Jello Shot Recipe

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PREP TIME 240 min

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Birthday Party



Close up of a collection of blue, white and red layered jello shots in plastic shot glasses, garnished with red cherries

Looking for the best jello shot recipe? Then read on because with these bad boys, it’s impossible not to have a party! They’re bright, fun, and easy to make, and the best part is you can do the work ahead of the party. Pick your favorite flavor, your best spirit and get creative with added extras. You’re the General of Gelatine at this wobbly party, and with The Mixer by your side, you can create the best jello shot recipe to give your guests something to remember. 



Get creative and blend different jello flavors for unique results. 


Mix the jello and hot water with a whisk to dissolve completely. 


Spray the plastic containers with a small amount of cooking spray before adding the jello. 




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Pour the jello into a large mixing bowl  


Add the boiling water and whisk well to dissolve the gelatine 


Add the cold water and vodka and whisk well to combine  


Pour the mixture into the plastic containers but leave a gap  


Pop the lids on and place them in the fridge for 3-4 hours or until set  


Serve cold and enjoy  

What is the best alcohol to use?

Vodka is the standard choice of alcohol because it doesn’t get in the way of the fruity jello flavor. That said, you can use rum or tequila to add a little more punch and flavor to your shots. You could even use a cocktail of spirits. Jello shots are a fun space to play around in, and we suggest you do exactly that to find your favorite flavor.  

Customize your jello shots

Jello shot ideas are only limited by your imagination. The recipe above is basic, but there are many ways to customize your jello shots. For extra sparkle, add a touch of edible glitter to the mixture. For added fruity flavor, add a grape or a strawberry to the cup before pouring in the liquid. For a magical moment, add a few jellybeans to each cup. You can even top the shots with whipped cream and sprinkles for a birthday celebration. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can make three separate batches of different colors ,and set them in layers to create a jello rainbow shot.   

How long does it take for jello shots to set?

Ideally, it takes about 3-4 hours to set properly, but check them after 2 hours and see how they are doing. You can cheat it a little bit by placing them in the freezer to speed up the process, but keep a close eye on them.   

How long do jello shots last?

Jello shots are best kept in the fridge, where they will last for 3-4 days. So, if you’re catering for a party, it’s easy to get them done ahead of time. Take them out of the fridge only when you want to serve them. No one wants a mouthful of warm jello.  

How strong are these jello shots?

The jello shot ratio in this recipe is 1 part vodka to 3 parts water, so it is diluted down to around 12-13% ABV. This is fairly light if you consider that a straight shot is 40% ABV. But that being said, these are double shots, so don’t get carried away!   

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Vodka is a good starting point, but you can use any spirit for your shots. Any alcohol that is higher than 80-proof might struggle to freeze. You would need to balance it out with more water

We suggest diluting the vodka with an equal part of water, but you can go all vodka for a stronger shot.

One or two days in advance is great because it takes the worry out of whether they’re going to set in time. That said, you can make the shots on the morning of your party if it’s an evening occasion.

Using store-bought jello is the simplest way to make jello shots. It’s already portioned and flavored for your convenience.