How to Make an Amaretto Sour

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How to Make an Amaretto Sour

Learning how to make an Amaretto Sour is not just something you should do if you’ve been cast as a housewife in a 1970s sitcom – it’s a completely delicious notch on the belt of any newbie cocktail maker! 

This nutty spin-off of the classic Whiskey Sour features an almond-flavoured liqueur that comes to the party with rich notes of vanilla and a subtly bitter finish. To get you inspired to make this iconic drink at home, here is our super simple recipe for an Amaretto Sour cocktail. 



It’s important to shake without ice first so the egg white can emulsify & go frothy


You can use aquafaba (chickpea liquid) to make a vegan version


Pairs beautifully with biscotti after dinner



1 Person

45 Ml

1.5 Oz

1.5 Parts

15 Ml

0.5 Oz

0.5 Parts

30 Ml

1 Oz

1 Parts

lemon juice
1 teaspoon simple syrup per drink
1 egg white per drink
2 dashes of bitters per dink
To garnish, a lemon peel and Luxardo cherry



Add the amaretto, Wild Turky bourbon, lemon juice, syrup, egg white, and bitters to a cocktail shaker without ice and shake for 15 seconds


Now add the ice to the cocktail shaker and shake it for another 30 seconds


Strain the drink into a glass – the foam will gather at the top


Garnish with a lemon peel and Luxardo cherry


Serve and enjoy!

With or without egg white?

The good news is that you don’t have to use the scary egg white in this drink if you don’t want to! The reason it is added to drinks like the Amaretto Sour is that the proteins in the egg emulsify when it’s shaken up. Trip traps little pockets of air, which gives the cocktail more body and balances the mouthfeel of sour drinks. The creamy head is also very pretty.  

However, if you don’t like the idea of egg white, or you prefer a vegan drink, you can use aquafaba (‘bean water’) that goes frothy when whipped, just like egg whites. You’ll find this versatile ingredient in your tin of chickpeas – it’s the brine! Simply use between 45 and 60ml of well-chilled aquafaba instead of the egg white in any drink that calls for it.  

Alternatively, you can try the Amaretto Stone Sour – a citrusy and refreshing riff on the original that is perfect for brunch or lingering lunches! It combines 45ml Amaretto, 45ml orange juice, and 45ml sweet-and-sour mix. As you can tell, there is no egg white involved, which makes it a less tricky drink if you’re just starting out.   

Fear not the egg white! Your Guide to Making Egg White Cocktails the Easy Way  

What makes a drink a sour?

The Amaretto Sour falls in the same category as the Whiskey Sour, i.e., it’s (you guessed it!) a sour. According to the official definition of this type of cocktail, sours are mixed drinks that contain a base liquor, lemon or lime juice, and a sweetener such as sugar syrup or orgeat syrup. Egg whites are also included in some sours.

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The almond flavours of Amaretto make it an ideal pairing with zesty fruit juices like orange and lemon, as well as a great counterpoint to spirits like whiskey, bourbon and cognac. It also goes wonderfully with coffee!

The standard Amaretto Sour contains 1.7 units of alcohol, placing it at 12.97% alc./vol, or 25.94% proof.