Mango Daiquiri

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Top view of Mango Daiquiri cocktails

A Mango Daiquiri is just one of those cocktails that immediately transports you to a tropical frame of mind. Creamy, sweet, and refreshing from the very first sip, it’s one of the best fruity cocktails to serve if you want to treat your guests to something that looks super fancy, but is actually incredibly simple to make.   



Pairs well with interesting nibbles like mini fish tacos


Great as a pitcher-style drink as well!


Add some shimmery rimming sugar for extra pizzaz



1 Person

0.5 Oz

15 Ml

0.5 Parts

½ cup fresh mango (cut into chunks, off the pip) 
0.25 Oz

7.5 Ml

0.25 Parts

simple syrup (adjust to taste) 
0.5 Oz

15 Ml

0.5 Parts

fresh lime juice 
¼ cup of ice cubes 
Strawberry, lime slices, and mint to garnish 



Place all the ingredients in a blender (ice last)


Whizz until ice is blitzed


Taste test, then adjust with lime juice and syrup according to preference


Pour into glasses


Garnish with strawberries, lime and mint if desired


Serve cold

Choosing the best rum for a frozen Mango Daiquiri recipe

The kind of rum you use in your Mango Daiquiri makes all the difference in how it tastes. See, even though white rum is quite a neutral spirit, each brand still has its own flavor profile. This is why we always recommend choosing the best rum in your price bracket. The better the quality of the spirit, the better your cocktail will be.  

In tropical drinks like the Mango Daiquiri, we recommend a white overproof rum such as Wray & Nephew, which is as much a vehicle for flavor as it is for texture. This kind of spirit cuts a clear path through sweet juices and syrups while adding a lovely rich quality to cocktails where you want to dial the volume up a bit. 

The best times and occasions for a Mango Daiquiri

This delicious tropical drink is extremely versatile and can be enjoyed at a variety of events and get-togethers, such as: 

Summertime BBQs. While barbeques may traditionally be associated with drinks like beers and ciders, it doesn’t mean you can’t up the ante at your next fireside shindig by whipping up a batch of gorgeous Mango Daiquiris. Pair it with spicy grilled canapes like prawn skewers to really wow your guests. 

Wedding welcome drinks. When the bridal couple heads off to take pictures on their big day, it’s customary to treat the guests to some drinks and nibbles while they mingle and wait on the newlyweds to return. Fluted drinks are often the norm, but a different take on the classics is always a nice change of pace. Pair a Mango Daiquiri with interesting nibbles like mini fish tacos to make a bit of a splash. 

Island-style pool party. When you invite friends over for dinner and drinks, you don’t always need a theme but it’s often a lot of fun to do so anyway! When the weather is nice and you plan to host an alfresco feast, a tropical theme is easy to pull off. Simply add some tropical flowers to your table, and invite guests to dress in their island-style best. Then serve up some Mango Daiquiris and treat them to something fresh and tasty, along the lines of a salmon and avocado poke bowl. 

Weekend brunches. If you are new to entertaining, a brunch is a nice low-key place to start. It’s nice and early in the day, which means you are likely to have plenty of time to clean up afterward, and you also won’t have to serve up a bunch of different courses. Consider something flavorful and fruity like a pitcher of Mango Daiquiris paired with spicy Mexican-style small plates. 

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We love a Mango Daiquiri, but strawberry is also very popular.

This Mango Daiquiri recipe calls for white rum, fresh mango, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and ice cubes.

A Daiquiri is normally served in a daiquiri glass or martini glass. However, you can also serve it in a coupe glass or even a tall frosted glass if you prefer.  

Yes, we highly recommend using fresh mango instead of a Mango Daiquiri mix since it is much more flavorful.