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A layered Baby Guinness Shot againast a dark backdrop decorated with a sprig of pennygum

The Baby Guinness Shot is a sweet bit of Irish culture that is popular around the globe. Mimicking the look of a miniature pint of Guinness, this layered shot comes together with only two ingredients and makes a wonderful addition to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration or any event that requires a bit of craic. The only tricky bit is using a spoon to layer the liqueurs, but once you have that down, it’s smooth sailing all the way. So, without further ado, here’s how to make Baby Guinness shot the easy way 



Use a shot glass that is wide enough to accommodate a teaspoon.


You can also make this shot with chocolate tequila.


Add a coffee cookie and serve it as dessert!



1 Person

1 Oz

30 Ml

1 Parts

Coffee liqueur
0.5 Oz

15 Ml

0.5 Parts

Irish Cream liqueur



Pour the coffee liqueur into a shot glass


Place a teaspoon upside down at an angle inside the shot glass, with the tip of the spoon touching the side of the glass, resting on the coffee liqueur


Slowly pour the Irish cream liqueur over the back of the spoon, to create a distinct layering effect

What does a Baby Guinness cocktail taste like?

The two Baby Guinness shot ingredients come together like a charm, yielding a sweet, smooth sipper. This easy Irish cocktail has a rich, full-bodied flavor underpinned by strong coffee notes, with delectable hints of vanilla and caramel on the finish. 

Variations of Baby Guinness shot recipe to DIY

If the Baby Guinness Shot hits all the right notes, there are a few fun variations you could try. First off, you can play around with the liqueur. Some folks like to make a Baby Guinness Shot with tequila or hazelnut liqueur, for instance. To get you inspired to experiment some more, here are a few other cocktails that creamy shooter enthusiasts are bound to love as well.  

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Green Tea Shot

Another tricky shot that is not quite what its name suggests, the Green Tea Shot is green, but there is no tea in it at all. It’s more closely related to the Kamikaze shooter. Regardless, it’s completely delicious, and a crowd-pleaser of note.   

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When to serve Baby Guinness shots

This easy shooter makes a great addition to events like: 

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A Baby Guinness shot is made with coffee liqueur and Irish Cream liqueur.

A 1.5 oz shot glass is a good option for a Baby Guiness. It's best to use a shot glass with a wide enough circumference to accommodate a teaspoon so you can layer the liqueur easily.

Choose a high-quality coffee liqueur as the base of your Baby Guinness shot to give it the best flavor profile possible. If you feel like doing something a little different, you could also consider using chili liqueur, or hazelnut liqueur.

A Baby Guiness shot is made with coffee liqueur and Irish Cream liqueur. It does not contain any Guinness, but looks like a pint of beer in miniature, which is where the name comes from.

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