10 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas to Ring in the New Year

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Get ready to bid farewell to 2024 and ring in the new year with a bang! As the year wraps up, celebrate in style with our curated list of the trendiest New Year’s party ideas for 2024/5. From dazzling decorations to mouthwatering menu ideas, we have compiled an easy guide to throwing a New Year’s Eve party that will set the scene for unforgettable moments with friends and family. Let the countdown begin! ⌛🎉 

1. Masquerade ball

Mardi Gras masks

Add some mystery and intrigue to your New Year’s Eve party with a masquerade ball. Guests can wear masks and costumes, and you can decorate your space with glittering bits and bobs like Mardi Gras beads, feathers, and mirrors. 

Masquerade ball décor ideas

Drape the walls in mystery. Hang large mirrors on the walls to create the illusion of a grand ballroom.  

Add a touch of glamor. Arrange feather boas and plumes in vases or on platters for a touch of decadence. You could also sprinkle beads around centerpieces or scatter them on tables for a sparkly effect.  

Illuminate the night. Place candles of various sizes and shapes on tables, mantels, and windowsills.  

Get glowy! String fairy lights across the ceiling or drape them around doorways for a magical touch.  

Masquerade ball drink ideas

Champagne Cocktail 

Dark ‘n Stormy 

Campari Spritz 

Dry Martini 

Old Fashioned 

Masquerade ball snack ideas

Baked mini quiches. Baked mini quiches, garnished with a small edible gold leaf for an elegant touch. 

Prosciutto-wrapped grapes. Grapes wrapped in thin slices of prosciutto for a savory and sweet combination. 

Decorated sugar cookies. Sugar cookies decorated with icing to resemble masquerade masks. 

Fancy salmon bites. Black sesame seed crackers topped with a creamy smoked salmon mousse. 

Chocolate popcorn. Popcorn mixed with chocolate chips or drizzled with melted chocolate. 

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2. Decade party

Close up of a boombox

Choose a decade and have your guests dress up in costumes and hairstyles from that era. You can play music from the decade and decorate your space to match. For example, if you choose the 1980s, you could play music by Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Prince. You could also decorate with neon colors and boom boxes. 

80s party décor ideas

Neon everywhere. Amp up the glow with neon signs and fluorescent hues for that unmistakable 80s vibe. 

Vinyl records galore. Deck the walls with oversized vinyl records for a nostalgic touch of retro cool. 

Radical murals. Create a vibrant backdrop with graffiti-style murals featuring iconic 80s symbols. 

Rubik’s cube magic. Scatter oversized Rubik’s Cubes as table décor to capture the essence of 80s puzzle mania. 

80s party drink ideas


Sex on the Beach 

Long Island Iced Tea 

Alabama Slammer 

80s party snack ideas

Pac-Man pops. Mini pizza bites shaped like Pac-Man for a playful and savory treat. 

Retro rainbow Jell-O. Layers of vibrant, fruity Jell-O in true 80s rainbow colors for a sweet delight. 

Nachos. Loaded nachos with a mix of cheesy goodness and jalapeños for a spicy kick. 

Pop Rocks popcorn. Popcorn coated in candy-infused Pop Rocks for a fizzy and flavorful twist. 

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3. Glow party

Bright neon colored confetti

Black-light parties are a lot of fun and can be done indoors or outdoors. All you need are some black lights, fluorescent paint, and glow sticks. You can also decorate your space with white sheets or streamers to make the colors pop. 

Glow party décor ideas

UV wonderland. Transform your space into a UV wonderland with black lights and neon-colored decorations. 

Glowing balloon bonanza. Fill balloons with glow sticks and helium for a floating burst of color. 

Neon paint splatter backdrop. Create an artsy atmosphere with neon paint splatters on black backgrounds. 

Fluorescent table settings. Set the table with neon plates, cups, and utensils for a visually stunning dining experience. 

Glow party drink ideas

Gin Rickey 

Blue Martini 

Blue Lagoon 

White Russian 

Glow party snack ideas

Glow-in-the-dark jelly shots. Add tonic water to your favorite jelly shot recipe for an illuminating twist. 

Neon fruit skewers. Thread bright and juicy fruits onto neon skewers for a healthy and vibrant snack. 

Radiant rainbow cupcakes. Neon-colored cupcakes topped with glow-in-the-dark frosting for a sweet surprise. 

Luminous lollipops. Serve assorted glow-in-the-dark lollipops for a treat that shines on its own. 

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4. Around the world party

Aperitivo hour etiquette

Celebrate a global New Year’s Eve with an ‘Around the World’ party theme. Decorate your space with flags from different countries and serve food and drinks from different cultures. You can also have guests dress up in traditional clothing from different countries. For instance, the folks in charge of the Italian corner could go with: 

Italian décor ideas

Italian flags. Display the Italian national flag, featuring vertical stripes of green, white, and red. It symbolizes Italy’s unity and patriotic spirit.  

Italian tricolor. Use the colors of the Italian flag (green, white, and red) as the primary color scheme for your décor, including table settings, banners, and balloons.  

Colosseum cutouts. Incorporate cutouts or images of the Colosseum, one of Italy’s most iconic landmarks, to evoke a sense of ancient Roman history and culture.  

Venetian masks. Venetian-style masks as centerpieces or decorative items, representing Italy’s romantic and picturesque side.  

Italian art. Display reproductions of famous Italian artworks, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Michelangelo’s David, to celebrate Italy’s rich artistic heritage.  

Italian drink ideas

Aperol Spritz 



The Hugo 

Italian Breeze  

Italian snack ideas

Bruschetta. Offer slices of toasted baguette or Italian bread topped with diced tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.  

Caprese skewers. Create bite-sized skewers with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves, drizzled with balsamic glaze and extra virgin olive oil.  

Antipasto platter. Prepare a platter with an assortment of Italian cold cuts, such as prosciutto, salami, and mortadella, along with olives, marinated artichoke hearts, and roasted red peppers.  

Parmesan crisps. Bake thin slices of Parmesan cheese until they become crispy, and serve them as a salty and crunchy snack.  

Arancini. Offer these fried rice balls filled with cheese and a variety of fillings, such as ground meat or vegetables.  

5. Murder mystery party

Close-up of a chocolate cocktail with smoke swirling around it.

A murder mystery party is a fun and interactive New Year’s theme idea. Guests will be assigned characters and will have to work together to solve a murder mystery. You can purchase murder mystery party kits online or create your own. 

Murder mystery décor ideas

Crime scene tape entryway. Set the tone with caution tape at the entrance, making guests feel like they’re entering a mystery zone. 

Mood lighting. Create an atmospheric ambiance with dim lighting, flickering candles, and shadows for added suspense. 

Vintage detective props. Add magnifying glasses, old typewriters, and detective hats to your space for an authentic whodunnit touch. 

Eerie soundtrack. Play mysterious tunes and suspenseful sound effects to immerse guests in the intrigue. 

Murder mystery drink ideas


Old Fashioned 

Vodka Cranberry  

Pornstar Martini 

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Murder mystery food ideas

Alibi appetizers. Bite-sized finger foods with clever names like ‘Guilty Guacamole’ and ‘Suspect Sausages’. 

Clue cookies. Decorate cookies to resemble classic Clue game pieces, adding a sweet and thematic touch. 

Spiced nuts. Roasted nuts with a secret blend of spices for a tantalizing treat. 

Cryptic crostini. Mini toast slices topped with an array of mysterious spreads, from smoked salmon mousse to olive tapenade. 

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6. Casino night

Top view of a group of friends playing a casino game at an NYE party

Looking for a cool New Year’s Eve party theme ideas for adults? Turn your home into a casino for NYE. Set up tables for blackjack, roulette, poker, and other casino games. You can use chips or play money to keep track of who is winning. 

Casino night décor ideas

Red carpet entrance. Welcome guests with a VIP feel, rolling out the red carpet for a grand casino entrance. 

Classic card table centerpieces. Deck tables with playing card centerpieces and glittering poker chip confetti. 

Chic casino lounge area. Set up a stylish lounge with plush seating and low tables for an elegant touch. 

Casino night drink ideas


Lemon Drop 

Kir Royale 

Vesper Martini 

Blackjack Cocktail 

Casino night food ideas

Poker chip pizzas. Mini pizzas shaped like poker chips for a playful and savory snack. 

Shrimp cocktail shooters. Individual shrimp cocktails in shot glasses for an elegant and tasty treat. 

Loaded dice nachos. Nachos loaded with all the fixings, resembling the thrill of rolling the dice. 

Fortune cookie fondue. Dip fortune cookies in chocolate fondue for a sweet and interactive dessert. 

7. Movie marathon

Friends lounging in a comfortable outdoor movie viewing space with fairylights and festive decorations during an Oscar viewing party

If you’re looking for low-key New Year’s Eve party ideas at home, we can highly recommend hosting a movie marathon. Choose a theme, such as comedies, rom-coms, or action movies, and make sure you have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand. 

Movie marathon décor ideas

DIY blanket forts. Create cozy nooks with blankets and cushions, turning your space into a comfortable movie haven. 

Fairy lights. Hang string lights to resemble movie trailers, adding a touch of magic to the ambiance. 

Hollywood walk of fame. Craft personalized stars with the names of your guests and arrange them as a Walk of Fame. 

Popcorn bar station. Set up a self-serve popcorn bar with various toppings and seasonings for a customizable snack. 

Movie marathon drink ideas


Mint Julep 

French 75 

White Russian 


Movie marathon food ideas

Oscar-worthy cheese board. A curated selection of cheeses, crackers, and charcuterie for a sophisticated snack. 

Cinematic sliders. Mini sliders with a variety of toppings, perfect for a bite-sized movie marathon feast. 

Dip trio & chips. Trio of dips (guacamole, salsa, and queso) and chips for a versatile and shareable treat. 

Chocolate-covered pretzels. Sweet and salty pretzels dipped in chocolate for a delightful movie-watching snack. 

8. Board game night

Top view of a group of friends playing a board game at a New Years party

Get your friends and family together for a fun night of board games. Choose a variety of games that everyone will enjoy. You can also make it a potluck and have everyone bring a dish to share. 

Board game night décor ideas

Giant dice centerpieces. Craft or purchase large foam dice as eye-catching and playful table centerpieces. 

Colorful game night banners. Hang banners with vibrant colors and classic board game motifs to set the mood. 

Gamer’s trophy display. Design a DIY trophy display for winners, adding a competitive edge to the evening. 

Board game night drink ideas

Blood & Sand 


Gibson Martini  

Board game night food ideas

Dice-shaped cheese cubes. Cut cheese into dice shapes for a playful and thematic addition to the cheese board. 

Strategy snack mix. A mix of nuts, pretzels, and your favorite snacks for an easy and munchable game-time treat. 

Game piece cookies. Sugar cookies decorated as classic board game pieces for a sweet and playful dessert. 

9. Karaoke night

Close up of a microphone at a karoake party hosted on NYE

This has got to be one of our most fun New Year’s Eve party ideas, for sure! Let loose and sing your heart out at a karaoke night party. Rent a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app on your phone. You can also set up a stage and lights to make it feel like a real karaoke bar. 

Karaoke night décor ideas

Starlit stage. Illuminate the space with dazzling stage lights, setting the scene for a karaoke superstar experience. 

Karaoke lounge seating. Create comfortable lounge areas with vibrant cushions and neon accents for a lively atmosphere. 

Retro mic stand centerpieces. Feature mic stands as centerpieces, adding a touch of musical flair to the celebration. 

Lyric wall décor. Decorate walls with song lyrics in bold and colorful fonts, creating an immersive karaoke ambiance. 

Karaoke night drink ideas

Gin & Juice 

Paper Plane 

Tequila Sunrise 

Karaoke night snack ideas

Rockin’ roll-ups. Tortilla roll-ups with a variety of fillings, such as turkey, cream cheese, and veggies, for a satisfying snack. 

Jazzed-up jalapeño poppers. Jalapeño poppers filled with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon for a spicy and savory delight. 

Cake pops shaped like microphones. Such a sweet and whimsical karaoke-themed treat. 

10. Spa night

Close up of a selection of pampering goodies for a spa night hosted on New Years Eve

One of the top chill-vibes New Year’s party ideas 2024 has produced is the spa night in. Ditch the glitz and glam for a relaxing spa night with your favorite people. Do face masks and paint your nails. Have everyone bring a healthy snack to share and go into the new year feeling all sparkly.  

Spa night décor ideas

Soft candlelit ambiance. Illuminate the space with an array of scented candles for a soothing and intimate atmosphere. 

Zen garden centerpiece. Arrange a mini zen garden as a centerpiece, bringing a touch of tranquility to the gathering. 

Aromatherapy corner. Set up an aromatherapy station with essential oils and diffusers for a fragrant and calming experience. 

Natural greenery accents. Add touches of nature with potted plants and fresh flowers to enhance the spa-like ambiance. 

Spa night drink ideas

Mock Champagne Punch 

Strawberry Mojito Mocktail 

Margarita Mocktail 

Virgin Mojito 

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Spa night food ideas

Chocolate-covered strawberries. Juicy strawberries dipped in dark chocolate for a decadent and delightful treat. 

Cucumber avocado bites. Sliced cucumber topped with creamy avocado and a sprinkle of sea salt for a light and healthy snack. 

Greek yogurt parfait. Layers of Greek yogurt, honey, and fresh berries for a nourishing and sweet parfait. 

Matcha bliss balls. Energy-boosting bliss balls made with dates, nuts, and matcha powder for a healthy indulgence. 

There you have it – ten amazing New Year’s party ideas to try on for size. Remember to tag us in your Instagram pics and sign up for our tasty newsletter to be the first to know when a new inspiration piece drops. Now go forth and get festive! 🥂 


To plan a memorable New Year's Eve party, start by setting a theme and creating a guest list. Choose a venue and set a budget for decorations, food, and entertainment. Send invitations well in advance and plan a festive menu. Arrange for entertainment, whether it's a DJ, live band, or playlist. Consider activities and games to keep the energy high. Don't forget to incorporate a countdown moment and have a plan for transportation or accommodations. Lastly, ensure safety measures are in place, and embrace the spirit of celebration!

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