Mulled Wine Recipe

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two mulled wines with star anise from above

When the days shorten and the chill starts to creep in, ease into the season gently with a glass (or two) of full-bodied Mulled Wine. Cinnamon and spice bring the extra cozy and comfort to a warm sip of mulled wine. Get out the crockpot (a large saucepan works just as well) and follow our easy mulled wine recipe and be warmed from the inside out.  



Dial up the Christmassy feels and add a pinch or two of mixed spice. 


For easy refills, warm your mulled wine recipe in the crockpot 


Serve your mulled wine recipe with a cheeseboard for festive feels 



1 Person

4 Oz

120 Ml

4 Parts

Red wine
Clementine segment
Star anise
Cinnamon stick
Pink peppercorn, crushed
Teaspoon maple syrup or honey



Pour the red wine into a large saucepan with all the spices and maple syrup 


Heat very gently until simmering and remove from the heat


Use a slotted spoon to remove the spices


Stir in the brandy and pour into a heatproof glass or mug 


Garnish with a piece of clementine peel

How to serve your Mulled Wine

When you’re ready to serve your cozy mugs of mulled wine, make sure it’s been warmed up over a low heat. Use a ladle to fill (and refill) your mugs and, just before your friends arrive, drop in a cinnamon stick, star anise or an orange slice to garnish. If you love a little garnish glow up as much as we do, here’s some more garnish inspiration.

What goes well with a warm glass of spiced wine, you ask? Well, it is cheeseboard season after all, so impress your guests with a festive spread of cheeses, crackers, chutneys and mugs of classic mulled wine. Hosting a party? Serve it with classic Christmas appetizers like crispy prawn toast and warm goat’s cheese and red onion tartlets. If you want more of a sit-down session, our easy mulled wine recipe goes wonderfully with a classic cheese fondue, rich pastas or beef stroganoff.

What wine works well for Mulled Wine

When you want to serve the best mulled wine (we like that about you!), we’ve got you. Surprisingly, but excellent news if you’re on a budget, your best strategy is not to pick a top-end red wine. A fabulous wine’s qualities don’t always translate when heated, even when the heat is gentle, so choose an affordable jammy, full-flavored wine like a Merlot or a Grenache, or look out for red wine with tasting notes that mention berry and vanilla flavors. These are mulled wine material!

Stay clear of light wines, like Pinot Noirs, as they don’t work well with all the strong flavors and spices. Likewise, a Cabernet Sauvignon, with its full oaky notes and high tannins, will clash with the citrus and spices joining the party.

Already got a couple of bottles of left-over wine you’d like to finish off? Go ahead and use these, mixing it up will be just fine.

Variations of our Classic Mulled Wine recipe

  • If you don’t have a bottle of brandy or Cognac on hand, don’t worry! Use an orange liqueur instead. A splash of Grand Marnier will boost to this already citrusy mulled wine. Delicious!
  • Add depth of flavor and rich fruity sweetness with one or two cut prunes or juicy dried figs.
  • Dial up the festive feels and make a “Christmas spice” spiced wine. Just add a pinch or two of mixed spice and few orange slices or orange peels
  • Want to spend more time with friends and family and less time at the stove? Make our easy mulled wine recipe in a crockpot or slow cooker. It’s less fuss, stays warm and we love the effortless help-yourself vibes.

More of our favorite holiday cocktail recipes

Now is the perfect time to perfect a few festive cocktails that you can serve after long walks, on chilly nights in with friends. Our Eggnog Martini, Tom and Jerry cocktail or Hot Toddy offer all the comfort of our easy mulled wine. Check out more of our fabulous hot Christmas cocktails to get you in the festive spirit.

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All you need to make a spiced wine is a bottle of red wine, some clementine or oranges, a few spices and a splash of brandy or orange liqueur.

Don’t pick a pricy red wine-, their magical qualities don’t always translate when heated. Choose an affordable Merlot or Grenache. A wine with tasting notes that mention jammy, berry and vanilla flavors is ideal.

You have an easy option or an effortless option. The no-fuss option is mix up all the ingredients in a crockpot or slow cooker, and simmer it slowly. Or, you can heat everything gently in a large saucepan on the hob.