8 Best Rum Choices for Refreshing Mojitos

October 24, 2023 by Anna-Bet Stemmet

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Good news, friend—choosing the best rum for Mojitos does not have to be overly complicated! However, a little bit of know-how can make all the difference. With a diverse array of options, from white rum to aged varieties and gold to overproof rums, the journey to finding the ideal match for your taste can be both exciting and rewarding.  

So, to help you get a delightful and well-balanced drink every time you stir up this classic cocktail, here’s our insider guide to choosing the perfect rum for your Mojito! 

How to choose the right rum for Mojitos

Top view of Mojito ingredients displayed on a blue marble surface in a bright home kitchen

When it comes to selecting the best rum for Mojitos, there are a few basic factors to keep in mind. This iconic Cuban cocktail, with its refreshing blend of mint, lime, sugar, club soda, and, of course, rum, deserves a carefully selected base to elevate the experience. Here’s how we like to evaluate our options:  


Consider the flavor profile of the rum in relation to the other elements of your Mojito. White rum’s light and crisp character can seamlessly blend with the mint and lime, creating a refreshing symphony. Aged rums with hints of caramel and vanilla can add a touch of sweetness, enhancing the overall balance. Spiced rum, with its warm and aromatic notes, can complement the cocktail’s herbaceous and citrusy components. 

Experiment with different rum styles to find the flavor profile that resonates best with your palate. 

ABV (Alcohol by Volume)

The alcohol content of the rum, indicated by its ABV, is a crucial factor in shaping the overall character of your Mojito. A higher ABV rum can impart bold and robust flavors, standing out against the lime and mint. On the contrary, a lower ABV rum may offer a gentler integration, allowing the cocktail’s nuances to take center stage. 

Adjust the ABV to your preference, keeping in mind that it influences the drink’s intensity and balance. 


A well-balanced Mojito is a work of art, and the rum you choose should contribute to this equilibrium. Avoid overpowering the cocktail with a rum that’s too bold or too subtle. Seek a rum that aligns with a Mojito’s spirit of freshness and vibrancy, offering a delightful interplay of flavors without overshadowing the classic components. 

Sweetness level 

Consider the inherent sweetness of the rum when selecting the right one for your Mojito. Different rums have varying levels of sweetness, influenced by factors such as the aging process and added flavorings. 

White and agricole rums tend to be lighter and drier, contributing a crisp and less sweet character to your Mojito. These are ideal if you prefer a cocktail that’s more refreshing and not overly sweet. 

On the other hand, if you like a hint of sweetness with complexity, opt for aged rums. These often carry notes of caramel and vanilla from the aging barrels, adding a subtle sweetness that complements the lime and mint in your Mojito. 

Age and complexity

The aging process of the rum can significantly impact the complexity of your cocktail. Choose a rum that aligns with your preference for complexity, whether you’re aiming for a straightforward, refreshing experience or a more intricate and nuanced sip.  

Light and white rums, which are typically younger, offer a clean and straightforward profile, making them perfect for a classic, crisp Mojito. Premium or craft rums, on the other hand, often undergo unique aging processes or blending techniques, providing a level of complexity that can turn your Mojito into a connoisseur’s delight. 

If you’re in the mood for a Mojito with layers of flavor and sophistication, you can also consider using an aged rum. The interaction with the barrel imparts rich and complex notes that can elevate your cocktail to a more refined level. 

1. White rum

Two White Rum Mojito cocktails on a table in a light bright restaurant in the tropics

White rum is typically seen as the classic choice for Mojitos. It elevates the drink’s overall profile, enhancing its flavor, texture, and visual appeal while letting the refreshing mint and zesty lime take center stage. 

Flavor. White rum brings a smooth, subtle sweetness to the Mojito. Its mild, slightly fruity notes complement the zesty lime and the refreshing mint, creating a harmonious and balanced flavor profile. The absence of strong, overpowering flavors allows the freshness of the other ingredients to shine through. 

Texture. White rum’s lightweight and clear nature contributes to the Mojito’s refreshing and light-bodied texture. It combines effortlessly with the muddled mint leaves and sugar, ensuring a seamless integration of flavors and a consistent, pleasing mouthfeel. 

Look. White rum maintains the Mojito’s signature crystal-clear appearance. Its colorlessness allows the vibrant green of the muddled mint and the bright lime juice to pop into the glass, making for an enticing visual presentation. The addition of ice cubes further enhances the drink’s visual appeal. 

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2. Dark rum

The best rum for your Mojito cocktail could very well be a dark rum. It all depends on what you like. Using dark rum in this time-honored drink transforms the cocktail into a more complex and intriguing clinker, with a richer flavor profile, denser texture, and a deeper, more sophisticated appearance. 

Flavor. Dark rum, often aged and robust in flavor, introduces a rich and complex dimension to the cocktail. It brings a deep, caramelized sweetness and hints of vanilla, oak, and spice to the forefront. This infusion of flavors gives the Mojito a warmer, more intricate taste compared to the traditional white rum, adding depth and sophistication to the cocktail. 

Texture. Dark rum’s heavier, more viscous nature contributes to a denser and slightly syrupy texture in the drink. It creates a smoother mouthfeel, making the cocktail feel more substantial and comforting. The thick consistency of dark rum blends well with the muddled mint and sugar, resulting in a luxurious, well-rounded experience. 

Look. Dark rum imparts a deeper, amber hue to the Mojito, giving it a darker and more mysterious appearance. This visually sets it apart from the conventional Mojito and adds an element of elegance to the drink, which can be particularly appealing in a dimly lit, upscale setting. 

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3. Gold rum

Two Gold Rum Mojitos on a window sill overlooking the ocean beyond

What is the best rum for Mojitos? Possibly a gold rum if you are hoping to set the scene for a well-rounded and versatile cocktail experience. See, gold rum balances the flavor, texture, and appearance of the drink, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a drink base that combines the best attributes of both white and dark rum. 

Flavor. Gold rum, typically aged for a shorter period than dark rum, strikes a balance between the light sweetness of white rum and the richer, more complex notes of dark rum. It imparts a gentle, mellow sweetness with subtle hints of caramel and oak. This nuanced flavor profile adds depth without overpowering the refreshing elements of lime and mint, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a well-rounded Mojito. 

Texture. Gold rum brings a medium-bodied texture to the Mojito, blending the best qualities of white and dark rum. It is not as heavy as dark rum, and not as light as white, resulting in a smooth, harmonious mouthfeel. The gold rum’s viscosity enhances the overall drinking experience by providing a balanced and enjoyable consistency. 

Look. The use of gold rum gives the drink a warm, amber tint, which adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining a degree of clarity. This visual aspect sets it apart from the traditional Mojito and adds a subtle, alluring appeal. 

4. Aged rum


Two Aged Rum Mojitos on a table in a bright home kitchen with lots of greenery around

Using a top-tier aged rum in a Mojito can elevate this classic cocktail to a whole new level, infusing it with a depth of flavor, a luxurious texture, and a rich, captivating appearance. 

Flavor. Aged rum, having spent considerable time maturing in barrels, imparts a complex flavor profile to the minty sipper. It introduces deep caramel notes with hints of vanilla, oak, and sometimes even spices. This aging process results in a Mojito with a sophisticated and layered taste that is both smooth and full-bodied, while the bright citrus and mint elements create a beautiful contrast. 

Texture. Aged rum lends a velvety and full-bodied texture to the drink. Its viscosity combines seamlessly with the muddled mint and sugar, creating a luscious, indulgent mouthfeel. The aged rum’s silky quality enhances the overall drinking experience, making it feel both comforting and luxurious. 

Look. Aged rum imparts a warm amber or golden hue to the Mojito. The drink takes on an alluring and deeper visual appearance that suggests elegance and refinement. This beautiful coloration adds a touch of sultry sophistication. 

5. Spiced rum

Two Spiced Rum Mojitos on a serving platter on a table in a bright home kitchen

Using spiced rum in a Mojito puts a delightful spin on this beachside classic, influencing its flavor, texture, and visual appeal in a way that adds warmth, complexity, and an intriguing character. 

Flavor. Spiced rum, with its infusion of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla, gives the Mojito a captivating flavor profile. It combines the sweetness of rum with a subtle blend of warm, aromatic spices, creating a taste that is both sweet and spicy. This fusion of flavors adds depth and complexity to the cocktail, making it a great choice for those looking for a more adventurous and dynamic drink experience. 

Texture. Spiced rum typically gives a Mojito a smoother, slightly thicker texture due to the spices in the rum. This contributes to a richer mouthfeel, creating a delightful contrast with the zesty lime and fresh mint, offering a more indulgent drinking experience. 

Look. The use of spiced rum can give the Mojito a light amber hue, adding a touch of intrigue to its appearance. While it may not be as clear as a traditional Mojito, it provides a visually inviting cocktail that hints at its unique flavor profile. 

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6. Overproof rum

Two Overproof Rum Mojito cocktails on a serving platter on a table covered in white linen

Using a dapper overproof rum in a Mojito is a bold choice that has a profound impact on this delightful drink, affecting its flavor, texture, and visual characteristics in a way that demands respect and stirs curiosity. 

Flavor. Overproof rum, typically bottled at a much higher alcohol content (usually above 60% ABV), delivers an intense, robust flavor. It imparts a powerful, fiery kick that can nudge aside the subtle nuances of the other ingredients. While you’ll still detect the refreshing mint and zesty lime, the rum’s strength takes center stage, resulting in a drink that’s notably more potent on the palate. 

Texture. The high alcohol content of overproof rum can create a robust and assertive presence on the palate. The texture becomes notably more intense, with a pronounced warming sensation, particularly if consumed rapidly. This variation offers a different drinking experience compared to the typical smooth and well-balanced nature of a standard Mojito. 

Look. Overproof rum doesn’t significantly impact the appearance of the Mojito, as its color and transparency are typically similar to regular rum.  

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7. Agricultural rum (rhum agricole)

A trio of Agricultural Rum Cocktails on a table in a light bright tropical restaurant in daytime

Using rhum agricole, a distinct style of rum made from freshly pressed sugarcane juice, to make a Mojito can transform this well-known sipper into an even more sophisticated and unique drink experience.  

Flavor. Rhum agricole boasts a fresh, grassy, and vibrant flavor, setting it apart from traditional molasses-based rums. Its bright, vegetal notes and natural sweetness from the sugarcane juice bring a refreshing, earthy quality to the Mojito. The drink takes on a lively, herbaceous character that harmonizes beautifully with the zesty lime and mint, offering a more complex and aromatic taste. 

Texture. The use of rhum agricole imparts a crisp, clean, and slightly lighter texture to the Mojito. It adds a subtle sharpness that complements the muddled mint and sugar, creating a refreshing and invigorating mouthfeel. The cocktail feels vibrant and fresh on the palate, making it ideal for those who appreciate a Mojito with a lighter touch. 

Look. Rhum agricole doesn’t significantly alter the visual appearance of the Mojito, as it retains the drink’s traditional clarity. However, its unique flavor profile and origins hint at a more artisanal and refined cocktail.  

8. Navy rum

Two Navy Rum Cocktails on a table outside on a carved wooden table in a tropical courtyard in daytime

Using navy rum in a Mojito transforms the cocktail into a decidedly bold and intense drink. It profoundly impacts the flavor, texture, and appearance, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy a Mojito with a dark and complex character that stands in stark contrast to the traditional light and refreshing version. 

Flavor. Navy rum, often associated with the British Royal Navy, is a dark, full-bodied rum known for its rich and intense flavor. It offers deep, molasses-like sweetness, hints of spices, and a pronounced oakiness. When used in a Mojito, it imparts a dark and complex taste that is quite different from the traditional light and refreshing profile. The flavors are potent and can overpower the mint and lime, paving the way for a bold and intense cocktail experience. 

Texture. Navy rum gives the cocktail a full-bodied, heavy texture, resulting in a thicker and more substantial mouthfeel. The cocktail feels weightier and indulgent, which can be appealing to those who prefer a richer drinking experience. 

Look. Navy rum, being dark in color, significantly darkens the drink, giving it a deep amber or even mahogany hue. This visual aspect conveys a sense of depth and complexity that is not typically associated with a Mojito, making it visually distinct. 

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In essence, selecting the perfect rum for your Mojito demands thoughtful attention to its type, flavor, aroma, ABV, and overall balance.  

Whether you lean towards the crispness of white rum, the richness of aged varieties, or the unique profiles of gold, overproof, Rhum Agricole, or navy rum, the key is achieving a harmonious blend with the cocktail’s essential components. Embrace experimentation, relish the flavors, and embark on the delightful journey of crafting a Mojito tailored to your taste.  

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Rum comes in various types, each with its own unique characteristics. White rum is light and versatile, ideal for cocktails. Dark and aged rums offer rich, complex flavors, while gold rum introduces a deeper sweetness. Overproof rum packs intensity, Rhum Agricole features sugarcane notes, and navy rum provides a robust profile. Craft and premium rums offer nuanced experiences. Choose based on your preference, from crisp and refreshing to complex and sophisticated cocktails.

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