How to Make a Non-Alcoholic Spritzer

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Refreshing non-alcoholic grapefruit spritzer with fresh mint garnish

If you’re looking for the ultimate summer refreshment then non-alcoholic bubbly drinks should be on your radar. Learn how to make a non-alcoholic Spritzer — The Mixer way. Invigorating and packed with different flavors, these bubbly mocktails are easy to make and hard to resist. Our Grapefruit Spritzer recipe is one of our favorite non-alcoholic drinks, inspired by the Paloma cocktail and perfect for balmy days.

What is a Spritzer?

Before you can learn how to make a non-alcoholic Spritzer, you’ve got to understand what these bubbly drinks are first.  

A Spritzer, in its most basic and traditional form, is just white wine and soda mixed together. There’s no official recipe for the Spritzer, and the ratios change according to personal taste. It can vary from 1:1 wine to seltzer and all the way up to 3:1 wine to seltzer. Served in a wine glass filled with ice (or without) these are great drinks when you’re looking for a low alcohol fix.  

There’s also the Italian Spritz, which is a more evolved version of the Spritzer. We have to mention the Spritz, because people often confuse the two, and although similar, they’re not the same at all. The traditional Spritz uses a standard recipe (which you can find on the list of official IBA cocktails) with 2 ounces Prosecco, 1.3 ounces Aperol, and a splash of soda water. Today, more modern Spritz cocktails are trending all over the globe, and we love it. But that’s not what this article is about! So, back to Spritzers. 

While traditional spritzers contain wine, there are loads of non-alcoholic bubbly drinks that are super cool and instead of wine, use fresh fruit flavors. But we’ll get to that later.  

What are the most popular Spritzer flavors?

Flavor-wise, the spritzer leaves a lot of room to play in. You can use some of these ideas while you’re figuring out how to make a non-alcoholic Spritzer. While the most classic way to serve a Spritzer is with wine and soda, you can add some interesting flavors to give your Spritzer an unexpected twist. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Blood Orange White Wine Spritzer: blood orange juice, white wine, and club soda in a tall glass filled with ice and garnished with fresh orange slices
  • Vodka Cranberry Spritzer: cranberry purée, vodka, soda water, lemon, and strawberries come together in this very berry-licious Spritzer 
  • Sangria Spritzer: chilled red wine, Grand Marnier, seltzer, and fresh orange is a modern and lighter version of this famous Spanish drink
  • Lime Rose Spritzer: a refreshing combination of rosé wine, club soda, fresh lime, and basil  
  • Limoncello Spritzer: this Spritzer is getting a lot of attention at the moment and we love it for its strong citrus flavor. Combine crushed ice, limoncello, vodka, and club soda in a glass, stir and garnish with fresh lemon  

How to make a Non-Alcoholic Spritzer

So now that you know what they are, making Spritzer drinks non-alcoholic should be easy. And remember, there are no hard rules, so go ahead and experiment with your favorite flavors. Instead of using wines or spirits, you’re going to add fruit, tea, herbs, flavored syrup, and fizzy non-alcoholic mixers. There are loads of flavor options you can choose from and if you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at different Spritzers and figure out creative ways to make these mixed soda drinks non-alcoholic.  

Bonus tips and tricks

  • Freeze fruit for your Spritzers. They’re great for adding flavor and to use as a substitute for ice cubes
  • Freeze herbs and edible flowers in ice trays. Rosemary, mint, and lavender works well and looks real pretty
  • Add different flavors through fruit, spice, or herb-infused simple syrups. Read more about the various types of simple syrup you can make
  • If a non-alcoholic bubbly drinks recipe calls for fruit juice, make sure to use freshly squeezed
  • And speaking of squeezing, make sure citrus is at room temperature for best juicing results 
  • Take a look at our beginner’s guide to making mocktails for some more drinkspiration.



If you’re on a budget this summer, make non-alcoholic spritzers your drink of choice. Easy on your pocket and your waistline!


Experiment with your favorite flavors! Try fruit, tea, herbs, flavored syrup and fizzy non-alcoholic mixers.


To get the most juice out of citrus fruits, make sure they’re at room temperature before juicing.



1 Person

1 Oz

30 Ml

1 Parts

Grapefruit juice
1 Oz

30 Ml

1 Parts

Agave syrup
2 Oz

60 Ml

2 Parts

Club soda
Juice of ½ a lime
Small pinch of salt
Sliced grapefruit for garnish



Fill a cocktail shaker with ice


Add lime and grapefruit juice 


Add agave syrup and salt 


Cover and shake until ice cold 


Strain into a tall glass filled with ice 


Top with club soda and garnish with a slice of grapefruit

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A water spritzer is a low alcohol drink make with a combination of wine and soda water.

Add lime and grapefruit juice to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Add agave syrup and a pinch of salt and shake until properly chilled. Strain into an ice filled glass and top with club soda.

There are loads of non-alcoholic spritzer recipes to choose from. A few favorites are Grapefruit Rosemary Spritzer, Blackberry Spritzer and Ginger Peach Soda.