Why We Love National Margarita Day

July 25, 2022 by Anna-Bet Stemmet

Ah, National Margarita Day, how we love thee! To be fair, we don’t really need a proper occasion to get excited about this delightful drink, but we do dig that there’s a proper date to go full-on bananas over it.  

Wondering what the whole deal is? Here’s the skinny… 

What is National Margarita Day?

Exactly what it says – a special day on the annual celebratory calendar that has been earmarked for Margarita lovers to raise their favorite cocktail to toast, well, their favorite cocktail. 

When is National Margarita Day?

Two watermelon margaritas with lime

Another question that is frequently on cocktail aficionados minds is what day is National Margarita Day exactly? We get that – the internet can be a confusing place sometimes. Especially since different countries celebrate this auspicious occasion on different dates. The short answer is that in the United States we celebrate National Margarita Day on the 22nd of February each year. 

The timeline of the Margarita Cocktail

Freshly made Lime Margaritas with Lime Wedges Garnish

It all starts around 1000BC when the first alcoholic drink made from agave was produced by the indigenous people of Mexico, the Aztecs. A while later, in the 1500s, the Spanish who came to this region ran out of their own brandy and started to distill agave to make tequila. 

Fast-forward to 1938, and the Margarita was born. Some folks believe the classic Lime Margarita recipe was dreamt up by a Mexican restaurant owner who was smitten with a striking Ziegfeld showgirl Marjorie King, who would only ever drink tequila shots due to allergies. So, Carlos (Danny) Herrera came to the rescue and created a zingy drink that she could sip slowly rather than shoot.  

The other story goes that famous Texas socialite Margaret Sames (also called Margarita) poured the first version of this on the rocks cocktail at a house party in Mexico in the 1940s. Or perhaps it was a first shaken up for actress Rita Hayworth (whose real name was Margaret) when she visited Tijuana in the same decade.   

 Whatever the case may be, the Lime Margarita remains a classic cocktail to this day, and is delicious both frozen, and served on the rocks. 

Who declared World Margarita Day?

Variety of different colored Margaritas

You’d imagine that declaring a special day in honor of a classic cocktail like the Margarita would be a very official affair that requires a whole lot of paperwork and say-so from drinks organizations. Get this – it’s not! The fact of the matter is that National Margarita Day was dreamed into being by Todd McCalla, a very pleasant realtor from Ohio who just really loves Margaritas and wanted a good excuse to celebrate it.  

So, Todd went ahead and put up a website, decided on the 22nd of February as the day to celebrate this iconic cocktail, and boom, the whole thing completely blew up. It turns out that creating a seemingly random platform for people to celebrate a tasty drink that brings them joy they will 100% jump on the bandwagon with you! 

Fun ways to celebrate National Margarita Day

Virgin Margarita

Wondering how to get in on the fun of Margarita Day? Here are a few fun ideas to inspire your own celebrations at home: 

Find your favorite Margarita

The simplest way to celebrate this popular cocktail is to make a few and find your ultimate favorite. We recommend starting with the ultimate classic, the Lime Margarita. There is also the Margarita Mocktail for those who prefer a virgin drink. Alternatively, take a look at the Best Margarita Cocktail Recipes to see which one tickles your fancy.  

Lean into the theme

Host a Margarita Day party but take it to the next level. Serve Margarita pizzas and make a playlist with songs that feature the drink (jump on Spotify or Apple Music for inspo).  

Make it a movie night!

You could also do a movie night with some beach-inspired films like Blue Crush or The Beach to get everyone in a Margarita frame of mind. And then serve some, of course. We recommend pairing it with classic seaside snacks like fish and chips, or oysters and grilled calamari if you’re feeling fancy.  


National Margarita Day was the brainchild of Todd McCalla, a very pleasant man from Ohio who just really loves Margaritas and wanted a good excuse to celebrate it, even during one of the bleakest months of the year. Cheers to Todd - thanks buddy!

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