Piña Colada

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Frozen Pina Colada cocktail with pineapple garnish

Discover the best recipe for Piña Coladathe cocktail of the 1980s and one of the most loved drinks from the Tiki-era. If you’ve never had one, you’ll be so happy you’re here right now, because it’s one of the tastiest cocktails you’ll ever drink.   

The recipe for Piña Colada was invented back in 1954 in Puerto Rico by a local bartender. He created a delicious summertime drink where rum played the starring role, with pineapple and coconut the supporting acts.  

It’s an indulgent drink that is packed with tropical and white rum flavour. Perfect for garden parties, picnics and hot days, this cocktail is all about summer and refreshing tropical flavours. 

Piña Colada recipe

If you like Piña Coladas, then you’ll love our recipe. And if you’re here to find out what’s a Piña Colada and how to make this epic frozen Tiki-drink, we’ve got you covered too. Making this recipe for Piña Colada couldn’t be simpler. 



If you’re throwing a party, make this recipe in a big batch and serve in pitchers.


Not sure if that pineapple is ripe? Gently tug on one of the leaves and if it comes out easily, the pineapple is ready to eat (or drink).


Love the taste of rum? Try a Shaken Piña Colada instead. It’s way more rum-forward than the frozen version.



1 Person

30 Ml

1 Oz

1 Parts

Cream of coconut
30 Ml

1 Oz

1 Parts

Pineapple juice
8 Ml

0.27 Oz

0.27 Parts

Fresh lime juice
Cups of ice
Pineapple wedge and maraschino cherry for garnish



Add ice and all Piña Colada ingredients to a blender 


Blend until smooth 


Pour into a chilled Hurricane glass 


Garnish with a wedge of fresh pineapple and a maraschino cherry 

Blended or shaken?

This question is a bit like the good old Martini question of stirring vs shaking. There’s no wrong answer here. Whether you blend or shake this cocktail is entirely up to your own taste.  

A blended Piña Colada will be less potent than a shaken one because of all the ice you’re adding. So, if you’re looking for a low proof cocktail on a hot day, we suggest you make this frozen version. It comes in at around 8% ABV, which means you can enjoy more than one. 

A shaken Piña Colada, on the other hand will have a bit of a kick. To make a shaken Piña Colada you’ll need a cocktail shaker, but if you don’t have one, use a jar instead. When it comes to blended Piña Colada ingredients, use good quality rum. This Tiki-drink won’t be as diluted as it’s frozen cousin, so there’s no room to hide bad rum. The ingredients also get adjusted to bigger quantities of cream of coconut and pineapple juice. Discover our recipe for a classic Shaken Piña Colada if you’re a fan of rum-forward drinks. Strength wise expect a moderate cocktail (around the same strength as a glass of wine) at an ABV of 13%. 

Tips for the perfect texture?

  • By nature, the Piña Colada is quite thick because of all the ice. If you want a lighter, runnier version use more pineapple juice or make the shaken version instead. 
  • To make your Piña Colada extra creamy make sure you keep blending until all the ice is pulverised. You’re not looking for the consistency of a double thick milkshake, but something closer to a frosted slushy.  
  • For a silkier Piña Colada add tinned pineapple instead of juice to the blender.  
  • Another top tip for smoothness? Add crushed ice to the blender instead of cubes.  

Cream of coconut vs coconut cream

The golden rule for the best recipe for Piña Colada recipe is to use cream of coconut, and not coconut cream. Here’s the difference: 

  • Coconut cream: Made from coconut milk, this cream is not sweetened and is great in curries, laksas and smoothies. 
  • Cream of coconut: Because of its added sugar, cream of coconut is similar to condensed milk and is used to sweeten tropical drinks 

Make sure you get proper cream of coconut, otherwise you’re going to be disappointed. And if you can’t find any, use coconut cream instead, but be sure to add simple syrup to your Piña Colada to make up for the missing sweetness. 

Piña Colada variations

Every good cocktail has hundreds of variations, and the Piña Colada is no different. 

  • If you’re watching your weight, opt for low fat coconut milk for a less calorific cocktail. 
  • If you don’t have pineapple juice, do the next best thing: Use fresh pineapple instead. About 6 chunks should do the trick and make your Piña Colada extra refreshing and tasty. 
  • If you don’t enjoy the taste of rum, you can swap it out for vodka or brandy.  
  • For more tropical fun, experiment with flavoured rums.  
  • Turn your Piña Colada into a mocktail – just omit the alcohol. Check out our recipe for the best Virgin Colada for inspiration. 
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Yes, you can! Just make sure to add simple syrup to the Piña Colada ingredients for a little sweetness.

A frozen Piña Colada comes in at around 8% ABV and shaken one at around 13%, similar to a glass of wine.

Depends on your taste. White rum is the classic choice, but if you’re a rum-lover don’t be scared to reach for that dark rum bottle.

Pineapple is acidic so if your Piña sits for too long it will naturally separate. To avoid this, drink it faster or stir your cocktail often.