Pisco Sour Cocktail

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Pisco Sour Cocktail

So, get this – the Pisco Sour cocktail is actually quite a hot topic between the otherwise very laidback Latin American countries of Chile and Peru. This is because its base liquor, pisco (a type of clear brandy) is made by both countries, each of which claims to have invented it. As such, the Pisco Sour is the national drink of both countries as well!  

As for us, we’re just happy that whoever did the inventing got it done, because it’s a completely gorgeous drink – brightly mellow and completely magical. Here’s the recipe:  



Make foam art by drawing a toothpick through the dots of bitters


Don’t have pisco? Try whiskey or brandy


Pairs beautifully with a fresh appetiser like ceviche



1 Person

60 Ml

2 Oz

2 Parts

30 Ml

1 Oz

1 Parts

Lime juice
15 Ml

0.5 Oz

0.5 Parts

Simple syrup
Egg white
Bitters to garnish



Add the pisco, lime juice, simple syrup, and egg white to a cocktail shaker without ice, and shake for 15 seconds


Now add ice to the cocktail shaker, and shake again for another 30 seconds


Strain the drink into a cocktail glass


Garnish with a few dots of bitters on the foam

Pisco Sour cocktail history

Listed on the IBA’s list of official cocktails as a contemporary classic, the Pisco Sour’s origins are a little fuzzy. The story that is most often taken for the truth is one that credits American bartender Victor Morris who ostensibly invented it during a sojourn to Peru in the 1920s.  

It’s fairly likely that old Victor was inspired by the classic Whiskey Sour since the ingredients are quite similar. The Pisco Sour just uses pisco and lime instead of whiskey and lemon.  

Delicious variations to try

Once you’ve learned how to make a Pisco Sour cocktail, you’re going to want to meet its cousins, trust us. Here are a few tasty variations of the classic Pisco Sour cocktail recipe to try: 

Cranberry Pisco Sour

Adding 30ml of cranberry puree to the cocktail is a nice way to usher it into the festive flavor space, where cranberry is of course one of the golden girls.  

Blackberry Pisco Sour

Yes, another berry version, but blackberries are very different from cranberries! Juicy and sweet, it combines wonderfully with the green notes from the lime, and the herbal, earthen tones of the pisco. Add 30ml of blackberry juice to the cocktail recipe to give it a go, or make your own puree by processing blackberries in a blender if you’re feeling crafty.  

Blood Orange Pisco Sour

Feeling zesty? Give the Blood Orange Pisco Sour a go. Add 60ml of fresh blood orange juice to the recipe to create a lovely deeply-hued cocktail that is as zingy as it is pretty.  

Nutty and zesty? Try this: How to Make an Amaretto Sour the Simple & Delicious Way 

When to serve a Pisco Sour cocktail

Whether you are keen on serving a Chilean cocktail Pisco Sour, or will instead be telling your guests it’s a Peruvian cocktail Pisco Sour (the same thing either way), there are a few occasions when this cocktail really makes a splash. We love serving it during:  

Christmas time

It may not be a classic choice as a festive drink, but we love its creaminess along with Christmas meals – plus it looks great in pictures! 

After-work drinks

Shaking up a post-work drink for your friends at home? A Pisco Sour is a novel treat that will definitely have them coming back for more.  

Hen do

If you are hosting a hen do with a retro or throwback theme, the Pisco Sour will have everyone talking about your era-appropriate drinks selection for sure. It’s classy, creamy, and ever so dreamy.  

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Featuring pisco, simple syrup, lime juice, and egg white as ingredients, the Pisco Sour comes to the party with a terrific mix of tart, sweet, silky, and herbaceous flavours.

Both Chile and Peru claim the Pisco Sour as their national cocktail. As such, it's safe to say that the Pisco Sour cocktail hails from Latin America