Winter Gin Cocktails to Sip by the Fireside

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The notion of winter gin cocktails can be quite a novel idea to wrap your head around. After all, most of us associate this herbaceous spirit with summer gin cocktails that are all bubbly and refreshing.  

That’s the beauty of a multifaceted cocktail ingredient—you can create a drink that speaks to the seasons without having to swap out the base spirit! To get you inspired to create cozy gin cocktails for winter, we’ve rounded up a few amazing drinks that are tailor-made for sipping fireside all throughout the frosty season. 

1. Aviation Cocktail

A perfectly dreamy Aviation Cocktail

The best gin cocktails come to the party with a dapper dash of swagger, and the Aviation cocktail is certainly no exception. Featuring gin, maraschino liqueur, creme de violette, and lemon juice as ingredients, this purple-hued drink is very much on-trend at the moment. It has a very interesting flavor profile that combines floral and earthy notes with green notes from the gin and a lingering sweetness that echoes its lovely color on the palate. 

2. Clover Club Cocktail

Top view of Clover Club cocktail with Raspberry garnish

The Clover Club cocktail is one of those classic drinks that have stood the test of time. The first recipe for the Clover Club was published in 1901, featuring an ingredient list of gin, lemon juice, sugar, raspberry syrup, and an egg white.  

The result is a frothy pink drink that goes down smoothly and leaves a lingering taste of raspberries—a gorgeous reminder of summery flavors that can take the bite out of even the nippiest winter evening. 

3. Last Word Cocktail

Top View of Last Word Cocktail with Maraschino Cherry garnish and fresh limes on marble table

The Last Word cocktail combines gin, green chartreuse, lime juice, and maraschino liqueur to arrive at a sweet, sharp drink with a lovely green color and a deceptively strong kick. It is sweet and rich with a bright citrus tone that is sure to impress wintertime guests. Try this winter cocktail with gin at home. Here’s our easy recipe for beginners.  

4. Hanky Panky Cocktail

Boozy Classic Hanky Panky Cocktail in coupe glass

Winter gin cocktails call for something with a little bit more substance, and this is why we love the Hanky Panky. With zesty orange flavors and herbal undertones, the Hanky Panky is an amazing drink for a wintery evening. Given its strong taste, it’s best served before or after a meal on festive nights at home.

5. Bronx Cocktail

Orange colored gin drink in martini glass

The Bronx cocktail also plays in the citrus space but is nicely dry and quite complex. This makes it a great addition to a cocktail line-up that caters to more sophisticated palates that have ventured beyond sweet and fruity, and crave something a little different.  

Layered upon gin, sweet vermouth, and extra dry vermouth, the Bronx cocktail recipe gets its trademark zing from freshly squeezed orange juice, orange bitters, and orange zest. You can also swap the orange juice with blood orange juice to make a bold Bloody Bronx. 

6. French 75 Cocktail

French 75 Cocktail

If you’re on the lookout for pretty Christmas gin cocktails that will add some sparkle and festivity to your yuletide celebrations, the French 75 comes highly recommended. This picture-perfect drink is served in a classy Champagne flute and combines gin, Champagne or Prosecco, lemon juice, and simple syrup to zesty perfection.

7. Gin Bramble Cocktail

Front view of refreshing Gin Bramble Cocktails

The Gin Bramble cocktail ingredients list reads like the who’s who of classic drinks elements. Featuring dry gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, crème de mûre, and crushed ice, it’s tart and dry, which has a clear gin character.  

Although crème de mûre is not something everyone will have in their home bar, investing in a bottle of this sweet blackberry liqueur is definitely a good idea if you want to whip up these lovely pink cocktails to liven up a winter-time shindig.  

8. Tom Collins Cocktail

Two Tom Collins cocktails on a white background with lemon

The Tom Collins cocktail recipe is a spin-off of a true-blue classic, based on a drink that dates back all the way to the mid-1800s. It contains gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda. Served as a highball drink, it’s the gin-based version of the John Collins, which was made with bourbon. We love the addition of gin as the spirit base in this version because it makes for a more delicate flavor profile that offers a refined counterpart to robust winter dishes.  

9. Gin Old Fashioned

Gin old fashioned served in a tumbler with a citrus twist

The Gin Old Fashioned is a wonderful gin cocktail for winter. It’s your basic Old Fashioned made with gin, orange bitters, simple syrup, and a lemon peel. This stripped-down drink recipe makes for a very elegant cocktail that is perfectly tailored for sipping at the end of an evening, watching the rain streak down the windows while it’s nice and toasty inside. 

10. Hugo Cocktail

Front view of Hugo Cocktail garnished with lime wheels

The Hugo Spritz cocktail contains Prosecco, gin, elderflower cordial, mint leaves and club soda, garnished with a lime wedge. While some may say that this is quite a summery flavor profile, we like to argue that a refreshing drink of this kind is a nice change of pace in the middle of winter, when food and drink tend to be on quite the heavy side. Go on, pair it with a hearty fish chowder, and see what an amazing winter gin cocktail it makes. 


Yes, you can! Try the Aviation cocktail, a Gin Bramble, or any of the other cocktails on our list of amazing Winter Gin Cocktails to see how delightful it can be.  

We love a gin cocktail with a citrus base in winter. The zesty notes of citrus in drinks like the French 75 and Bronx cocktail give it a wintery flavor profile while still being refreshing rather than heavy. 

Gin is an exceptionally versatile spirit that pairs well with so many different mixers. This includes:  Juices like orange, pineapple, and cranberry  Liqueurs like maraschino and crème de mûre  Effervescent ingredients like club soda and prosecco 

Gin & Tonic is equally refreshing all year round. It all depends on whether you like something a little less bubbly in winter, of course. We say give it a go, and see if a wintertime G&T works for you! 

Gin pairs well with an amazing variety of mixers. We recommend juices like orange, pineapple, and cranberry; liqueurs like maraschino and crème de mûre; and effervescent ingredients like club soda and prosecco. Try one of the winter gin cocktails on this page to jump-start your imagination.   

The best way to drink gin is the way you like it. Take some time to try a few different gin cocktail variations on for size, and see which one (or two or three) you like best. We recommend shaking up a few on this list to give yourself some scope for exploration. 

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