London Cocktail Week 2024: The Biggest Cocktail Festival in the World

October 12, 2022 by Anna-Bet Stemmet

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It’s time for London Cocktail Week! Are you ready? This much-anticipated event is one of the biggest drawing cards for foodies and drinks lovers to visit The Big Smoke at the moment, and with good reason – it’s just too delicious for words! 

What exactly is London Cocktail Week?

London Cocktail Week

Only the biggest and most lavish cocktail festival London (and the rest of the world!) has ever seen. This year’s London cocktail week dates run from the 12th to the 22nd of October, and takes place throughout the city.  

The event was first launched in 2010 and was the first of its kind around the globe. In short, it’s the best way to discover all the wonders of the bustling London bar and cocktail scene first-hand. 

What to look out for at London Cocktail Week 2024

London Cocktail Week

The best way to make the most of London Cocktail Week 2024 is to study the festival bar line-up carefully beforehand and plot a route that suits your modus operandi. After all, while some people might be keen to tick off the classics like the 6 basic cocktails, others may be on the lookout for the best and brightest new cocktail trends. It all depends on what you like.  

This is why we recommend having a thorough look at the 300+ destinations that are partaking in this year’s festival and what they offer, so you can be sure to hit all the high notes when you partake in the fun and festive London Cocktail Week this year.  

Venues & bars

London Cocktail Week

Of course, the very best cocktail bars in London have been selected to form a part of this year’s cocktail week route. This includes an array of 300+ top-tier drinks destinations that include everything from the brand-new Botanica Hall to the picture-perfect Sabine Rooftop Bar. Click here to view the full list and take a gander at all the amazingness that lies in wait.  

How to enjoy £8 cocktails

Most iconic cocktails

One of the best bits about the London Cocktail Week is the £8 cocktails! Each participating venue chooses to showcase at least one signature drink at this very palatable price point and will be serving it up to festival attendees who have an official 2024 London Cocktail Week wristband. Some may offer a £6 non-alcoholic or £12 Champagne cocktail as well.

Please note that visitors who enjoy the festival setting in a group will each be required to have a wristband to take advantage of the special £8 cocktails – these cannot be purchased as a round by a single buyer with the sole wristband in a group.  

How to buy wristbands for London Cocktail Week 2024

London Cocktail Week

In order to get your official London Cocktail Week wristband, you will need to purchase a ticket beforehand. These are priced between £12.50 – £15.00 and available to over-18s only. Wristbands can be purchased directly from any of the bars taking part in the festival OR if you buy your ticket online via DesignMyNight.

If you buy online, you then simply activate your ticket (via the email from DesignMyNight) in front of one of the bar staff at your first bar stop. They’ll then present your wristband with a printed guidebook. The guidebook lists all the bars taking part in the Curated Cocktail Tours and includes an easy link to a Google Map with all the bars listed for easy navigation when you’re heading out in London town. 

Event timetable

London Cocktail Week

The 2024 event schedule will be finalised in time for festival attendees to take their pick from occasions that cater to groups, couples, and foodies, as well as in-depth master classes, pop-ups, and something unexpected… 

There you have it – the short and sweet roundup of the most important info you need about the 2024 London Cocktail Week. Happy clinking!  

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