Rock Shandy Recipe

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Refreshing Rock Shandy cocktail with lemon garnish

A Rock Shandy is the perfect drink for a sweltering hot day, and we’ll tell you why. The Rock Shandy Cocktail recipe comes from South Africa—a country known for its hot weather. These drinks made with bitters are great to help keep your guests from melting during your outdoor cocktail party.   

What is a Rock Shandy?

Have you ever had a high-alcohol cocktail in the sun? If you have, you’ll know it’s usually a situation that ends with headaches. That’s why this refreshing citrus drink is total genius. Made with club soda, lemonade, Angostura bitters, and ice and garnished with fresh lime, making a Rock Shandy recipe is really simple. Serve these easy summer cocktails on a warm day to thirsty friends who don’t know any better (yet).    

Rock Shandy recipe

To make a Rock Shandy you only need a few ingredients and a couple of seconds (depending on how long it takes you to pour a drink).  



Turn this cocktail into a bigger batch and serve it in an ice-filled pitcher on a sweltering hot day.


If you’re craving a stronger drink, add an ounce of vodka or gin to your shandy.


Freeze berries and lime in ice trays (with water) and use these as your ice cubes for a colorful twist to your Rock Shandy recipe.



1 Person

4 Oz

120 Ml

4 Parts

Club soda or sparkling mineral water
4 Oz

120 Ml

4 Parts

Teaspoon bitters
Lime wedges, to garnish



Fill a large highball glass with ice


Pour in equal parts club soda and lemonade


Add a few drops of bitters (¼ – ½ a teaspoon, depending on your own taste)


Squeeze the juice of a quartered lime into the shandy and drop it into the drink


Add a swizzle stick and a straw and serve!

Recipe substitutions and variations

You might be surprised to learn that a Rock Shandy isn’t the only shandy around. You can mix things up by serving a few following variations. For a slightly sweeter drink with a ginger kick, replace the club soda water with ginger ale. Or if you want something a little more sour and citrusy make a batch of homemade lemonade. You can’t go wrong! On the opposite side of the Rock Shandy scale, is the Beer Shandy, which is made by combing equal parts beer and lemonade and finished off with fresh lemon. You can also turn your Rock Shandy into a boozier drink by adding an ounce of vodka or gin.  

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A Rock Shandy isn’t strong at all —even if you used a full teaspoon of bitters. It comes in at an ABV of 0.88%, which is barely anything if you consider low alcohol cocktails are usually around 10% ABV.  

A Rock Shandy is made of equal parts club soda and lemonade along with a few dashes of aromatic bitters.