How to Make a Mojito

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Mojito cocktail with mint and lime garnish

A Mojito is one of the top cocktails to order when you’re out on the town so it’s no surprise that it’s on the IBA (International Bartenders Association) contemporary classic cocktail list. If you haven’t made friends with this refreshing drink yet, let us make the intro (and fast).  



Gently rub the mint leaves before you garnish to release the oils; it makes it aromatic. 


Soften your lime by rolling it under your palm a few times before slicing it


For sweeter treacle flavours, switch the white sugar for a light brown variety for extra crunch



1 Person

handful of fresh mint, stalks removed 
tablespoon white sugar
lime, freshly squeezed
Soda water
slice of lime and mint sprig to garnish 



Add the mint, sugar and lime to a shaker or mason jar. Muddle and crush the mint with the end of a rolling pin 


Add the rum along with a handful of ice and shake briefly until icy cold 


Tip this into a highball glass and top up with soda water 


Garnish with a sprig of mint, a slice of lime and enjoy 

What makes a Mojito?

So, what makes a Mojito, a Mojito? Combine a few indigenous Cuban ingredients and you’ll have one sweet, sparkly sip with a crunchy muddle. This is one cocktail you don’t want a smooth simple syrup for sweetness. It’s so easy; all you need is white rum, lime, mint, sugar and a little soda water for a fizzy finish. Can you feel the sunshine yet? 

Let’s breakdown our Mojito cocktail ingredients a bit further. Start with a top shelf white rum like Trois Rivières White Rum, its honey tones add a perfect sweetness. For the lime, always freshly squeeze them at the last minute for extra zing. For the mint, we suggest using spearmint, not only is it easy to come by, but because its sweeter and softer than peppermint, and much easier to muddle. 

How to make a classic Mojito

Now, let’s get to the important how to make a Mojito part. Don’t worry if you don’t own a full cocktail kit, all you need is a jug or shaker and a rolling pin or pestle for the muddling. Then for serving, grab a highball glass along with some ice. 

What is the best rum for Mojito?

A Mojito recipe classic style, calls for a white rum, not a dark one, which is aged in charred oak barrels after distillation. White rum is typically not aged or lightly aged in stainless steel barrels, which keeps it clear. We love a Trois Rivières White Rum for its honey and spice forward flavour. For a dark rum twist, our winner is Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum with its rich molasses notes, both offering a good subtle base for our refreshing cocktail. 

How to make the best Mojito?

We all know there is a difference between how to make a Mojito and how to make a great one! Check out our pro tips below for the perfect serve every time: 

  • Keep it fresh: Always use freshly squeezed lime juice to get the sweetest tangy flavour. You just can’t compare freshly squeezed to a bought bottle 
  • Wash your mint: Wash your mint thoroughly before muddling as it often is grown in sandy soil 
  • Muddle right: To muddle the right way, pop the washed mint into the bottom of your shaker or jar with the sugar and lime juice and crush it gently with the end of a wooden rolling pin, wooden spoon or pestle to release the aromatic oils and juices. You’ll want to keep some of the crunchy sugar texture 
  • Add extra zing: If you love lime as much as we do, chop a whole lime into chunks and muddle it along with your mint for a zestier drink 
  • Serve it in style: To garnish, gently rub the mint leaves to release the oils, making it more fragrant from the first sip.  
  • Pair with snacks: Mojitos are a perfect serve alongside fresh and spicy dishes, such as tacos, guac and Cuban pulled pork 

How to make a Mojito for a party

Do you want to make easy summer cocktails for a crowd? No problemo! Refreshing jugs of cocktails like our Mojito are a lifesaver for an outdoor cocktail party. To make a batch of Mojitos to serve the whole gang, opt for equal measures of sugar syrup instead of sugar. Learn how to make it yourself with our easy sugar syrup recipe or buy one to save time. Infuse the sugar syrup with mint easily: just simmer the syrup for 3 minutes with roughly chopped mint, cool and strain. This can be done up to 3 days in advance and kept chilled in the fridge. 

An average jug can hold about 1¾ litres, so mix up our recipe eight times (holding fire on the soda water and ice for now). When you’re ready to serve, just stir well, add ice and top up with soda water for the fizz and garnish. 

What are the most popular Mojito variations?

    • If you’re avoiding the booze, then make a Virgin Mojito. It makes a fab alternative to lemonade 
    • With Margaritas being so popular, the next twist would be a Tequila Mojito, so swap the rum with a reposado tequila. Add a few slices of jalapeño for an extra kick, if you like 
    • If you’re not a rum fan, try mixing your Mojito with either vodka or gin. Gin’s botanicals will blend well with the floral minty notes while vodka will give you a more neutral sip, closer to the OG 
    • Whilst on the gin convo, channel your Wimbledon vibes in the summer and muddle a chopped strawberry with your mint for a sweet twist 
    • For other fruity combinations, try muddling watermelon or mangoboth work so well in a Mojito! 
    • For extra island vibes, make a Coconut Mojito. Choose a coconut flavoured rum and add a dash of coconut cream for an indulgent drink 
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This tasty cocktail comes in at 13% ABV. This makes it equal to a glass of wine, just way more fun!

When it comes to the origins of a cocktail, you should expect that there’s always more than one theory! The most popular one is that an associate of English pirate Sir Francis Drake came up with the Mojito in Havana, Cuba in the 1500s. As the story goes, Drake’s crew (who were there looting the city’s gold) were all suffering from those nasty 1500s diseases you get from being ship bound for months. The locals made up a tonic to cure them of their malaise, using some of the Mojito cocktail ingredients. This drink developed into something called El Draque, which included a fiery spirit called aguardiente, made from sugar cane. Good news, the medicine worked, and the cocktail is still around to tell the tale!

The best mint to choose for a Mojito is Spearmint. It’s the easiest to find in shops and is softer and sweeter, perfect for muddling in your delicious Mojito.