Every State’s Most Trending Cocktail

December 28, 2022 by Karl Tessendorf

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The year is off to a roaring start, and we figured what better time to do a roundup of the most trending cocktails by state. We’ve covered all 50 states, and you might be surprised to see which cocktails did the rounds this year. But enough jibber jabber! Put on your star-spangled banner hat and jump in.   

1. Alabama – Aviation Cocktail

Aviation Cocktail

2. Alaska – Cosmopolitan

Front view of the best refreshing Cosmopolitan cocktails

3. Arizona – Moscow Mule

Virgin Moscow Mule

4. Arkansas – Cosmopolitan

A sweet sipping Honey-Kissed Cosmopolitan cocktail 

5. California – Old Pal

An Old Pal cocktail with a twist of lemon

6. Colorado – Mary Pickford

A frontal view of the Mary Pickford cocktail made with white rum, fresh pineapple juice, grenadine, and Maraschino liqueur against a dark backdrop

7. Connecticut – Mojito

Refreshing Mojito Cocktail with mint and lime

8. Delaware – Cosmopolitan

Close up of Cosmopolitan cocktail, served in coupe glass and garnished with lime

9. Florida – Old Fashioned

Top view of rich Old Fashioned Cocktails with Orange peel garnish

10. Georgia – Espresso Martini

Front view of three decadent Espresso Martini cocktails served with sweet and savory snacks

11. Hawaii – French 75

French 75 Cocktail

12. Idaho – Negroni

Festive Negroni cocktails

13. Illinois – Bomb Pop Cocktail

Presidential Cocktails

14. Indiana – Last Word

Top View of Last Word Cocktail with Maraschino Cherry garnish and fresh limes on marble table

15. Iowa – Negroni

Bright Negroni cocktails served on a vintage tray with snacks

16. Kansas – Aviation Cocktail

A perfectly dreamy Aviation Cocktail

17. Kentucky – Paper Plane

Paper Plane Cocktail

18. Louisiana – Sazerac

Sazerac Cocktail

19. Maine – Sazerac

Winter Manhattan with lemon twist in tumbler

20. Maryland – Hurricane

Three Hurrican Cocktails on a tray

21. Massachusetts – Vieux Carre

Vieux Carré cocktail with orange peel garnish

22. Michigan – Eggnog

Eggnog Cocktail Recipe

23. Minnesota – French 75

Three sparkly French 75 cocktails garnished with lemon twists , set against a blue backdrop

24. Mississippi – Champagne Cocktail

Ruby Grapefruit Champagne Cocktails

25. Missouri – Sazerac

Sazerac Cocktail

26. Montana – Warm Apple Cider

Hot Mulled Apple Cider Dry January mocktail

27. Nebraska – Aviation Cocktail

A top view of an Aviation Cocktail in a sleek cocktail glass, served on a serving platter with a silver cocktail jigger to the side

28. Nevada – Sex on the Beach

Two sex on the beach cocktails in hurricane glasses

29. New Hampshire – Champagne Cocktail

Kir Royale Cocktail

30. New Jersey – Gibson Martini

Two Gibson Martinis

31. New Mexico – Sazerac

A top view of a single Sazerac cocktail served on a wooden serving platter, along with a cocktail jigger and strainer

32. New York – Bellini

Top View of Bellini Cocktail with fresh fruit on a wooden table

33. North Carolina – Long Island Iced Tea

Close up image of Long Island Iced Tea cocktail

34. North Dakota – Manhattan

Front view of Manhattan Cocktails garnished with fresh cherries

35. Ohio – Negroni Sbagliato


Negroni Sbagliatio

36. Oklahoma – Aviation Cocktail

A pair of purple Aviation Cocktails against a mauve backdrop

37. Oregon – Long Island Iced Tea

Front image of three homemade Long Island Ice Tea Cocktails with Lemon garnish

38. Pennsylvania – Negroni Sbagliato

Negroni Sbagliato Cocktail

39. Rhode Island – Vine Street Cocktail

Vine Street Cocktail

40. South Carolina – Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour Recipe with Egg White

42. Tennessee – Pearl Diver

Fresh and delicious Melting Snow cocktail garnished with a tropical lychee


43. Texas – Old Pal

An Old Pal with a twist of lemon

44. Utah – Negroni

A seriously sippable Irish Negroni cocktail 

45. Vermont – Bee’s Knees

Bee's Knees Cocktail

46. Virginia – The Godfather

Godfather cocktail

47. Washington – Tom and Jerry

3 Christmassy Tom and Jerry cocktails in mugs

48. West Virginia – Martini

Classic Vodka Martini with Olives

49. Wisconsin – Gold Rush

Golden Rush Cocktail

50. Wyoming – Margarita

Front View of Delicious Lime Margaritas in ice bowl

And that’s a wrap on the most trending cocktails by state for this year! We’ll see you in the New Year for more cocktail fun and festivities.   

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