Candy Corn Martini

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Candy Corn Martini for Halloween

Mix it up like a good witch or wizard this Halloween with our easy Candy Corn Martini recipe. A guaranteed crowd pleaser, this Candy Corn Martini is a neon orange grown-up drink made with Candy Corn-infused vodka that’s over-the-top sweet. Did you know America produces 35 million pounds of these crazy-colored kernels annually? So, if you’ve got a few bags and aren’t sure what to do with them, drown them in vodka to make these devilishly good Halloween Martinis.



Go slow. For the best layers, go slowly as pouring too fast will blend the layers together



Don’t forget to stir. For the perfect pour, give the cream a good stir to loosen it


Candy Corn overload. Make an extra sweet rim with crushed up candies instead of popcorn



1 Person

For the martini

3 Oz

90 Ml

3 Parts

Tablespoons Candy Corn candies
3 Oz

90 Ml

3 Parts

Pineapple juice
3 Oz

90 Ml

3 Parts

Heavy cream

For the rim

A handful of salty popcorn, chopped
A little maple syrup



In a large mason jar with an airtight seal, cover the Candy Corn candies with vodka and seal


Set aside for 4-5 hours (or overnight) before straining into a clean glass jar


For the salty rim, brush the edge of your cocktail glass in maple syrup and dip into a saucer of the crushed popcorn until the rim is fully coated in salty popcorn piece.


Pour the infused vodka into the glass.


Gently pour the pineapple juice over the back of a spoon into the glass, allow it to float.


Stir the cream before pouring it into the glass the same way over the spoon, allowing it to float on top of the juice. Enjoy!

The best Candy Corn Martini recipe

Make the infused vodka ahead of time, ideally a few hours or days before your party, and the rest is as easy as pumpkin pie. For your base, pick a decent vodka such as  Skyy Vodka.

How to make Candy Cane-infused vodka

Making infused vodka is really simple:

  • Choose an airtight container for infusion so the alcohol doesn’t evaporate, ideally a glass mason jar as plastic tends to absorb other flavors
  • If you’re making enough for a crowd, use a bigger glass jar or bottle or jar
  • Add the Candy Corn to the jar and cover with vodka, giving it a good stir before sealing to kickstart the infusion process
  • Allow the Candy Corn vodka to infuse for 4-5 hours or ideally overnight
  • Once infused, strain and rebottle into a clean glass jar and chill before using in Halloween Cocktails. Easy!

Useful tips

  • Don’t forget to stir. For the perfect pour, give the cream a good stir to loosen it
  • No tricks, just treats. Why should adults miss out on all the trick-or-treating fun? Make edible gifts for your party guests by decanting the Candy Cane-infused vodka into mini bottles to take home
  • Candy Corn overload. Big Candy Corn fan? Make an extra sweet rim with crushed-up candies instead of popcorn
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Candy Corn is a small corn kernel shaped candy with 3 colored layers of white, orange and yellow. These candies have a creamy, waxy texture and are typically marshmallow and vanilla flavor.

For best results, soak your Candy Corn in vodka for a minimum of four hours but, if you can, leave it overnight.

Candy Corn vodka takes on all the sweet marshmallow creaminess that’s infused from the candy with vanilla layered notes.