Vegan Cocktails: Explore Vegan Liquors in 2024

March 30, 2024 by Anna-Bet Stemmet

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Vegan cocktails are the trend of the moment, and we love that this sustainable choice is on the rise. Whether you follow a strict vegan diet on a daily basis or would simply like to adopt a more plant-based approach in the kitchen (and behind the cocktail shaker), there is an exciting world of options to explore. So, let’s get you sorted with some insider tips and vegan cocktail recipes, shall we?  

The ABCs of making vegan cocktails at home

Top view of a variety of vegan cocktail ingredients artfully scattered on a pink surface

If you want to ensure that the cocktails you make at home are 100% vegan, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some important tips for DIY cocktail enthusiasts who want to shake up vegan-friendly drinks: 

Research your liquors. Look for liquor that explicitly state they are vegan-friendly or use alternative filtration methods. Many distilleries now cater to vegan consumers and provide this information on their labels or websites. Online retailers and specialty liquor stores often carry a wide selection of vegan-friendly liquor. 

Celebrate fresh ingredients. Incorporate fresh fruits, herbs, and juices into your cocktails. Not only are these ingredients vegan-friendly, but they also add vibrant flavors and aromas to your drinks. Experiment with seasonal produce to create unique and refreshing cocktails. 

Always check store-bought ingredients. Read labels carefully when purchasing mixers, syrups, bitters, liqueurs, and vermouth. Avoid products containing honey, cream, or animal by-products. Opt for vegan alternatives such as agave syrup, dairy-free cream substitutes, and fruit-based liqueurs. 

Make your own mixers and syrups. Consider making your own mixers and syrups at home. This allows you to control the ingredients and ensure they are vegan-friendly. Simple syrups made from sugar and water are easy to prepare and can be infused with various flavors, like citrus, herbs, or spices. 

Experiment with substitutions. Get creative with substitutions for non-vegan ingredients. For example, you can use aquafaba, the liquid from canned chickpeas, as a vegan substitute for egg whites in frothy cocktails such as sours and fizzes. Explore plant-based milk alternatives for creamy cocktails and use vegan-friendly bitters and liqueurs to enhance flavor. 

Utilize digital resources. Take advantage of online resources and smartphone apps that provide information about vegan-friendly cocktail ingredients and recipes. These resources can help you discover new drinks to try and identify suitable substitutions for non-vegan ingredients. 

Experiment and have fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors, techniques, and recipes. Making cocktails at home is a fun and creative process, and there are endless possibilities for crafting delicious vegan-friendly drinks that suit your taste preferences. 

By following these tips and exploring vegan-friendly ingredients and recipes, you can enjoy a wide variety of flavorful cocktails while staying true to your dietary preferences. Here are a few tried-and-tested easy vegan cocktails that are sure to fit the bill:  

1. Vegan vodka cocktails

Refreshing Vodka Tonic served on ice with a rosemary and lime wedge garnish

SKYY is one of the first vodka brands to pioneer an innovative, state-of-the-art quadruple-distilled, triple-filtration process. The whole portfolio is meticulously crafted without any animal-derived ingredients. The charcoal utilized in its production originates from inorganic sources and is thoroughly removed before bottling, ensuring a pristine final product. Additionally, no artificial colorants are introduced during the process. 

Some of the best vegan cocktails to make with SKYY Vodka include:  

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2. Vegan bourbon cocktails

Kentucky Mule

Wild Turkey ensures that no animal ingredients are used in the production of Wild Turkey 101, Wild Turkey 80, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve, Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit, and Wild Turkey Rye. The only exception is Wild Turkey American Honey, where honey is added to the product. 

Here are some easy cocktails to make with Wild Turkey bourbon 

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3. Vegan rum cocktails

Dark ‘n Stormy Cocktail

Appleton Estate Rums are completely free from any form of animal products. Furthermore, the company is committed to expanding its green manufacturing initiatives. Presently, a significant portion of the electricity powering the estate is generated from the by-products of production. 

Here are some lovely vegan cocktails to make with Appleton Estate Rum 

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4. Vegan tequila cocktails

Front View of Delicious Lime Margaritas in ice bowl

Espolòn Tequila is vegan-friendly. From the vibrant blanco to the rich reposado and the complex añejo, each expression promises a journey of flavor and authenticity. With its bold character and smooth finish, Espolòn Tequila range is the perfect choice for those seeking true Mexican spirit. 

Here are some vegan tequila cocktails to make with Espolòn Tequila:  

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5. Vegan orange liqueur cocktails

Front view of the best refreshing Cosmopolitan cocktails

Vegan-friendly Grand Marnier offers a refined selection of liqueurs that blend fine Cognac with delicate orange essence. Whether you savor it on the rocks or choose to stir it into classy cocktails, its distinctive flavor elevates any moment. 

Here are some delightful vegan-friendly cocktails to make with Grand Marnier:  

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6. Vegan gin cocktails

Gin Rickey cocktail ingredients

Bulldog Gin offers a contemporary, vegan-friendly take on traditional London Dry gin, delivering a balanced blend of botanicals with a modern edge. Its smooth and versatile profile makes it perfect for classic cocktails or creative clinkers.  

Here are some great vegan gin cocktails to make with Bulldog Gin:  

7. Creamy vegan cocktails

Creamy minty green Grasshopper Cocktails

If you love things on the creamy end of the spectrum, you need to head over to our creamy vegan cocktail guide. This includes step-by-step tips on making a variety of indulgent vegan sippers, including: 

  • Vegan Grasshopper cocktail 
  • Vegan Mudslide cocktail 
  • Vegan Sour cocktail 
  • Vegan Piña Colada cocktail 

8. Non-alcoholic vegan cocktails

Two Virgin Palomas served in a garden setting

Mocktails are a great choice for vegans, since you don’t have to check the ingredients or preparation methods of any liquors. Here are a few options to wet your whistle without any alcohol in the mix:  

9. Vegan holiday cocktails

Vegan eggnog in a glass mug served with ice

Looking for vegan Christmas cocktails to serve over the festive season? Here are some tasty options:  

There you have it—36 amazing vegan cocktails and a whole lot of inspiration to get you excited about pouring vegan-friendly drinks at home. Remember to tag us in the pics of your sustainable sips and sign up for our newsletter to learn more.  


While many liquors are plant-based, some might use animal derivatives or additives in their production process, making them unsuitable for vegan cocktails. Examples include certain brands of whiskey and liqueurs that may use animal products for filtration or flavoring. Always check labels or contact manufacturers to ensure the liquors align with vegan principles. Liquor brands that are vegan-friendly include SKYY Vodka, Espolòn Tequila, Grand Marnier, Wild Turkey Bourbon, and Appleton Estate Rum.

For vegan-friendly cocktails, there are numerous substitutes readily available. Instead of egg whites for texture, try aquafaba (chickpea brine). Agave nectar, maple syrup, or coconut nectar can replace honey. Various non-dairy milks like almond, coconut, or soy can stand in for cream or milk. Additionally, explore fruit juices, flavored syrups, and fresh herbs to enhance flavors, ensuring your cocktails are both cruelty-free and delicious.

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