21 Spring Cocktails to Try at Home (2024)

March 29, 2023 by Anna-Bet Stemmet

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Slow down and smell the flowers! We’ve got a lovely selection of 21 spring cocktails that are tailor-made for celebrating longer days, warmer weather and Mother Nature shrugging off her winter layers.

1. Cherry Blossom

A pretty Cherry Blossom cocktail garnished with cherries for an extra pop of colour

The best spring cocktails come to the party with plenty of seasonal flair. If you love fruity cocktails, we recommend trying the Cherry Blossom cocktail on for size. To make two drinks, combine 45ml sake, 30ml cherry liqueur, 15ml gin, 20ml orange liqueur, 10ml grenadine, and 10ml lemon juice in a mixing glass with ice. Stir until thoroughly chilled, strain into two chilled glasses, and garnish with fresh or brandied cherries.   

Make it with: Bulldog Gin and Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur 

2. Lemon Lavender Gin Rickey

Two Lemon Lavender Gin Rickey cocktails in mason jars with a vase of lavender towards the righthand side

The Gin Rickey is a great spring cocktail that’s fresh, low-cal and easy to prepare. Our springtime version has a lovely twist: build 45ml gin, 60ml fresh lemon juice, and 1 teaspoon of honey syrup in a tall serving glass with ice. Charge the drink with 60ml soda water, and garnish with a wedge of lemon and a sprig of lavender. 

3. The Spring Buzz

A The Spring Buzz cocktail served in a mug, surrounded by camomile blooms and a jar of honey

If you are a fan of the cosy Hot Toddy, this spring cocktail recipe will be right up your alley. Add 30ml of whiskey and 15ml elderflower liqueur to a rock glass over ice. Pour in a good measure of  cooled camomile tea (sweetened with honey) and finish it with a squeeze of lemon. 

Make it with: Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon

4. White Rabbit

Two White Rabbit cocktails served with edible flower garnish in a modern kitchen setting

The White Rabbit is a seasonal riff on the classic Brandy Alexander and combines 30ml gin, 15ml hazelnut liqueur, 15ml double cream, and half a teaspoon of lemon curd. Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until frosty. Strain into a chilled serving glass, and garnish with edible flowers if preferred.   

Make it with: Frangelico 

5. Tom Collins

Two refreshing Tom Collins cocktails on a wooden surface, garnished with lemon slices and cherries

Spring vodka cocktails don’t get easier than the simple Tom Collins. This iconic highball is a variation of the classic Gin Sour, and the ideal drink to clink when the weather is balmy and you want something ice cold, tall, and delicious to sip at leisure. 

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6. The Honey Rose Margarita

Two Honey Rose Margarita spring cocktails with salt rims and rose petal and lime wheel garnish

This tequila spring cocktail combines 30ml Grand Marnier, 60ml tequila, 30ml fresh lemon juice, 10ml honey syrup and 2 dashes of rose water in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until frosty, and strain into a cocktail glass with fresh ice and garnish with rose petals.

Make it with: Espolòn Tequila Blanco

7. Mezcal Michelada

Top view of a Mezcal Michelada cocktail with a paprika rim and a lime wedge as garnish

The classic Michelada is a time-honoured beer cocktail with plenty of Mexican swagger, and this version adds 1 oz mezcal to the original recipe to transform it into something completely unique. 

Make it with: Montelobos Mezcal

8. Grand Marnier Spritz

Two Grand Marnier Spritz cocktails served with a bowl of olives and cheeseboard next to a swimming pool

If a kiss of citrus is what you want to celebrate springtime, you’ve got to try the Grand Marnier Spritz. Pour 45ml Grand Marnier into an ice-filled serving glass, then add a splash of lemonade, top it off with Prosecco and garnish with a fresh slice of orange. 

Make it with: Cinzano Prosecco D.O.C.

9. Elderflower & Herb Cooler

Two Elderflower & Herb Cooler cocktails with bamboo straws, garnished with extra Elderflower blooms against a wooden backdrop

Elderflower cocktails are perfect for spring, and the Elderflower & Herb cooler takes this drink format into an exciting flavour space. Ideal for batching, it’s easy to turn into a jug for simple serving.  

Add rosemary and thyme leaves to an empty ice cube tray along with edible flowers. Fill the tray with water, and put it in the freezer. Combine 60ml elderflower cordial, 150ml elderflower liqueur, and 150ml Bulldog Gin in a serving jug with your floral ice. Stir until well-combined, then pour into serving glasses and top it off with soda water before serving. 

10. Bourbon & Apple Fizz

Two Bourbon and Apple Fizz cocktails with fresh apple and mint garnish

If the Ramos Gin Fizz has always tickled your fancy, you have to make the Bourbon & Apple Fizz cocktail this spring. Add 45ml bourbon, 15ml lemon juice, and a dash of bitters to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well to combine and strain the cocktail into a serving glass filled with ice. Top it off with sparkling apple juice, garnish with a slice of apple, and serve. 

11. Mezcal Pineapple Sour

Two Mezcal Pineapple Sour cocktail s on a wooden serving platter with a wicker chair in the background

To make a Mezcal Pineapple Sour, combine 45ml mezcal, 60ml pineapple juice, half a teaspoon of agave, 30ml lime juice, and an egg white in a cocktail shaker. Dry shake until foamy, then add ice and shake until chilled. Strain the mixture into a serving glass, and garnish with a few drops of aromatic bitters. 

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12. Orange Ginger Mint Sodas

Two tall Orange Ginger Mint Sodas cocktails garnished with fresh lemon, and served on a silver platter against a dark backdrop

Ginger beer cocktails are always a crowd-pleaser, and even though the Orange Ginger Mint Soda cocktail is a lighter take on this template, it is certainly no exception. The trick lies in making a simple infused orange, ginger and mint syrup. For tips and tricks on how to make your own infused syrups, check out our easy syrup variations for cocktail making. To make the soda, fill a tall serving glass with ice, add two to three tablespoons of the syrup, and top off with club soda.

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13. Green Tea Sangria

Two Green Tea Sangria cocktails surrounded by bright springtime blooms

This beautiful big-batch drink is perfect for al fresco lunches. To make it, simply add sweetened and cooled green tea to a pitcher along with a bottle of white wine, a few lemon slices, and a handful of fresh mint leaves. Refrigerate for two hours and serve alongside ice-filled tumblers, so everyone can help themselves.  

14. Marzipan Old Fashioned cocktail

Two Marzipan Old Fashioned cocktails on a cork surface, garnished with an orange twist and cherry each

The Marzipan Old Fashioned is a very special drink with amazing depth of flavour. Add 30ml Frangelico, one teaspoon sugar syrup, a few dashes of orange bitters, and two drops of almond essence to a cocktail mixing glass. Add a few ice cubes and slowly stir with a mixing spoon until the outside of the glass feels cold. Add 30ml brandy and add a few more ice cubes and give it another stir. Strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice, and garnish with an orange twist. 

15. Iced Tea Sangria

A bright and cheerful Iced Tea Sangria cocktail garnished with mint and surrounded by fresh fruit slices

To make a batch of Iced Tea Sangria, add your favourite tea (cooled) to a jug with two cups of white wine, then add honey syrup to taste. Give it a good stir, cool it in the fridge overnight, and add some ice and fresh fruit before serving. 

16. Raspberry Lemon & Lime Ginger Beer

Two Raspberry Lemon & Lime Ginger Beer Cocktails in mason jars, against a white wooden backdrop

Berries are bountiful in springtime and add a delectable natural sweetness to mixed drinks like the Raspberry Lemon & Lime Ginger Beer Cocktail. Add ice to a highball glass, followed by 20ml raspberry purée, 45ml ginger beer, and a splash of limoncello. Give it a good stir, then top it with 120ml of Prosecco, finishing it off with a squeeze of lime. Garnish with fresh raspberries to serve. 

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17. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Cocktail garnished with celery, capers and olives

Springtime is the ideal opportunity to head outdoors for lingering brunches with family and friends. Serve a savoury-inspired Bloody Mary with all the trimmings and allow the freshness of the tomatoes to shine through.  

Make it with: SKYY Vodka

18. Orange Blossom

A zesty & lovely Orange Blossom Cocktail

Did you know that the orange blossom symbolises eternal love, innocence, good luck, and fertility? The Orange Blossom cocktail ticks all these boxes, featuring a dainty mix of orange juice and gin, sweetened with vermouth to balance the drink’s natural acidity. 

Make it with: Cinzano Vermouth Rosso 

19. Rhubarb Gin & Tonic

A zesty Rhubarb Gin & Tonic cocktail surrounded by cut limes and fresh rhubarb

Gin is such a versatile spirit, and its innate herbaceous flavor profile is perfect for layering with fresh florals and vegetative ingredients. Make a Rhubarb Gin & Tonic cocktail by adding 60ml Bulldog Gin, 15ml fresh lime juice, and two tablespoons of rhubarb syrup to a mixing glass with ice. Give it a good stir and strain it into a serving glass with fresh ice. Charge with tonic water, garnish with lime wedges, and serve.  

How to make infused syrups at home: Easy Syrup Variations for Cocktail Making 

20. Lemon Drop Martini

Two pretty Lemon Drop Martinis on a glass table, garnished with a sugar rim each

The Lemon Drop Martini combines citrus vodka, Grand Marnier, lemon juice, and simple syrup. With its perky attitude and pretty sugar rim, it’s a perfectly balanced retro drink that originates from the 1970s and was named after a lemon candy that was equally popular at the time.

Make it with: SKYY Infusions Citrus Vodka 

21. Dark ‘n Stormy

Dark ‘n Stormy Recipe

The Dark ‘n Stormy recipe is over 100 years old, but still hits all of the right flavour notes today. Super simple to pour, yet gorgeously zesty and refreshing to the core, it’s a great seaside sipper and tailor-made for warm spring days. 

Make it with: Appleton Estate Rum


The Old Fashioned cocktail is a very versatile slow sipper that can be enjoyed in any season. If you’re looking for a drink that’s perfect for warm-weather occasions, we highly recommend the Marzipan Old Fashioned cocktail. Find this recipe, and other great cocktails, on The Mixer UK.

Celebrate springtime with fresh, floral cocktails like the Cherry Blossom, Lemon Lavender Gin Rickey, Spring Buzz, and White Rabbit. Find a complete list of spring drinks on The Mixer for more inspiration UK.


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