What to Mix Vodka With: Essential Mixers for Any Occasion

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Finding the perfect mixer for vodka can transform your cocktail experience from ordinary to extraordinary. With a wide variety of mixers available, each bringing its own unique flavour profile, the possibilities for creating delightful vodka cocktails are endless. In this article, we’ll explore the best mixers that complement vodka, offering easy recipes and expert tips to elevate your mixology skills. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner, you’ll find valuable insights to craft the perfect drink.

 1. Vodka Soda (vodka and soda water)

Vodka soda

Soda water isn’t the most obvious choice when choosing what to mix vodka with. But it is one of the best mixers you can choose if you love the taste of vodka. Because there’s no sugar or added flavour in the soda water, it will give the vodka a chance to shine. This dry and alcohol-forward 2-ingredient is simple to make and a good drink choice if you’re watching your weight.  

To make a vodka and soda, pour vodka into a highball glass, top it with soda water, and add a squeeze of fresh lime, dropping it into the drink for a burst of colour and zest. This bubbly drink is a classic, but if you prefer a bit of sweetness, add some sugar syrup and turn it into a Vodka Collins. Or perhaps you want to play around with some flavoured vodka drinks in this format? The world is your oyster!

Make it with: SKYY Vodka

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2. Moscow Mule (vodka and ginger beer)

Vodka with ginger beer and lime

When deciding what to mix vodka with, ginger beer has got to be one of our favourite options. The combination of fiery ginger beer and vodka results in an insanely refreshing drink. This simple ingredient adds layers of complex flavour, and when you mix it with vodka, you’ve got yourself the ultimate thirst quencher. Just one word of advice. Make sure you choose a quality brand made with natural ginger and without added sugar.  

To make a ginger beer with vodka, add 60ml SKYY Vodka to an ice-filled highball glass. Next, add 120ml ginger beer, stir gently and serve. You can also go the extra mile and turn this easy 2-ingredient vodka drink into the iconic Moscow Mule, which uses a copper mug instead and adds 15ml fresh lime juice. Super impressive, totally insta-worthy, and easy to make! Go on, try it! 

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3. Vodka Tonic (vodka and tonic water)

Vodka tonic with lime wedge

Gin is probably the first thing you think about when deciding what to mix tonic water with, but mixing vodka with tonic is a classic choice—especially if you prefer a more bittersweet vodka drink. To make one, add 60ml vodka to a tall glass with ice. Top with 120ml tonic water and add a slice of lemon for garnish. Simple and sophisticated, this slow sipper is an excellent drink for casual get-togethers with friends. 

TOP TIP: Keen to push out the boat? Try making your own sugar syrup with the addition of a herb like thyme to add something completely unique to a drink like this.

4. Bloody Mary (vodka and tomato juice)

Tomato juice

Yes, ok. This savoury drink isn’t strictly a 2-ingredient cocktail, but if you’re trying to figure out what to mix with vodka at home, your kitchen (and pantry) is an excellent place to start. 

This is the classic hair of the dog that fixes the bad choices after an epic night before. We’re talking about the boss of brunch: the iconic Bloody Mary cocktail. It’s a classic combination of vodka, tomato juice, spices and garnishes. So, if you’re planning a weekend brunch with friends, make sure you’ve got vodka and tomato juice on your shopping list! 

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5. Vodka Cranberry (vodka and cranberry juice)

Vodka Cranberry with rosemary garnish

If you love a Cosmopolitan cocktail, there is no doubt you’ll be a fan of the legendary cranberry vodka, which numbers among the most popular cocktails in the world. And if you think these pink drinks belong on the dusty shelves of our college years, think again! A simple Vodka Cranberry can be dressed up with a wheel of fresh lime for extra tang and style. And if you add a splash of fresh orange juice to the mix, you’ve got yourself a refreshing and sophisticated Madras cocktail.   

Easy to mix up at a moment’s notice and even easier to drink, keep this classic drink on your summertime cocktail menu for fuss-free entertainment. 

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6. Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice)

Bright orange Screwdriver cocktail

Vodka and orange juice served on ice is also known as a classic Screwdriver cocktail. This is a very popular drink, and it makes sense: juices are known to be good mixes with vodka. Serve these refreshing orange cocktails as a cheeky start to brunch or poolside with friends on a hot day. 

Making this drink is simple, but there are a few rules. One, use good vodka. Two, use fresh orange juice. And, three, make sure all your ingredients are chilled. Stick to these three golden rules, and this anytime cocktail will be a hit with your crowd. 

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7. French Martini (vodka and pineapple juice)

Vodka and pineapple juice cocktails

You probably think that rum is a better fit for pineapple juice, but vodka is versatile and works brilliantly too. This is an excellent drink if you’re dreaming of a beach holiday and craving those sweet tropical tastes. To make a vodka pineapple, pour 60ml vodka over ice in a tall glass, followed by 45ml fresh, unsweetened pineapple juice. We prefer this vodka-forward ratio because we enjoy the taste of vodka, but add more pineapple juice for a lighter, less obvious drink.  

Add 15ml grenadine and 15ml fresh lime juice and garnish with pineapple leaves for a little more beach-glam. Or add cranberry liqueur and shake it with ice, vodka, and pineapple juice to make a French Martini—a sophisticated summertime cocktail for dinners. 

8. Greyhound Cocktail (vodka and grapefruit juice)

Vodka and grapefruit drinks with rosemary garnish

Grapefruit meets the smoothness of vodka in this tart and tangy drink. It’s a classic combination known as a Greyhound cocktail and makes a perfect brunch cocktail if you’re tired of the usual orange juice business.  Legend has it this cocktail got its name back in the 1950s when the popularity of vodka started to take off in the US. Although this refreshing drink was originally made with gin, a restaurant chain in Greyhound bus terminals called Post House served theirs with vodka. Another great grapefruit-based drink to try is the Sea Breeze, which combines it with cranberry for some extra depth of flavour. 

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9. Vodka Cola (vodka and coke)

Vodka cola with lime garnish

Wondering what to mix with vodka to make it taste good? If you don’t enjoy vodka, but that’s all you have in your bar, mix it with cola. This classic sweet and sugary mixer will go a long way to disguise the taste of vodka but will still have that boozy kick you’re craving. 

For the best result, go with 2 parts vodka and 1 part cola, and adjust it according to your taste from there. Or, if you want to make it a little different, use vanilla or cherry-flavoured cola instead. 

10. Vodka and lime juice

Vodka lime

Vodka and lime are a classic combination, and the most important thing to remember when making this 2-ingredient vodka cocktail is the quality of the ingredients. It also forms the base of some great cocktails. For example, add some sugar syrup to create a Vodka Gimlet, or top it with soda or lemonade for a refreshing drink slightly lower in alcohol. Or, if you find the taste of lime too tart, use lime cordial instead for a totally different-tasting drink. Delicious! 

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11. Vodka and lemonade

Vodka and homemade lemonade

This is a classic mixer for vodka, and while store-bought lemonade will do the trick, we prefer homemade. Refreshing and delicious, a well-mixed vodka lemonade is always a great thirst quencher for hot summers. So, if life gives you lemons, make some sweet and sour lemonade and add vodka. And if you want to add something extra, we suggest some muddled fruit (like strawberries, cranberries, or even limes) to make it a little more special. 

12. Vodka Martini (vodka and vermouth)

Vodka and vermouth martini with stuffed green olives

James Bond was probably the number one fan of vodka mixed with vermouth, and we’re a close second.  When you stir together vermouth with vodka and ice, you’re creating a Vodka Martini. While many people will argue that gin is a better choice for martinis, we disagree. If you use good-quality vodka and great vermouth like Cinzano Vermouth Bianco you’re on to a winner! Of course, you could always play around and try something a little more involved, like the Dirty Martini.

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13. Vodka and iced tea

Vodka and lemon iced tea

Vodka and iced tea is one of the best summer drinks out there because it’s easy to make your own and control its strength, flavour, and sweetness. If you love vodka, iced tea is a good choice as it won’t mask the taste but boosts it instead. Flavour-wise, you can go in many exciting directions! Our best iced tea flavours to mix with vodka include mango, mint, peach, and lemon. We suggest you play around and find your fave. 

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14. Vodka and ginger ale

A refreshing Barbados cocktail served with fresh lime

Ginger ale has a unique spicy sweetness that complements the smooth, clean taste of vodka, creating a perfectly balanced flavor profile. For instance, the Vodka and Ginger Ale Cocktail is a delightful drink that perfectly balances the bold flavors of vodka and the refreshing taste of ginger ale. This drink is a beautiful marriage of a crisp, clean vodka base and the bubbly, spicy sweetness of ginger ale, resulting in a drink that is both refreshing and invigorating.

15. Black Russian (vodka and coffee liqueur)

Close-up of Black Russian Cocktail on the rocks

Made with just vodka and coffee liqueur, the tempting Black Russian cocktail is surprisingly flavoursome—especially if sweetened cold coffee is your vibe. Fun fact – the Black Russian predates the White Russian; it was first poured in Brussels in the 1940s (nowhere near Russia!).

16. Strawberry Vodka Lemonade (strawberry-flavoured vodka and lemonade)

Strawberry Bellinis

The invigorating Strawberry Vodka Lemonade is the ultimate thirst quencher. A tantalising blend of sweet and sour, strawberry-flavoured vodka gives the drink a fruity kick while the lemonade adds a touch of sparkle. Served over ice with a slice of lemon, it’s the perfect summer cocktail and the ultimate indulgence on a hot day.

17. Vodka and Dr. Pepper

Close up of two Vodka & Dr Pepper cocktails in rocks glasses on a wooden surface

The perfect balance of bold and smooth, the combination of vodka and Dr. Pepper creates a unique and delicious taste profile. The crispness of the vodka perfectly complements the rich and complex flavours of the Dr. Pepper cola, resulting in a beautifully refreshing drink. The blend of sweet cherry, caramel, and vanilla notes of Dr. Pepper is elevated by the subtle sting of the vodka.

18. Arctic Kiss Cocktail (vodka and Champagne)

IBA’s List of Official Cocktails

If you love the effervescence of Champagne cocktails, and the clear kick of vodka, you are going to adore an Arctic Kiss. Pour 60ml SKYY Vodka into a chilled flute, top it off with 90ml Champagne, and serve. Simple, elegant, and very good.

19. Vodka and apple juice

Three apple and vodka cocktails served with popcorn

Indulge in the crisp and refreshing blend of vodka and apple juice for a mouth-watering experience. The smooth and silky vodka perfectly complements the naturally sweet and tangy flavours of the apple juice, creating a perfectly balanced drink for a cosy night in or a lively gathering with friends. Of course, you could also try vodka and apple cider if you’re feeling particularly sprightly…

20. Limoncello Lemon Drop (vodka and limoncello)

Limoncello Lemon Drop

Arguably one of the best limoncello cocktail recipes for beginners, the classic Lemon Drop Martini is one of those drinks that will quickly become a regular occurrence on your DIY line-up as soon as you’ve poured the first one. The Limoncello Lemon Drop cocktail recipe ups the ante on this mixed drink format by combining 60ml limoncello, 30ml vodka, and 15ml lemon juice for a zesty drink that always leaves a lasting impression.

Insider tips from our cocktail expert

A headshot of Tris Fini from Campari Academy UK

We sat down with Tristram Fini from Campari Academy in the UK, and these are the insights we gained. Tris is an Australian mixologist from Perth who began his career at Campari Australia before joining Campari UK in 2022. Known for his expertise and passion for cocktails, this drinks maestro offers unique insights to elevate your mixology game, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to make your first classy clinker. 

Tris emphasises that vodka’s neutral flavour profile is its greatest asset. This flexibility allows you to experiment with a wide range of mixers and flavours, making it an ideal spirit for creating diverse and innovative cocktails. Whether you prefer the simplicity of soda, the subtle complexity of tonic water, or the vibrant freshness of fruit juices, vodka can accommodate and enhance your favourite flavours. 

How the taste of vodka will influence your drink

According to Tris, the unique flavour profile of SKYY Vodka is influenced by the Bay Area water used in its preparation. The water used in the production of SKYY Vodka uses a proprietary process of incorporating the minerals found in the Bay Area of San Francisco, including sodium, calcium, magnesium & potassium. This adds a distinctive morishness and salinity to the vodka. This subtle saltiness makes SKYY Vodka an excellent choice for traditional cocktails with a twist, enhancing their flavour profiles. 

For instance, in a Salty Dog cocktail—comprised of vodka, grapefruit soda, and salt—the inherent salinity of SKYY Vodka naturally complements and enhances the drink’s flavours. In an Espresso Martini, Tris recommends using salted caramel sugar syrup instead of conventional simple syrup to echo the vodka’s salty notes and create a more harmonious blend of flavours. 

When keeping things simple, pairing SKYY Vodka with citrus works particularly well due to the mineralisation process. In a vodka soda, a grapefruit twist adds a touch of bitterness that balances perfectly with the vodka’s saltiness, creating a well-rounded and balanced flavour profile. 

Mistakes to avoid when making vodka cocktails

When crafting vodka cocktails at home, it’s crucial to avoid overpowering the delicate flavours of vodka with excessive sweetness or too many additional flavours. Unlike bold spirits such as Cognac or whiskey, vodka offers subtle primary flavours that can easily be masked or altered by other ingredients. 

“Focus on enhancing vodka’s subtle flavours rather than overpowering them. Use simple, complementary ingredients to let vodka shine in your cocktails.” 

Vodka food pairings

When pairing food with vodka cocktails, the type of cocktail is key. For a Vodka Martini with extra vermouth, oysters make an excellent match due to the briny and mineral characteristics. SKYY vodka enhances this pairing, thanks to its Bay Area-inspired mineral notes. Raw seafood also pairs well with this cocktail. 

For a modern cocktail like a Cosmopolitan, balance is crucial. If made well, it pairs wonderfully with raw seafood. Additionally, the sweet and tart notes of a well-made Cosmopolitan complement slightly spicy dishes. Tacos al pastor, with their pineapple and chili flavors, make an excellent pairing choice.  

“Don’t shy away from experimenting with flavour bridges.”

A well-chosen vodka can elevate the natural characteristics of your food pairings, creating a harmonious dining experience. 

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Homemade mixers

Creating your own mixers at home is a fantastic way to enhance the flavour and quality of your vodka cocktails. Not only do homemade mixers offer unparalleled freshness, but they also allow you to customise flavours to suit your taste perfectly. Here are some easy and delicious homemade mixers that pair wonderfully with vodka:

Fresh fruit purées


  • 2 cups of fresh fruit (such as berries, mango, or peaches)
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 1-2 tablespoons of sugar (optional)


  1. Wash and chop the fruit into small pieces.
  2. Blend the fruit with lemon juice and sugar until smooth.
  3. Strain the purée through a fine mesh sieve to remove any pulp.
  4. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Herb-Infused Syrups


  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1/2 cup of fresh herbs (such as mint, basil, or rosemary)


  1. Combine water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Remove from heat and add the fresh herbs.
  3. Let the mixture steep for 30 minutes.
  4. Strain out the herbs and transfer the syrup to a bottle or jar.
  5. Store in the refrigerator for up to a month.

Homemade Lemonade


  • 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 4-6 lemons)
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 4 cups of cold water


  1. Combine 1 cup of water and sugar in a saucepan and heat until the sugar dissolves to make a sugar syrup.
  2. In a pitcher, mix the simple syrup, lemon juice, and 4 cups of cold water.
  3. Stir well and chill in the refrigerator before serving.

There you have it – a comprehensive guide to what to mix with vodka if you want to serve up a great drink. Sign up for our newsletter to receive more drinkspiration straight to your inbox, and remember to tag us when you post your cocktail pics to Instagram!


Vodka is a transparent, neutral spirit commonly crafted from grains or potatoes. There are several kinds of vodka accessible, comprising flavoured and unflavoured varieties. SKYY vodka is a favoured brand generated using American grains and filtered through charcoal for a sleek taste. Different kinds of vodka may be produced using diverse ingredients like wheat, rye, or corn and can be distilled several times for a more polished flavour.

Yes, you can mix vodka with soda, and it's a popular choice. Soda water, tonic water, and various flavoured sodas pair well with vodka, enhancing its taste while adding a refreshing twist. This simple combination allows for endless variations, making it easy to customise your drink to suit your preferences.

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