Vegan Eggnog

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Vegan eggnog in a glass mug served with ice

The popularity of plant-based eating and drinking is growing every day, so make sure you serve up some vegan-friendly drinks this Christmas. Today we’re giving you the best vegan eggnog recipe for the holidays, perfect for Christmas cocktail parties and feasts. Grab your apron and let’s get started. 



If you don’t like bourbon, you can replace it with rum for a spicy boozy variation. 


Store your homemade vegan eggnog in the fridge and consume it within 5 days. 


You can use this eggnog (minus the alcohol) as a base for your vegan golden milk or matcha latte. 



4 Persons

32 Oz

960 Ml

32 Parts

Coconut milk 
8 Oz

240 Ml

8 Parts

Coconut cream 
Cup raw cashews 
Cup white granulated sugar 
Teaspoon vanilla extract
Teaspoon cinnamon
Teaspoon nutmeg
0.75 Oz

22.5 Ml

0.75 Parts



Add all the ingredients except for the bourbon to a blender and blitz until smooth 


Place the mixture into a saucepan and bring to a gentle heat, keep whisking until it simmers. You’ll notice it thicken throughout this process


Remove from the heat and stir through the bourbon 


Strain the vegan eggnog through a sieve into a pitcher to remove any lumps, and place it in the fridge until thoroughly chilled 


When you’re ready to serve, give the eggnog a good stir and then pour into glasses 


Garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon 

History of eggnog

Eggnog is a creamy, seasonal beverage that is usually made with eggs, sugar, milk, and nutmeg. You can give it a boozy kick by adding bourbon or dark rum. Its history dates back to 13th century England where it was invented, however, the actual recipe comes from the 17th century, when eggs, milk, and sherry were a commodity. It was an aristocratic drink that people used to toast health and prosperity. 

It became popular in America soon after, and it evolved into a holiday drink that each state would customize according to its preference. Eggnog has also international variations, like the Coquito from Puerto Rico, which has a coconut base and is served with rum, and Eierpunsch, a German punch made with white wine and egg liqueur. 

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How to make eggnog vegan

If you’re vegan or following a plant-based diet, making vegan eggnog is as easier than ever. Just leave out the eggs from the original recipe and replace the cream and milk with non-dairy alternatives, like coconut, almond, or oat milk or coconut cream. Some recipes also feature crumbled tofu instead of eggs for a thicker texture.

Now that you know the secret, here are some tasty vegan eggnog variations you can easily whip up at home. 

Vegan Frozen Eggnog Hot Chocolate

If you thought eggnog couldn’t get more delicious, think again! This lavish vegan frozen eggnog hot chocolate blends vegan eggnog, ice, and ground cocoa powder. The name might be a mouthful, but it’s an irresistible dessert drink that you’ll want more of. Turn it into a boozy creamy vegan cocktail by adding a shot of vodka before blending the ingredients. 

TOP TIP! Love a bit of spice in a holiday drink? Try adding a touch of Ancho Reyes! Read all about this chili liqueur here.

Vegan Eggnog Martini

Tasty and fancy, the Vegan Eggnog Martini is a stylish holiday cocktail to serve at family get-togethers or as an indulgent Christmas dinner treat. It combines vanilla-flavored vodka, vegan eggnog, and Amaretto in an irresistible sweet and boozy combination that’s tempting enough to enjoy all year round.   

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When to serve

Eggnog is typically enjoyed cold or warm during the holidays, so it’s a safe bet if you’re hosting a Christmas cocktail party with friends and family. It’s also an easy winter cocktail to serve after a day on the slopes or a wintery hike out of town. Truth is, eggnog is so delish, we love it all year round! 

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Eggnog is a rich, chilled dairy-based drink to which alcoholic beverages like brandy or rum are added. It’s usually made with milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar and whipped egg white that gives it its characteristic frothy texture.

Despite its name, eggnog doesn’t taste like eggs at all. It’s very rich and creamy and has a similar taste to custard or melted ice cream. Pretty nice, huh?

Usually, brandy is the most traditional alcohol to put in eggnog. However, you can also use cognac, dark rum or bourbon if you want a spicier aftertaste. If you’re making an eggnog martini, we recommend using vanilla vodka.

Vegan eggnog follows the same recipe as traditional eggnog, however, there are no eggs (you can skip them or use crumbled silken tofu) and instead of milk and cream, you use coconut cream and non-dairy milk.