Gin Bramble Cocktail Recipe

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Front view of refreshing Gin Bramble Cocktails

Are you wondering, what is a Bramble cocktail? Don’t fret, we’ve got all the info you need to know and a delicious recipe to boot! A Bramble cocktail is a member of the Tom Collins family of gin-based cocktails, which usually include a good squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of simple syrup. Tom Collins cocktails are traditionally topped up with a dash of soda water for fizz but this Bramble cocktail recipe goes without and is served on the rocks instead.




Experiment with flavoured gins, a grapefruit one works well with juicy berries


With a good quality bottle of gin in your cabinet, show off your hosting skills and explore more of the Best Gin Cocktails.


No blender to crush ice? Just drop the bag onto a hard surface a few times to break up the pieces.



1 Person

30 Ml

1 Oz

1 Parts

lemon juice
teaspoons simple syrup
15 Ml

0.5 Oz

0.5 Parts

Crème de Mûre
to garnish, 1 slice of lemon and 1 blackberry, if you like



Add a handful of ice to a cocktail shaker or mason jar and pour over the gin, lemon juice and syrup.


Shake briefly to allow ingredients to chill.


Fill a tumbler with ice and strain the mixture into it before drizzling over the crème de Mûre.


Allow it to bleed into the drink and garnish with the lemon and blackberries if they are in season.

All the gin Bramble cocktail ingredients you need to impress

For the perfect Bramble gin cocktail, you’ll need just 4 ingredients. Let’s start with the ingredient that gives this cocktail its bramble namesake – Crème de Mûre. This age-old French liqueur is made with jammy sweet blackberries, harvested at their ripest from prickly hedgerows. With its renowned flavour and deep purple hue, you’ll be reminded of summers spent blackberry picking, snacking on the juicy berries as you got lost amongst the wild hedgerows.

Our second hero ingredient in this juicy cocktail is a top-quality gin. For a good base packed with fragrant botanicals, we recommend choosing a London Dry Gin like Bulldog or Bickens Premium Distilled.

Next up is lemon juice and it has to be freshly squeezed for the most lip-smackingly delicious cocktail. Finally, add simple syrup to balance all the sweetness. You can buy it ready-made or make your own easily by dissolving equal measures of sugar into simmering water. Allow to cool and keep in the fridge for up to one month.

How to make the best Gin Bramble cocktail recipe

Our Bramble gin cocktail is so easy to make – simply combine the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until chilled. Strain into your chosen glass over ice (or on the rocks, as it’s called in cocktail lingo) and finish with the Crème de Mûre for an ombre effect as the purple liqueur bleeds into the drink just like freshly pressed blackberry. To garnish, add lemon wedge and a blackberry if you like. To mimic summer picnic vibes and fragrant herb gardens, add a sprig of mint too.


If you want to make this cocktail like the pros, opt for crushed ice when serving to really tame the sweetness of the blackberry. If you have a powerful blender, blitz a few ice cubes until crushed. Alternatively, buy a bag of ice cubes and, before opening it, drop the bag onto a hard surface a few times to break up the pieces.

Crème de Mûre vs Crème De Cassis

Crème de Mûre is a blackberry liquor, which is dark, jammy and sweet, and traditionally comes from France. Crème de Cassis, also from across the pond, is a dark red liqueur made from juicy blackcurrants which is lighter and slightly more tart. A classic Bramble cocktail is traditionally made with Crème de Mûre, and its name is inspired by the brambly hedgerows where blackberries grow. If you’ve only got Crème de Cassis, or prefer a tarter tasting drink, then put your own twist on a Bramble and give it a go.

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If you don’t have a bottle of Crème de Mûre, you could also substitute this for Crème de Framboise, a raspberry liqueur or a Crème de Cassis, which is a blackcurrant liqueur. Failing all these, a quick berry coulis or a blackcurrant syrup would suffice too. If you do invest in a bottle, you will find plenty of scrumptious recipes to use it in, like a Blackberry Martini, give it a go - you’ll love it! If you like this combination of ingredient then try a Pisco Bramble, which is made with Pisco, a white brandy made in Peru from muscat grapes.

This Bramble cocktail recipe has an alcohol content is 17 percent ABV, which is a little stronger than your average gin and tonic.

The Bramble cocktail first came about in 1984 at Fred’s Club in London’s Soho, where bartender Dick Bradsell (of Espresso Martini fame) took inspiration from his childhood memories of blackberry picking on the Isle of Wight, a British island famous for its wild growing bramble bushes.

Our Gin bramble cocktail ingredients definitely include gin, as it’s a classic Tom Collins-style cocktail. A Bramble also includes Crème de Mûre, which is a vodka-based liqueur made from blackberries.

The Bramble gin cocktail gets its name from the prickly and rambling hedge that blackberries grow on. Think of those wild brambly bushes you see in country lanes and French hedgerows. The blackberry bush is also a member of the rose family, and the little white flowers bear the juicy blackberries.