Grasshopper Drink Recipe

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Creamy green Grasshopper Cocktails

The Grasshopper drink recipe was invented by Philibert Guichet for a cocktail competition in New York City in 1918. Later on, it became a popular drink at Tujague’s Restaurant in New Orleans. Today, the Grasshopper is as popular as it was way back then, proving that age really is just a number.

Grasshopper cocktail ingredients include crème de cacao, crème de menthe, and double cream. If you’ve ever tasted one, you know that this is the only after-dinner chocolate mint you’ll ever need.  



Pre-chill your cocktail glasses in the freezer for an hour before serving.


Turn the Grasshopper Cocktail into a boozy milkshake. Make a Frozen Grasshopper by blitzing 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, creme de cacao, and creme de menthe in a blender until smooth.


This Grasshopper drink is so indulgent you can serve it instead of dessert!



1 Person

22.5 Ml

0.75 Oz

0.75 Parts

Crème de cacao  
22.5 Ml

0.75 Oz

0.75 Parts

Crème de menthe (green)
22.5 Ml

0.75 Oz

0.75 Parts

Double cream  
Chocolate shavings to garnish 


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Prepare a frosted martini glass by chilling it in the freezer for about an hour 



Add a dash of either crème de cacao or crème de menthe to one plate, and chocolate shavings to another


Dip the rim of the martini glass into the liqueur and then into the chocolate and set aside


Add cracked ice to a cocktail shaker, followed by crème de menthe, crème de cacao, and cream


Shake it up (until you feel you might get frostbite on your hands) 


Strain into the frosted chocolate rimmed martini glass and serve

Classic Grasshopper cocktail recipe

Known as one of the best after-dinner cocktails, the Grasshopper gets its name for its electric green colour. In fact, it’s so popular that the Grasshopper drink recipe has a special place on IBA’s list of official cocktails. Crème de menthe and crème de cacao are the hero flavours in this drink, so if you love a scoop of mint choc chip ice cream, you will love this iconic drink.  

The Grasshopper alcoholic drink is a real crowd-pleaser for any Christmas cocktail party, St Paddy’s celebrations, and any occasion you can think of to be a little decadent and naughty. The best part is that it’s effortless to shake up. Still, we have one non-negotiable: serve your Grasshopper in a frosted martini glass—the extra chill factor is worth that little extra effort.

Chocolate and mint naturally love each other, and when you add cream to the mix, it becomes completely indulgent. It’s naturally sweet, and there’s a lot of room to play when learning how to make a Grasshopper.

The original recipe calls for equal parts crème de menthe, crème de cacao, and heavy cream, so if you want it more chocolatey, add more crème de cacao. Prefer a more robust mint taste? Add more crème de menthe. Want something lighter and creamier? Add more cream. How it turns out is entirely up to your own taste.  

What is crème de menthe?

Don’t let the name fool you; this liqueur doesn’t contain any cream. Crème de menthe is a grain alcohol that’s been infused with mint. It’s bright green in colour, and taste-wise, you can expect it to be sweet and minty—and quite similar to peppermint schnapps. You get different types of this mint liqueur, and we suggest you reach for the green kind to keep the green colour of your Grasshopper.

What is crème de cacao?

Crème de cacao is as rich in history as it is in taste. First created by French monks for medicinal purposes in the 1600s, when the cocoa bean hit European shores, it soared in popularity and became an essential ingredient for many cocktails, drinks, and desserts. It is made with cocoa beans and vodka in two varieties (dark and white). While normal chocolate liqueur is often overly sweet, crème de cacao is richer in taste with lovely vanilla notes.  

Grasshopper cocktail variations

The Grasshopper drink recipe is easy to tweak to your taste and comes with loads of variations you can play around with.  

  • Make a Frosted Grasshopper by adding ice cream instead of cream. It’s basically a boozy choc-mint milkshake, and it is totally luscious.  
  • Want a more potent cocktail? Then make a Flying Grasshopper by adding extra vodka. 
  • Want something a little more dangerous with a bolder flavour, then top it with a brandy float. 
  • Turn this drink into a party and create a Grasshopper shot. 
  • For a refreshing summertime drink, turn this Grasshopper drink recipe into a Holiday Hopper with melon liqueur, half and half, mint leaves, and raspberries. 

When to serve the Grasshopper cocktail? 

Because the Grasshopper cocktail is basically a boozy choc-mint milkshake these sweet and indulgent drinks are best served after dinner (or lunch). Serve them during the festive season, on St Patrick’s Day or any occasion that calls for something special.

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While the Grasshopper cocktail isn’t the strongest drink, you can make it more potent by adding extra vodka. Taste-wise, expect a grown-up, slightly boozy version of a choc-mint milkshake.  

Making one of these green beauties is really simple, and the cocktail has a few fun variations to play around with, but as a rule, Grasshopper cocktail ingredients traditionally consist of crème de menthe, crème de cacao and heavy cream. 

Crème de cacao is delicious when served straight on the rocks as an after-dinner drink. Serve this as a digestif after a heavy meal. 

Legend has it that the Grasshopper cocktail was first invented by Philibert Guichet for a cocktail competition in New York City in 1918. From there, it rose to fame and became a classic cocktail enjoyed by millions of people ever since.