The Ultimate Zero-Fuss Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

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Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

If you love serving a refreshing cocktail, but want to steer clear of alcohol, this Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri recipe is going to low-key change your life. It’s sweet, tart, cool, and delicious — tailormade for daytime shindigs, baby showers, summery lunches, and when you’re hosting occasions with sober-curious friends and family in the mix.  

How to make a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

Here is how to make a Strawberry Daiquiri that does not contain any alcohol, but still tastes absolutely gorgeous. 



Store-bought lemon juice is a wonderful thing to have around the house – it’s very convenient and it has quite a nice shelf life. However, squeezing your own, if you have the time and fresh fruit, really puts a drink like the Virgin Strawberry Daquiri over the top with beautiful zesty notes that can’t really be bottled.  


If you want to put your personal spin on this virgin drink, it might be nice to give your guests a few options to ‘build their own’ Daquiri. For instance, you might offer a choice of frozen berries and fruit other than strawberries, such as blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, or even mango or kiwi fruit. Then you might also offer a few different sodas for them to combine with the fruit, such as kombucha, water kefir, etc.  


Keep those drinks nice and icy by serving it up in long-stemmed glasses – this way your guests can hold their drinks without ‘melting’ it with the heat from their palms. The best glasses to use for this purpose include coupe glasses or Margarita glasses.  


Making a big-batch drink is a great way to save yourself some time when you are having guests over – it frees you up to socialize instead of spending time at the drinks station. However, a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri is best when it’s fresh, particularly because the icy texture is such a big part of its appeal. As such, we recommend making these drinks to order, or making up a fresh batch just before your guests are due to arrive.  



1 Person

large strawberries, hulled
cup white sugar 
tablespoon lemon juice 
cup chilled lemon-lime soda 
cubes ice 



In the container of a blender, combine the strawberries, sugar, lemon juice and lemon-lime soda 


Add the ice and blend until smooth 


Pour into a pretty glass to serve

Should I use fresh strawberries or frozen?

 We love making these easy summer cocktails with fresh strawberries when it’s in season. In fact, it’s actually quite a nice idea to go strawberry picking and then whip up a batch of Virgin Daiquiris with your sun-kissed haul when you get home! 

However, frozen strawberries work just as well when the fruit is not in season. In fact, the texture of the frozen berries can actually help to create that nice fluffy texture we all love in a frozen daiquiri.  

Another way to go is to combine a bit of both – some fresh berries, some frozen. This combination yields a nice balance of flavor and texture that’s not too runny, and not too gritty.  

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t have any frozen or fresh strawberries on hand, you could also use strawberry jam in a pinch. Simply swap out the berries and sugar in the recipe above with a teaspoon of strawberry jam per drink. Be sure to shake it well – this addition does change the texture of the drink somewhat. 

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This Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri recipe calls for strawberries, white sugar, lemon juice, lemon-lime soda. and ice.  

You can make a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri with fresh or frozen strawberries. If you use fresh, it's just important to remember the ice, because you need something frozen in the mix to give the drink that nice fluffy texture.  

A virgin cocktail is a non-alcoholic version of a drink that would normally contain alcohol. The story goes that this naming convention had its roots during the American Prohibition, when the classic Bloody Mary went alcohol-free to become a Virgin Mary (just plain old tomato juice). This is when the prefix 'virgin' started to be used as an indicator that a drink did not contain any alcohol.  

No, virgin drinks like the Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri are alcohol-free.  

It depends on which recipe you use, but a standard Virgin Strawberry Daquiri will normally contain around 11.5g of sugar. As such, it is definitely on the sweeter end of the drink spectrum.