The Best Grand Marnier Recipes, from Cocktails to Soufflés 

March 13, 2024 by The Mixer Team

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Calling all orange liqueur lovers! Are you looking for new Grand Marnier recipes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. From light, summery sippers like the Grand Margarita to sophisticated desserts, discover the best Grand Marnier cocktails and desserts for any occasion here.  

What is Grand Marnier?

Friends enjoying Grand Marnier cocktails outside during summer

Grand Marnier is a French orange liqueur with a Cognac base, boasting aromas of orange peel, vanilla, and oak. It was borne out of Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle’s genius idea of combining Caribbean oranges with Cognac in 1880, creating a recipe that’s remained unchanged over the centuries.  

A must-have for any respectable bartender or home mixologist, Grand Marnier is a key ingredient in countless classics like the Sidecar cocktail, Cadillac Margarita, Cosmopolitan, and more.  

Now that you know everything about this French delicacy, discover 18 of the best cocktail and dessert recipes with Grand Marnier: 

14 drinks & cocktails with Grand Marnier

1. Grand Margarita

Grand Margarita served on a bar counter next to a bottle of Grand Marnier and Espolòn Tequila

Revisiting the classics can be tricky, but you’re in safe hands with this Grand Marnier Margarita recipe. The orange and nutty notes of Grand Marnier pair well with the earthy notes of tequila and the sourness of lime. 

To make this recipe, start by filling a shallow dish with 2-3 mm of fine salt. Rub a lime wedge along the rim of your cocktail glass, then dip the wet rim in the plate to create the perfect salt rim. Next, combine 1 oz Grand Marnier, 1 oz tequila and 0.5 oz lime juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously then strain the cocktail into the prepared glass. Garnish with a slice of lime and enjoy your premium Grand Margarita. 

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2. Tequila Daisy

A Tequila Daisy cocktail served in a coupe glass with a lemon peel garnish

Like many amazing cocktails, the Tequila Daisy was created by a mixology mishap: An Irishman going by the name of Madden, who ran one of the few post-Prohibition bars left in Tijuana, reached for the wrong bottle (tequila) while making a Brandy Daisy—and the rest is history. The name is also a play on words, as daisy is the English word for Margarita. 

To make a Tequila Daisy at home, combine 2 oz tequila, ½ oz of Grand Marnier, ½ oz lemon juice, and ½ teaspoon of superfine sugar in a shaker with ice. Shake well until icy cold and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Top off with a splash of club soda and enjoy this thirst-quenching delight. 

3. Marnier and Bubbles

Grand Marnier and Bubbles cocktail with a bottle of Grand Marnier next to it

Impress with no stress with one of the simplest Grand Marnier cocktail recipes. Marnier and Bubbles will take your Mimosa game from meh to perfection. The rich and complex flavor of Grand Marnier combined with orange juice and bubbles elevates it from brunch cocktail to pure treat. When choosing the bubbles, go for a high-quality French sparkling wine, or Champagne if you want to go all in.  

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4. G & G

A Grand Marnier and Ginger Beer cocktail served on the rocks with a lime wheel garnish

Take two of mixology’s favorites, Grand Marnier and Ginger Beer, and you get the G&G. The sweetness of Grand Marnier’s candied orange peel and vanilla notes goes hand in hand with the spiciness of ginger beer. Make it at home by pouring 1.5 oz of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge and 3.5 oz of ginger beer, with a squeeze of lime, in a Collins glass with ice. Stir, garnish and enjoy! 

 5. El Presidente Cocktail

An El Presidente Grand Marnier cocktail in a coupe glass garnished with a dark cherry and orange twist

Created in Cuba during Prohibition, El Presidente has been a hidden gem for decades. Luckily, curious bartenders have blown the dust away and brought this alluring rum-based cocktail into the mainstream. Featuring white rum, dry vermouth, orange curaçao and grenadine, it’s a well-rounded drink with a sweet, boozy kick. Elevate the recipe by swapping the curaçao with Grand Marnier for a more complex flavor experience. 

6. Singapore Sling

A Grand Marnier Singapore Sling cocktail with cherry and orange garnish

Juicy yet sophisticated, the Singapore Sling is the perfect choice for an elegant drink that is also playful on the palate. The original recipe is attributed to Raffles bartender Ngiam Tong Boon and is a variation of the gin sling, a single-serve punch. When mixed to perfection, this cocktail is sweet, tart, and delicious, achieving the perfect balance between boozy and refreshing. 

7. Grand Old Fashioned   

A bartender creating an orange peel twist for a Grand Old Fashioned cocktail

Give the timeless Old Fashioned a modern and sophisticated twist by adding Grand Marnier. This classic cocktail usually features whiskey and Angostura bitters. However, the addition of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge gives an elegant and smooth finish, with notes of oranges and nuts. Serve the Grand Old Fashioned after dinner or pair it with dessert as a luscious treat. 

8. B-52 Cocktail

B-52 Cocktail

Take the classic post-meal espresso and turn it into a lavish drink with the B-52. Blending coffee liqueur, triple sec, and Irish cream, this decadent sipper has a creamy texture with hints of orange. Swap the triple sec for Grand Marnier for an even richer flavor. Serve your B-52 as a shot or a cocktail; your guests will love it either way. 

 9. Grand Collins

Grand Collins cocktail with raspberry garnish served in a modern bar

Straightforward and refreshing, the Tom Collins drink is one of the most popular classic cocktails. A Collins is a sour beverage that consists of a spirit (typically gin), sugar, and citrus. Give a tasty spin to this simple combo by replacing the gin base with Grand Marnier. The result is the Grand Collins: a velvety citrusy treat. 

10. Sidecar

Grand Sidecar cocktail in a bar next to a bottle of Grand Marnier orange liqueur

Introducing the Sidecar cocktail, a 3-ingredient wonder that’s been served up for over a century. This bright sour features Cognac, orange liqueur and lemon juice, with a dainty sugar rim to garnish. You can make this cocktail with several orange liqueurs, but the Sidecar with Grand Marnier recipe is our favorite for its rich and velvety flavor.  

11. Grand Smash

Grand Smash cocktail with fresh mint garnish

Simplicity is key in the Grand Smash recipe, as it allows the star ingredient, Grand Marnier, to shine. With the addition of lemon wedges and mint leaves, the Grand Smash provides an unexpected burst of flavor to enjoy with every sip. 

 12. Mai Tai

A Grand Mai Tai garnished with a pineapple wedge and fronds, served in a modern bar

The Mai Tai is on the International Bartenders Association (IBA) list of classic cocktails for a good reason. This Tiki favorite combines Jamaican rum, orgeat, orange liqueur, simple syrup, and lime juice for fresh and zesty notes with a hint of almond.

The original recipe calls for curaçao, but we recommend making at Grand Mai Tai to take this iconic cocktail to the next level.  

13. Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets Grand Marnier cocktail served in an elegant coupe glass with a lemon twist garnish

Make your Valentine’s Day candlelit dinner one to remember with the Between the Sheets cocktail. This irresistible mix of rum, Cognac, lemon juice, and Grand Marnier lives up to its name, with a rich and spicy flavor profile, featuring notes of oak, fruit, and the tropical touch of rum. If you really want to go all out, flame an orange peel over the surface of the drink for an aromatic hint of citrus oils. 

14. Cosmopolitan

Front view of the best refreshing Cosmopolitan cocktails

Our list of Grand Marnier drink recipes wouldn’t be complete without the classic Cosmopolitan. This lush pink drink rose to fame thanks to Carrie Bradshaw and co. and is an unmissable item on any bar menu. Featuring vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, and lime juice, it is refreshing, delicious and fun. Make yours with Grand Marnier instead of the usual triple sec for richer sipping experience. 

4 Grand Marnier dessert recipes

If you thought Grand Marnier only belonged in the bar, get ready to change your mind. This orange French liqueur is also a fantastic ingredient for dessert recipes.  

1. Grand Marnier soufflé

Five Grand Marnier Soufflés in a kitchen setting with an oven in the background

This may not be one for baking novices, but if you manage to master this Grand Marnier soufflé recipe, it will become your go-to dessert. Simply take any standard sweet soufflé recipe and add around 2 tablespoons of Grand Marnier to the crème pâtissière before combining with the egg whites.

Tip: The key to the soufflé’s dramatic puff is keeping air in your whisked egg whites; for this, we recommend room-temperature egg whites as they allow you to create more volume.  

2. Grand Marnier cake

A Grand Marnier bundt cake with orange garnish and Grand Marnier glaze

This delicious Grand Marnier cake recipe ticks all the boxes: it’s fluffy, moist and elegant. Its orange flavor is enriched by a filling of orange zest and crunchy pecans, topped off with a delicious orange liqueur sauce.   

First, make your favorite airy sponge cake (with optional orange zest and pecans). To make the Grand Marnier sauce, combine ½ cup of sugar with Grand Marnier and orange syrup. Pour it on top of your cake as soon as it’s out of the oven to give it a distinctive zesty Cognac glaze. 

Leave it plenty of time to cool and soak in the sauce to serve at teatime or as a heart-warming autumnal dessert.  

3. Tiramisu recipe with Grand Marnier

A Grand Marnier Tiramisu on a dinner party table setting

Almost everyone loves a Tiramisu, for its velvety notes of espresso and cream. But what if we told you there’s an even tastier Tiramisu recipe with Grand Marnier? The Italian dessert usually features dark rum in a creamy Mascarpone mixture, but for this version we add Grand Marnier to the espresso before dipping in the ladyfinger biscuits. 

The orange liqueur makes this dessert even more irresistible, and we suggest saving this recipe for a special occasion.  

4. Cranberry sauce with Grand Marnier

Bowl of cranberry sauce with Grand Marnier on a dinner table setting

Nothing says Christmas more than cranberry sauce. And we have an ace up our sleeve to impress your friends and family this season: a cranberry sauce recipe with Grand Marnier

To make this decadent sauce, simply add 4 tablespoons of Grand Marnier to simmering cranberries to turn them into a sweet and tart jam-like dreamy goodness that you will want to spoon over just about everything. Simple and delicious. 

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