menu, catering to all tastes. It’s a luxurious, hassle-free way to savour the year’s success together.  

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11. Gingerbread games

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Accommodates: 8-20 people 

Best for: Architects of the sweet tooth variety 

Spice up your office Christmas party with gingerbread games! Provide gingerbread decorating kits to set the scene for a friendly competition. Colleagues create edible masterpieces, and a virtual or in-person judging session determines the most festive and creative designs. It’s a sweet way to blend teamwork and holiday spirit, making your celebration memorable. 

12. Drawing classes

Close-up image of a woman taking a digital snap of a drawing collage she is busy making in a light brigh home lounge environment

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Accommodates: 10-30 people 

Best for: Anyone who likes to get a little creative now and then 

Unleash creativity at your office holiday party with a drawing activity. Colleagues sketch their interpretations of a given object or theme, and you can organise a virtual gallery or display artwork at the office. It’s a delightful and inclusive way to celebrate the season together. 

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13. Ornament decorating

Duration: 1 hour 

Accommodates: 10-25 people 

Best for: Crafty souls with a love for all things shiny 

Embrace festive flair at your office Christmas party with an ornament-making activity. Whether online or in person, provide materials for crafting unique decorations. Colleagues showcase their artistic talents, sharing designs virtually or adorning the office tree. It’s a delightful and customisable way to infuse holiday spirit into your celebration. 

14. Secret hall deckers

Duration: 1 hour 

Accommodates: The whole office 

Best for: The mischievous elves of the workplace 

Secret hall deckers is a cross between a desk decorating contest and Secret Santa. For this activity, employees get paired up. Instead of exchanging presents, participants decorate their assigned colleagues’ desks.  

15. Holi-desk decorating contest

Duration: 1.5 hour 

Accommodates: The whole office 

Best for: Cubicle warriors with a touch of whimsy 

Add a splash of festive fun to your office holiday party with a holi-desk decorating contest. Colleagues jazz up their workspaces with holiday cheer. Judges, in person or virtually, evaluate creativity and originality. It’s a spirited way to transform the office into a winter wonderland and boost festive camaraderie. 

16. Department food station tour

Top view of an array of pretty snacks served up as part of a department food station tour

Duration: 2 hours 

Accommodates: The whole office 

Best for: Foodies who want to roam and munch 

Co-workers set up culinary stations in different office departments, each offering a unique treat. Colleagues can tour, sample, and mingle, creating a delicious journey through the workplace. It’s a delightful and interactive way to savour the successes of the year. 

17. Christmas candy bar or cookie bar

Duration: 1 hour 

Accommodates: 10-20 people 

Best for: The sweet-tooth squad 

Sweeten the year’s end with a Christmas candy or cookie bar. Set up a festive spread with assorted candies and cookies. Colleagues can indulge in creating their own sweet creations. It’s a delicious DIY treat that adds a sprinkle of joy to your office year-end party.  

18. Cell phone photography classes

Duration: 2 hours 

Accommodates: 8-15 people 

Best for: Shutterbugs who want to sleigh the photography game 

Capture memories with flair at your office year-end party through cell phone photography classes. Whether online or in person, a professional instructor guides colleagues in mastering smartphone photography. Learn composition, lighting, and editing tricks for stunning snapshots. It’s a creative and accessible way to celebrate the year together. 

19. Online pet party

Duration: 1 hour 

Accommodates: The whole remote office 

Best for: Fur parents & floof enthusiasts 

Wrap up the year with a furry twist by hosting an online pet party for dispersed teams. Colleagues join a virtual call, showcasing their pets in festive attire or doing tricks. No pet? No problem; simply join in the fun. It’s a heartwarming and casual way to bond over the joy pets bring, fostering a sense of connection despite the distance. 

20. Photo booth party

Wedding Cocktail Hour Entertainment

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Accommodates: 10-25 people 

Best for: The selfie enthusiasts 

Bring joy and snapshots to your office Christmas party with a photo booth extravaganza. Set up a festive backdrop, props, and a camera. Colleagues can take quirky and memorable photos, fostering camaraderie and laughter. It’s a light-hearted and engaging way to capture the holiday spirit together. Say cheese! 

21. Murder mystery party

Duration: 2.5 hours 

Accommodates: 10-20 people 

Best for: Amateur sleuths 

Infuse mystery into your Christmas party with a murder mystery vibe. Distribute character roles and clues in advance. Colleagues, whether in person or online, work together to unravel the mystery through interactive storytelling. It’s a thrilling, team-building experience that adds suspenseful excitement to your festive celebration. Whodunit? 

22. Escape room

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Accommodates: 6-12 people per room 

Best for: Puzzle-loving teams ready for a challenge 

Transform your Christmas party into an adventure with an escape room challenge. Teams can set it up themselves with DIY kits or choose a professional escape room in their town or city. Whether in person or online, solving puzzles becomes a collaborative team-building activity, adding mystery and thrill to your festive celebration.  

23. Winter Wonderland

Duration: 2 hours 

Accommodates: The whole office 

Best for: Those dreaming of a white (office) Christmas 

Transform your office into a snowy paradise. Make and hang paper snowflakes, sip hot cocoa, pump festive tunes, and maybe get a snow machine… 

24. Potluck dinner

Close up of a group of co-workers dishing up some holiday food around a potluck table

Duration: 2 hours 

Accommodates: The whole office 

Best for: Home cooks (and bought-it-with-love shoppers) 

Ask colleagues to bring their favourite dishes to create a diverse spread of flavours. A potluck encourages teamwork and a relaxed atmosphere, making it a memorable celebration where everyone contributes to the festive spirit, fostering a sense of community. 

25. Secret Santa

Duration: 1 hour 

Accommodates: The whole office 

Best for: Everyone who loves a surprise gift (and a good guessing game!) 

Exchange gifts, spread cheer, and keep everyone guessing with a classic Secret Santa set-up, where every co-worker draws a name and buys that person a gift. It’s normally a good idea to put a cap on spending, so everyone gets something of the same approximate value. You could also go the gag-gift route and get everyone to buy silly gifts.   

There you have it – 25 fun and festive Christmas party ideas to enjoy with co-workers. Keen to fill your inbox with more inspiration pieces like this? Sign up for our newsletter 🧑‍🎄 


To make Christmas fun at work, plan activities tailored to your team's personalities and preferences. Consider festive decorations, a Secret Santa gift exchange, or a holiday-themed potluck. Encourage participation in group activities like decorating the office space or organising a team-building game. Personalising the celebration fosters a joyful atmosphere and promotes team bonding during the holiday season.

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