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October 05, 2022 by Sonja Edridge

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Making DIY edible gifts for Christmas is a fantastic way to be a little more budget savvy this festive season. End-of-year gifting can get a little crazy! We all know the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomachs! And as the receiver, how amazing is it to open a personalized gift? Here are few of the best edible gifts for Christmas to make up in advance.  Get ahead of the game and stock up your gift cupboard for the season, made with love and care with our delicious list of edible gift ideas for Christmas.

Christmas Pudding Gin

Christmas Pudding Vodka ingredients from above

Set the Christmas mood with this festive homemade liqueur. Making liquid Christmas pudding is one of the best edible gifts for Christmas, hands down. Make it with gin or vodka, whatever you prefer. It’s simple to make and easy to bulk up if you’re expecting a crowd. Here’s how to make it:

Tip 10 oz of dried fruits (sultanas, currants or raisins) into a clean large glass jar or plastic tub (½ gallon +) that can seal well.

Add in 10 oz soft brown sugar, 7 oz mixed peel (2 oz dates or prunes, if you have) along with 2 cinnamon sticks, a pinch of nutmeg and 2 heaped teaspoons of mixed spice.

Pour over a large bottle of gin (or vodka) and stir in the zest of an orange and lemon for all the Christmassy feels.

Mix well, seal and store in a dark cool place to infuse for 3 weeks. Shake or stir daily for the first week, then give it another 2 weeks for a decent depth of flavor to develop.

Strain, using either cheesecloth or coffee filters and pour into mason jars, or cute bottles. Label and tag prettily to go straight under the Christmas tree.

Very Merry Infused Booze

Very merry infused booze

If spiced Christmassy flavors aren’t your vibe, why not make fruity infused vodka, tequila or rum? It’s a clever way to pimp a bottle of booze for a special twist. The flavor combinations are endless… 

  • For a simple classic, try strawberry and vanilla  
  • A gorgeously festive combination is plum and cardamom 
  • Add pineapple slices into rum for a classic tropical boost 
  • Tap into magical wintery vibes with a mix of orange, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon 
  • If coffee cocktails are your thing, spice up your spirits with cinnamon, chili or vanilla to give your cocktails an extra dimension of flavor 

To make your Christmas spirits, choose a clean jar, like a mason jar with a wide-lipped opening to fit in all your ingredients. Make sure it has an airtight seal to stop the alcohol evaporating. If you’re adding strawberries, wash and dry them first. Add your vanilla bean, scored lengthways to allow the seeds to escape. Then just fill up with booze of your choice and seal. Give it 3-5 days to infuse then strain out the ingredients and return your fragrant booze to the jar, seal and wrap. 

To make your edible gift Christmas-ready, write up (or print) a cocktail recipe using your infused spirit, bundle up extra spices and perhaps even include a flavored syrup alongside the bottle as part of the gift.  

Love is…Espresso-Flavored Sugar Cubes

Heart shaped sugar cubes

If you’re looking for edible gifts for Christmas stockings, these espresso-flavored sugar cubes are a cute idea—especially if you’ve shaped them in heart-shaped candy molds or ice cube trays with gem shapes. They’re delicious in a cup of joe or coffee cocktails.

How to make espresso flavored sugar cubes:

Dissolve 2 teaspoons of instant coffee granules into a bowl with a teaspoon of boiling water. Add a cup of granulated white sugar and mix vigorously until it feels like wet sand. Press firmly into molds and allow to dry out uncovered, for about 8 hours (or overnight). Unmold gently and pack into mason jars and seal, ready to decorate.

Bar in a Jar


Making mini cocktail jars is an easy gift that’s light on the pocket too—perfect as edible Christmas gifts for coworkers. Choose one or two of your favorite cocktail recipes and package up the ingredients individually. You’ll need a few cans of soda, some mini spirit bottles, some pretty twine and a few mason jars. Fill the base of a 16oz mason jar with tissue or shredded paper (if you want). Tuck in a soda with a print of the recipe, rolled up. Add dehydrated fruit like orange peels or berries, rosemary or lavender, cocktail spices,  or marshmallows, if it’s a sweet chocolate cocktail. Wrap the twine around the mini spirit bottle lid to attach it on the outside. Attach paper umbrellas or colorful straws for an extra vibe. Here are a few ideas:

Spice Kit Boxes for Cocktails

Spice kit boxes

Including spices into a cocktail is a fast and fabulous way to upgrade your cocktail making game. Why not inspire friends and family with little jars or boxes filled with spice combinations to add to their festive cocktails?. Pack a gift box (with dividers) to the brim with sprigs of dried rosemary and lavender, or spices like cardamom, star anise, chilli, cinnamon quills and pink peppercorns. Discs of dehydrated orange peel bring the festive touch. Wrap the boxes up in ribbon and they’re ready to post or deliver.


Any delicious baked goods are a perfect edible gift (who’d say no to a brownie?), but you can try something different this year and make one of our unusual cocktail-inspired edible gifts for Christmas.  

The ideal foods to include in Christmas gifts are those that can be stored at ambient temperatures and sealed in jars or boxes without needing refrigeration. Baked goods like biscuits and cakes are perfect. Our infused spirits or Christmas Pudding Gin are great as they last for ages and can be made in advance.! It means you can get your gifts sorted before the Christmas rush! 

We can’t imagine many people who don’t like receiving edible gifts for Christmas!? Something that has been made and put together with care and love always makes a fantastic gift! 

Make a list of all the items you’d like to include in your homemade food gift parcel. Think about items that won’t need refrigeration, so you don’t need to worry about storage. This will give you an idea of the box or basket you need to choose as a base for your edible gifts for Christmas. You can add your infused vodka, a bottle opener, festive napkins, cocktail spices, and maybe even some Christmas cookies in a jar. Have fun! 

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