Greyhound Cocktail Recipe

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Close up of a pair of Greyhound Cocktails garnished with fresh grapefruit, on a white surface, with sliced grapefruit and a jug of juice in the background

This Greyhound cocktail recipe is one of those enduring gin classics that never seem to go out of style. It’s typically shaken up without a sweet element, but we’ve added an optional dash of maple syrup (or sugar syrup, if you prefer) to this recipe so you can tweak it to please your tastebuds. The rosemary is also optional; we like it because the earthiness of the herb pulls the zest of the winter fruit into tantalising focus.  



Try SKYY Infusions® Blood Orange vodka for an extra zesty finish.


Add a salted rim to turn it into a Salty Dog!


Thyme makes for an interesting garnish twist.



1 Person

45 Ml

1.5 Oz

1.5 Parts

3 Ml

0.1 Oz

0.1 Parts

Fresh grapefruit juice
Teaspoon maple syrup or sugar syrup per drink (optional)
Grapefruit slices and rosemary, to garnish



Fill a Collins Glass with ice


Add the gin, grapefruit juice and syrup (optional) in a cocktail shaker with ice, and shake until cold


Strain into the glass, and garnish with grapefruit slices and fresh rosemary

The history of the Greyhound cocktail

One of the fascinating things about cocktail making is that you learn all sorts of cool bits and bobs along the way. For instance, did you know that the Greyhound cocktail is not actually named after the dog? True story – it was named after the Greyhound Lines bus service company! This is because the drink was a house favorite with travellers who would enjoy it at their bus terminal restaurants.  

The first written account of the drink can be traced back to 1930 when author Harry Craddock added it to the Savoy Cocktail Book. The drink is traditionally served as a highball in a Collins glass, but can also be enjoyed in a Martini glass, or a coupé if you’re feeling fancy.  

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More Greyhound cocktail recipes to try

The always-refreshing Greyhound is such a versatile drink that it’s really no wonder that it’s inspired its fair share of spinoffs over the years. Here are a few variations to try at home:  

Greyhound cocktail with vodka

Our Greyhound cocktail recipe features Bulldog gin, but you can also use vodka as your spirit base. In fact, SKYY has a range of flavored vodkas that is lots of fun to play with. We recommend trying SKYY Infusions® Blood Orange or SKYY Infusions® Citrus with this zesty drink.  

Italian Greyhound cocktail

Cin cin, darling! The Italian Greyhound leans into the beautifully integrated bitter notes that underpin the Greyhound recipe by swopping gin for Campari 

Salty Dog

Speaking of flavour notes, the Salty Dog takes the recipe in yet another direction by simply adding a salted rim to the equation. Of course, if you like things on the sweeter side, you could opt for a sugar rim, or even add a little dazzle with sparkling cocktail-rimming sugar.  

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When to serve a Greyhound cocktail

The Greyhound cocktail recipe is a star player in any mixed drink line-up, but we especially love to serve it at:  

70s parties

Sure, the Greyhound was first dreamt up in the 1930s, but it also enjoyed a strong surge of popularity in the 1970s. Next time you throw a 1970s party, put it on the menu to bring that retro vibe.  

Garden Parties

The best party cocktails for summer garden parties are fun to drink and easy to pour. The citrus component of this long, cool drink also offers a welcome counterpoint to popular garden party snacks like salmon sliders and devilled eggs.

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The Greyhound cocktail recipe combines gin or vodka with grapefruit juice and an optional dash of maple- or simple syrup. The Italian Greyhound features Campari as the spirit base.