6 DnD Inspired Cocktails for Avid Adventurers

April 14, 2023 by The Mixer Team

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What happens when your previous Dungeons & Dragons adventure ended up in you getting precious artifacts in the wrong hands? You figure it out over DnD cocktails and round up a team of thieves to embark on an epic (and slightly dangerous) quest, of course!

Going on an adventure means that you can face an army of undead, some gelatinous cubes, and even fight mimics to spice up your day. It could also mean that you run afoul of the wrong people and end up having to fight for your life… it’s a mere roll of the dice, isn’t it?

For your adventure to succeed, you’ll need skills like strength, courage, magic, an Owlbear (?!), and … err, a bard to team up, but when you’re dealing with such a diverse group of thieves, bribing them with stale ale just won’t cut it. You’re going to need DnD-themed drinks, friend!

We’ve rounded up a great selection of D&D cocktails to enjoy among a band of thieves and get the party started. Adventuring is thirsty work, after all!

1. Edgin’s Longest Island Iced Tea

Front image of three homemade Long Island Ice Tea Cocktails with Lemon garnish

Tasting absolutely nothing like iced tea at all, this tequila-based D&D drink is the perfect match for the Bards out there – easy to assemble, dangerously delicious, and refreshing, just like a good adventure. Time to take a sip and whip out the lute to entertain and motivate the party with the help of an iconic Long Island Iced Tea.

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2. Simon’s Clarified Milk Punch

Clarified Milk Punch

As a Sorcerer, slinging magic is your thing. And who says that magic needs to just be for combat, right? This is a slightly harder feat than most DnD drinks, so use your sorcery to combine science and magic to make a clear milk punch. This very drinkable sweet, spicy, and velvety-smooth Clarified Milk Punch will impress your fellow party members or persuade enemies to let you pass. Either way, you’ll be winning.

3. Holga’s Sazerac

Sazerac Cocktail

A strong Barbarian needs a cocktail to match, and this straightforward, easy-to-make, whiskey-based Sazerac (which just so happens to be the world’s oldest cocktail) will hit the spot after a long day of adventuring and fighting.

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4. Doric’s Negroni

Close-up of a seriously sippable Irish Negroni cocktail in a cut-glass rocks glass, held in a beautifully manicured hand with pink nails against a dark blue backdrop

As a Druid, Doric is one with nature and can shapeshift into an Owlbear in fights. She believes that wormwood is a key ingredient in tonics and elixirs to use to heal and strengthen, which was also the case with vermouth (a key ingredient in a Negroni). She believes that the Negroni has healing powers and it is her favorite elixir.

5. Xenk’s Righteous Gimlet

Close up view of a pair of Gimlet cocktails garnished with lime wedges and served on a copper-rimmed serving platter

Generally known as dedicated, righteous, and strong holy warriors (they’re not a lot of fun), Paladins also need to relax and let their proverbial hair down sometimes, and what better way to do so than sipping on a delicious Gimlet?

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6. Forge Fitzwilliam’s Dark ‘n Stormy

Dark ‘n Stormy Cocktail

Rogues are thieves – stealthy, nimble, and dexterous, and Fitz is no different. The all-around bad guy here, the Dark ‘n Stormy is a perfect rum-laced drink to sip on for a broody Rogue to work on while he works on his evil master plan.

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