10 Beautiful Banana Liqueur Cocktails

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Prepare to indulge in some beautiful banana liqueur cocktails that deliver a punch of fruity flavour and boozy bliss. From indulgent sips to creative twists, these intriguing clinkers promise a symphony of sensations that will leave you craving more. Whether you’re a seasoned drinks maker or a curious cocktail enthusiast, this boisterous bunch of recipes is sure to elevate your happy hour game to tasty new heights.  

1. Shaken Banana Daiquiri

Two Shaken Banana Daiquiri cocktails on a table in a modern home kitchen decorated in shades of yellow with banana print wallpaper in the background

Beat the summer heat with our go-to recipe for a Shaken Banana Daiquiri. An indulgent twist on the classic Daiquiri, this terrific banana liqueur cocktail will make you feel like you’re lazing on a sandy beach living your best tiki life, no matter where you are.   

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2. Frozen Banana Daiquiri

Two Frozen Banana Daiquiri cocktails outside on a table next to a home pool

This perfectly frosty cocktail with banana liqueur is everything you want next to a glistening pool on a sweltering summer’s day. To make a Frozen Banana Daiquiri, add 60ml of Appleton Estate Rum, 30ml banana liqueur, 15ml fresh lime juice, and 1 slightly overripe banana) to a blender with a cup of ice. Blitz until creamy and smooth, decant into a serving glass, and garnish with a sliced banana.  

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3. Banana Alexander

Two Banana Alexander cocktails on a table in a retro home lounge, stylish, elegant, shades of white

Cocktails with banana liqueur make a great end-of-night sip and can 100% be served instead of dessert if you are feeling retro. To make a dreamy Banana Alexander, add 45ml Cognac, 30ml banana liqueur, and 30ml cream to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until well combined, and fine strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a dusting of fresh nutmeg before serving. 

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4. Dirty Banana

Three Dirty Banana liqueur cocktails with banana and mint garnish

If you love a Piña Colada or a Bushwacker, you’ve got to try a Dirty Banana. Cocktails using banana liqueur are an ideal option if you love a boozy milkshake, and this one is particularly sensational. To make a Dirty Banana, add 60ml Appleton Estate Rum, 30ml banana liqueur, 30ml coffee liqueur, 60ml whole milk, and one banana (ideally slightly overripe) to a blender with a cup of ice. Blend until smooth, decant into a serving glass, and garnish with a sliced banana or coffee beans. 

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5. Rum Runner

Refreshing Rum Runner cocktail with a tropical fruit garnish, perfect for summer.

If your happy place is a sunny beach situation with tousled hair and sandy toes, this Rum Runner cocktail recipe deserves a place of honour in your DIY drink arsenal. Get ready to get that laidback island-style feeling while you shake up one of the easiest banana liqueur cocktail recipes out there.  

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6. Midnight Oil

Two Midnight Oil cocktails on the counter of a home Tiki bar

The best banana liqueur cocktail allows its intriguing base ingredient to shine, while also bringing a few talented co-stars to the stage. Case in point: the Midnight Oil cocktail. To make one of these intricately layered clinkers, add 45ml Appleton Estate Rum, 10ml ginger liqueur, 10ml banana liqueur, 20ml cold-brew coffee (or espresso, cooled down), and 3 dashes of vanilla extract to a mixing glass with ice. Stir until well chilled, strain into a coupe glass, and serve.  

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7. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

A Jumpin' Jack Flash cocktail with a vibrant mix of ingredients and a fiery presentation.

Made with the perfect blend of bourbon, banana liqueur, amaretto, and fresh orange and pineapple juice, the Jumpin’ Jack Flash cocktail offers a delightful fruity experience that’s not only easy to sip, but also a total breeze to prepare, making it one of our favourite cocktail recipes with banana liqueur.  

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8. Banana Stand

Two Banana Stand cocktails on a table in a retro home lounge

Completely compelling, the Banana Stand is a daring drink that combines quite a few outlier ingredients in the most fabulous way. To make one, add 45ml whiskey, 30ml fresh lemon juice, 20ml banana liqueur, 10ml Yellow Chartreuse, and a dash of cinnamon simple syrup and allspice liqueur to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until well combined, strain into a serving glass over fresh ice, and garnish with a cinnamon stick.  

9. Banana Old Fashioned

Two Banana Old Fashioned cocktails on a table in a minimalist home kitchen in daytime

The Old Fashioned is a spirit-forward cocktail that never seems to go out of style, and this take on the original recipe is a revelation. To make a Banana Old Fashioned, add 60ml Wild Turkey Bourbon, 15ml banana liqueur, and 6 dashes of bitters to a mixing glass with ice. Stir until well combined, and strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. 

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10. Bananarac

Two Bananarac cocktails on a table in a modern home kitchen with a window overlooking the ocean outside

The Sazerac is arguably the most OG of all the cocktails of all time, and this fruity spin is a fun-loving riff on the much-loved classic. To make a Bananarac, start by pouring a small amount of absinthe into a chilled rocks glass. Swirl to coat the inside, then tip out the excess (keeping it for your next cocktail).  Next, combine 30ml Wild Turkey Rye, 30ml brandy, 15ml banana liqueur, 10ml sugar syrup, and a dash of bitters in a mixing glass with ice. Stir to combine, strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice, and garnish with a lemon twist. 

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There you have it—ten beautiful banana liqueur cocktails to try next time you’re in the mood for something a little tropical. Remember to tag us in your Instagram pics and sign up for our newsletter if you go bananas over new cocktail recipes. Sorry, we had to. Teehee.  


Banana liqueur typically captures the essence of ripe bananas with a sweet and fruity flavour profile. While the taste may vary slightly depending on the brand, most banana liqueurs offer a recognisable banana taste, often with hints of vanilla or caramel undertones.

Banana liqueur and banana schnapps are similar but not identical. Both are flavoured spirits with banana essence, but schnapps tend to have a higher alcohol content and a lighter, more syrupy consistency. Banana liqueur is often more complex in flavour, with additional ingredients like spices or herbs, while banana schnapps usually has a more straightforward banana taste.

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