Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

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Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Listen, we know you are here to find some quick, fuss-free directions on how to make a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. So even though we have a bunch of interesting things to tell you about this very popular cocktail, we’re going to cut to the chase and give you what you really want…  

The best Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri recipe, ever

Here is our fool-proof frozen Strawberry Daiquiri recipe 



Use a combination of fresh and frozen strawberries for a fluffy texture


A full-flavor white rum works well in this cocktail


Pairs beautifully with barbeque dishes



1 Person

1.5 Oz

45 Ml

1.5 Parts

4 Oz

120 Ml

4 Parts

fresh strawberries, hulled
4 Oz

120 Ml

4 Parts

1 Oz

30 Ml

1 Parts

fresh lime juice
0.5 Oz

15 Ml

0.5 Parts

simple syrup
To garnish, fresh strawberry- or lime slices



Blend the strawberries then push the resulting puree through a sieve to remove some of the seeds


Tip the sieved puree into the blender again and add the ice, rum, simple syrup, and lime juice


Blend again


Pour into a glass, and serve garnished with fresh strawberry- or lime slices

What is the best rum for a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri?

We recommend choosing a white rum that is flavourful, full-strength, and full of character. The best kind of rum to use in a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri is crystal clear and has a fruity natural aroma with overtones of molasses. Rum with this type of complexity adds a unique character that makes for the best fruity cocktails.   

Preparing Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris for a party

This recipe for Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris can also be adapted to serve a crowd. This is a great option for larger get-togethers of friends and family when you want to prep everything beforehand. In this case, you will use:  

  • 12 oz white rum 
  • 4 lbs strawberries, hulled  
  • 1 lbs ice  
  • Juice of 2 limes  
  • 4 oz simple syrup  
  • Fresh strawberry- or lime slices (as garnish) 

Since the frozen texture of the drink is one of its most attractive characteristics, we recommend making your batch of drinks just before your guests are due to arrive. This way, the delightfully smooth texture will remain intact. 

What flavors do daiquiris come in?

These days, inventive bartenders and DIY cocktail makers are making a wonderful variety of Daiquiris. A few of our favorites include:  

When should I serve Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris?

These easy summer cocktails are a crowd-pleaser of note. It’s easy to enjoy and has a very pleasant, fruity flavor profile so it’s not an acquired taste, but very approachable from the get-go. As such, it makes a great addition to just about any summer occasion, from garden cocktail parties to pool parties and BBQs. 

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A classic, clear white rum makes a great base for a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri.  

No, a Strawberry Daiquiri can also be served on the rocks. Check out our recipe for a classic Strawberry Daiquiri.