17 Best Super Bowl Cocktail Ideas in 2023 & How to Batch

February 03, 2023 by Anna-Bet Stemmet

Super Bowl Sunday would not be complete without a few Super Bowl cocktails. Sure, you could go with a keg or a few brewskies, but we just know you’re ready to level up. After all, it’s not every day the Kansas City Chiefs square off against the Philadelphia Eagles at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. 

Huddle up, so we can share a few of our favorite cocktail recipes that will have you pouring like a pro without a single fumble. Touchdowns all the way, baby!

1. Ranch Water cocktail

Ranch Water Cocktail

As always, a classic Ranch Water is one of the top Super Bowl cocktails in 2023. This refreshing tequila-based sipper is a Texan staple and will cool you down like nothing else. If you plan to make a batch, combine the Espolòn Tequila Blanco and fresh lime juice ahead of time, and add the Topo Chico (or other sparkling mineral water) just before your guests are due to arrive. This way it will keep its sparkle. 

2. Dark N’ Stormy cocktail

Dark ‘n Stormy Cocktail

This year’s halftime show will be performed by Rihanna, making this her first public performance since 2018! If there is one Super Bowl cocktail that matches RiRi’s vibe to a T, it’s the daring Dark ‘n Stormy. This popular Caribbean drink is well-loved in the Fenty founder’s home country of Barbados, and is very simple to pour.  

Instead of batching it in a big bowl, we recommend setting up a help-yourself station where guests can build drinks themselves. Put out the rum (we love Appleton Estate Signature Rum), ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and ice, and let them make their own on the fly.  

3. Apple Martini cocktail

Homemade Green Alcoholic Appletini Cocktail with Apple Garnish

The best Super Bowl cocktails tend to lean into the theme of the season, and we are digging the Apple Martini for Philadelphia Eagles supporters, who are often seen decked out in their team colors of midnight green and silver. This drink is pretty easy to batch – just add all the ingredients to a big serving bowl and stir well to combine. Add the ice just before kick-off so the drink does not dilute. Fly Eagles, fly! 

4. Football Jello Shots

Blue, white and yellow layered jello shots

If super fancy cocktails for Super Bowl are not quite your thing, a few Football Jello shots might do the trick! Depending on whether you are supporting the Chiefs or the Eagles, you could go with green or red jello, or perhaps serve up a mixture if your crew is a little divided…  

5. Big Game Shandy cocktail

Two yellow-tinged Big Game Shandy cocktails on a wooden surface with sliced lemons in the background

For Super Bowl batch cocktails that can be prepped a few hours ahead of time, go with the Big Game Shandy. A boozy cousin of the Rock Shandy, this crowd-pleasing drink calls for four bottles of beer (we like using a Pilsner), the juice of three lemons, 1 teaspoon grated ginger, 0.25 cup of agave nectar, and 6 oz SKYY Vodka. Add all the ingredients to a pitcher and stir well. Provide serving glasses with fresh ice, and add a sprig of mint as garnish if you’re feeling fancy.    

6. Orange Crush Cocktail

Two Orange Crush Cocktails with orange garnish

If you like Super Bowl-themed cocktails that come to the party with plenty of zest, may we please introduce you to the sunny Orange Crush Cocktail? Combining SKYY Infusions Blood Orange Vodka, Grand Marnier, fresh orange juice, orange bitters, and lemon-lime soda, it’s fresh, fruity, and delicious. If you plan on making a batch, combine all the ingredients except the soda beforehand. Then add a splash to each drink when you serve.  

7. Bloody Mary cocktail

Virgin Mary Mocktail

Super Bowl cocktail ideas for Kansas Chiefs supporters? Why yes, we’ve got one ready for you! The Chiefs’ team colors are red and gold, so we’re going to go with a classic Bloody Mary. This brunchtime favorite is very easy to batch – simply add all the ingredients to a large jug, stir until mixed, and add ice just before serving. You can also go wild with garnishes – think celery, lemon, stuffed olives, crispy bacon, shrimp, and even buffalo wings!  

8. Cranberry Martini cocktail

Two bright red Cranberry Martinis with lime and fresh cranberries

Another ruby-hued drink to consider as a contender for Chiefs fans is the simply sweet Cranberry Martini. We love juxtaposing a fancy drink like this with easy Super Bowl food, like chips and dip, and chicken wings. A little bougie, a little down-home comfort, you know? The Martini ingredients can all be combined in a pitcher for big-batch purposes beforehand, but we do recommend that you give each drink a bit of a shake in a cocktail shaker with ice before serving if you want that classy Martini energy to shine through. 

9. Michelada cocktail

Ice cold Michelada at the beach

Super Bowl cocktail recipes that feature beer? Why yes, we have some of those as well! The Michelada is perhaps the OG of all the beer cocktails, and we love it paired with mini-Philly-cheesesteak sandwiches in honor of this year’s Superbowl venue.

This cocktail is a little tricky to batch beforehand since you want to pour the beer over the rest of the ingredients. So, we recommend a DIY drinks station for the Michelada as well. Rim the glasses ahead of time, and put out the lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, celery salt, and black pepper for folks to build their own cocktail.

10. Irish Coffee cocktail

Irish coffee topped with cream

End off Big Game night with some dessert-inspired Super Bowl drinks. Irish Coffee is an iconic after-dinner drink that always rounds off an evening in the tastiest way. You can serve it hot or cold, and prep the coffee beforehand. However, each Irish Coffee is best poured and served one a time.  

11. Paloma cocktail

Refreshing pink paloma cocktail with grapefruit garnish

Looking for bowl cocktails that are quick to assemble, but still has a little bit of a classy vibe to it? Go with a Paloma. You can combine the tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and agave nectar in a jug beforehand, and then just charge each drink with club soda before you serve. Add a pre-prepped salty rim and a grapefruit wedge to the mix, and you’re good to go.

12. Long Island Iced Tea cocktail

Front image of three homemade Long Island Ice Tea Cocktails with Lemon garnish

For Super Bowl party drinks with plenty of kick (pardon the pun), look no further than the always-iconic Long Island Iced Tea. This potent cocktail is a very popular party drink that is easy to batch.  

You will need a large pitcher, half a cup of each liquor (vodka, white rum, tequila, gin and Grand Marnier), ¾ cup of both lemon juice and simple syrup, and one and a half cups of cola, with lemon slices to garnish. Mix it together, add ice to tall glasses, pour, and serve. 

13. Spicy Margarita cocktail

Spicy Jalapeno Margarita in chili salt-rimmed glass

If you enjoy drink recipes with a bit of Latin American swagger, try a Spicy Margarita.  This drink is tailor-made to be paired with dishes like tacos, cheesy nachos, and BBQ grilled corn, so it fits right into the Super Bowl theme. It’s also easy to make in a pitcher. Simply muddle the jalapeños, add the tequila, Grand Marnier, agave syrup, and lime juice. Stir to combine, top with ice, and stir for another 30 seconds until the pitcher is nice and frosty.

14. Hot Toddy cocktail

Close up of Rum hot toddy

When game day is on the cooler side, it can be nice to serve up a hot drink like the super cozy Hot Toddy. This time-honored recipe harks back to the 1800s but is just as popular today. It’s also a cinch to prep in batches. Just add Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey, fresh lemon juice, brown sugar, spices (we like star anise and cloves), and lemon slices to a heat-proof serving container, and Bob’s your uncle.  

15. Aperol Spritz cocktail

Aperol Spritz cocktails

The Aperol Spritz is having a major moment right now, so if you’d like to go with a Super Bowl cocktail that is seriously on trend, this is the one. Since the majority of the ingredients are sparkly, we recommend you pour these one at a time, but it comes together so quickly, it’s very simple to serve to a crowd.

16. Mint Julep cocktail

Refreshing Mint Julep Cocktails served in copper cups

Fun fact about the Mint Julep – it used to be enjoyed as a breakfast drink in Virginia in the 1800s! While we won’t recommend pregaming quite that early in the day, we can attest to the fact that this minty-cool drink is a superb game-day sipper. Since it’s served over crushed ice, it is best to prep it one at a time, but you can set up the bourbon, simple syrup and mint leaves, and allow guests to help themselves throughout the day. Winning!   

17. Gin Rickey cocktail

Gin Rickey cocktail ingredients

This light and zesty Gin Rickey is very quick to make and pairs well with just about anything, from summer BBQ treats to fresh salads and delicious seafood dishes. All you need is Bulldog Gin, lime juice, and club soda. If you want to give your guests a few more flavor options, consider putting out a variety of flavored mineral water and sweeter juices, like pineapple juice or cranberry juice.


If you are looking for great drinks to serve at a Super Bowl party, we've got you covered. We highly recommend a Gin Rickey, Mint Julep, Ranch Water, Spicy Margarita, or a Long Island Ice Tea. For a full list of amazing Super Bowl cocktails visit The Mixer.

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