Witches Brew Cocktail Ingredients

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Bright green Witches Brew cocktails for Halloween

While the name might sound like more than you can swallow, a Witches Brew alcoholic drink is surprisingly delicious. Packed with melon flavors, this green monstrosity is a drink filled with enchantment. Add a touch of magic by using dry ice to create a bubbling cauldron. We promise you, your guests will think it is the cat’s whiskers!  

What is a Witches Brew cocktail?

The Witches Brew drink is one of the most popular Halloween cocktails around. It’s packed with delicious tropical and melon flavors and is a brilliant little party trick to play on your guests. The name comes from its color – a scary-looking neon green concoction that will remind you of a witches’ brew. You can choose to shake it up as a cocktail (or mini-cauldron, if you will) or turn it into a bewitching punch for guests to help themselves.  

There’s a little witch in all of us, so if the broom fits, jump on and make this cocktail!   

What do you need in making the Witches Brew cocktail?

To become a cauldron-stirring witch, you’re going to need a big punch bowl, or cauldron if you happen to have one lying around. Then you’re going to need the first magic ingredient: melon liqueur. This is the potion that will turn your Witches Brew drink terribly green. (Insert cackle here). You will also need orange liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and dry ice. Now you’re nearly set.  

How to make a Witches Brew cocktail?

If this is your first time experimenting with dry ice, here are some super important safety tips to keep in mind. Rule number one: do not touch the dry ice! Use gloves when handling it and tongs when dropping it into the drink. Rule number two: do not eat or swallow the dry ice. Not ever. The dry ice cube will dissolve in the drink within 5 minutes once it is done showing off. Rule number three: tell all your guests about rules number one and two before serving your Witches Brew drink! Read our guide to using dry ice safely for more tips and tricks. 



Stir some edible glitter into your Witches Brew Cocktail for a little extra magic.


Always use safety gloves and tongs when handling dry ice.


Make sure your lemons are at room temperature for the juiciest result.



1 Person

1.5 Oz

45 Ml

1.5 Parts

Melon liqueur  
1.5 Oz

45 Ml

1.5 Parts

1 Oz

30 Ml

1 Parts

Fresh lemon juice 
Dry Ice



Add ice to a cocktail shaker  


Pour in all the liquid 


Close it up and give it a good shake until icy cold 


Strain into a lowball glass filled with ice


Garnish with a cherry or some gummy worms skewered onto a cocktail stick 

Tips for using dry ice in a Witches Brew cocktail

  1. Put on safety gloves and goggles 
  2. Put the dry ice into a plastic bag, let out the air, and tie it up 
  3. Take a rolling pin (the kind you use in baking) and bang the bag with all your might to break the dry ice into big chunks 
  4. Carefully remove one chunk and place it on a working surface  
  5. Using a small ice pick, break the dry ice into smaller chunks. The ideal size you’re looking for is around ½-inch to 1-inch in size 
  6. Using a pair of tongs, drop the dry ice into the cocktail and watch the magic happen 

How to make a Witches Brew for a party

To turn this drink into a crowd-pleasing punch, you will need bigger quantities of Witches Brew ingredients: 18 oz melon liqueur, 18 oz orange liqueur, 12 oz fresh lemon juice, and ice. Stir all the liquids together in a punch bowl, and add ice just before serving. Then, add a bigger chunk of dry ice to the punch to get it bubbling. Remember to give your guests all the safety info above. 

Something deliciously wicked comes this way! 

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To add a bit of sparkle to your Witches Brew cocktail, add edible glitter. Simply shake it with all the cocktail drink ingredients before serving.  

To make a Witches Brew cocktail you’ll need melon liqueur, Triple Sec, and Lemon Juice. To make it extra spooky, add dry ice before serving.