Lime Margarita

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Top image of refreshing and citrusy Lime Margarita Cocktails

There are so many different versions of the Margarita cocktail around these days that you’d be forgiven for not realising that the deceptively humble Lime Margarita is actually the OG drink that started the whole craze… 

How to make a Lime Margarita

Here is our super-simple margarita recipe with lime juice. It’s so fresh and zesty, and wonderfully easy to make at home. Enjoy! 



Use a good quality tequila like Espolòn Tequila Blanco as it’s made from 100% Blue Weber agave


Pop your glasses in the freezer about 10 minutes before serving up your cocktails


Add a little lime zest to the salt you use to rim your serving glasses



1 Person

60 Ml

2 Oz

2 Parts

30 Ml

1 Oz

1 Parts

Lime juice, freshly squeezed 
tablespoon Agave syrup 
Lime wheel and salt to garnish  



Add the tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and agave syrup to a cocktail shaker filled with ice, and shake until well chilled


Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice


Place the salt in a saucer, wet the rim of the glass, and dip it to salt the rim


Garnish with a lime wheel, and serve

Where does the story of Lime Margarita begin?

As with most stories worth telling, the exact origins of this singular marriage of tequila and lime has grown a little murky over time.  

Some folks believe the lime juice Margarita recipe was dreamt up by a Mexican restaurant owner who was smitten with a striking Ziegfeld showgirl Marjorie King, who would only ever drink tequila shots due to allergies. So, Carlos (Danny) Herrera came to the rescue and created a zingy drink that she could sip slowly rather than shoot. 

The other story goes that famous Texas socialite Margaret Sames (also called Margarita) poured the first version of this on the rocks cocktail at a house party in Mexico in the 1940s. Or perhaps it was a first shaken up for actress Rita Hayworth (whose real name was Margaret) when she visited Tijuana in the same decade.  

Most drinks historians will also tell you that the Lime Margarita is actually a refreshing take on a cocktail that went before – The Daisy. This beloved drink combined a spirit base with citrus juice and grenadine over shaved ice. So, you can see how the Margarita would be a fun spin on this particular cocktail template.  

Whatever the case may be, the Lime Margarita remains a classic that pairs well with all sorts of tasty canapes and main meals. As such, it’s a great trick to have up your hosting sleeve. 

Orange liqueur, Cointreau or Triple Sec?

Which one should you use? Cointreau is a brand name, whereas Triple Sec is a family of dry orange liqueurs. As such, Cointreau is actually a type of Triple Sec. Triple sec literally means triple dry. Slightly more expensive Triple Sec brands tend to have a stronger, smoother and more complex flavour profile, so the recommendation is to choose the best citrusy workhorse that suits your budget. Our favourite is Grand Marnier, a blend of Cognac, candied bitter green oranges caramelized sugar and vanilla. The deep citrusy notes are a beaut with our zesty Lime Margarita.

Lime Margarita recipe tips

Want to know the trick to the best Margarita cocktail recipe? Here are three insider tips:  

Choose your glass: This recipe calls for a rocks glass, but you can also serve a Lime Margarita in a classic double-bowl margarita glass of course. These glasses have a nice sturdy lip that makes it easy to add the salt rim.  

Choose a really great tequila. Ideally you want to look out for a Blanco tequila made from 100% Blue Weber agave hat delivers a perfectly balanced taste that is smooth enough to enjoy neat.  

Ice your glasses. A perfectly frosty shaken Lime Margarita is a thing of beauty. Pop your glasses in the freezer about ten minutes before serving up your cocktails.  

Zest the salt. Feeling a little fancy? Add a little lime zest to the salt you use to rim your serving glasses. It looks very pretty and also adds a little zing to your serve. 

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Any classic Margarita recipe requires a healthy measure of triple sec or orange liqueur for the quintessential orange flavour profile. Although any triple sec is better than no orange liqueur at all, we do favour Grand Marnier. It brings intense bitter orange notes underpinned with caramelised sugar and vanilla; a perfect way add depth of flavour to a Lime Margarita

Margaritas are a powerhouse of flavour, so pair them with equally strong food, delicious plates of spicy fajitas, fiery guacamole and tasty salsas. Salty smoky foods right off the BBQ would pair perfectly too, like chicken wings or ribs. Enjoy!

There is nothing subtle about a Lime Margarita! It's a zesty sweet and sour combo. A lip-smackingly refreshing drink where the salt rim balances the sweet agave and zesty tequila amidst the strong citrus notes of the sour lime and orange liqueur. Delicious