Cucumber Martini

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Cucumber martini close up

When you’re on the hunt for something new and sophisticated to sip on a hot summer’s night, our cool, crisp Cucumber Martini cocktail will quench your thirst. Our Cucumber Martini recipe is set to impress; a simple and elegant drink you’ll love. 



Adjust the sweetness with simple syrup or add a zesty twist with lime  


Keep your vermouth chilled and replace it after 3 months 


If you don’t have a shaker, no problem, just use a screw top jar 



1 Person

inch piece of cucumber, cut into chunks
2.5 Oz

75 Ml

2.5 Parts

0.5 Oz

15 Ml

0.5 Parts

0.5 Oz

15 Ml

0.5 Parts

simple syrup
To garnish, a few thin cucumber slices



Add the cucumber chunks to a cocktail shake


Crush the cucumber gently with a muddler (or the end of a rolling pin if that’s what you have handy) 


Add the rest of your ingredients along with a handful of ice 


Cover and shake until icy-cold 


Strain into a chilled martini glass, garnish and sip away 

How to muddle cucumber

Muddling is a gentle method to crush fruits and herbs to release the flavour, where blending or crushing would be too harsh. The easiest way to muddle a cucumber is to partially peel it first. Cut it into manageable chunks, place the chunks into a cocktail shaker or mason jar and crush gently with the back of a rolling pin or muddler.

How to make a cucumber slinky garnish

Cut a 4cm piece of cucumber in half lengthways and place a chopstick down the length of each side. Make thin cuts across the cucumber horizontally, all the way down the length. The chopsticks will stop you cutting all the way through. Remove the chopsticks and bend the uncut ends towards each other. Pin them together with a toothpick and thread a longer wooden skewer through the middle. Balance this over the top of your Martini glass for a showstopper garnish!

Cucumber Martini variations to try

Even the best cucumber martini recipe can be upgraded with a few simple changes

  • Have some fun with Skyy Vodka infusions and try the grapefruit or pineapple in our Cucumber Martini recipe
  • For a Cucumber Basil Martini, muddle this cocktail with basil, adding a sprig of basil for garnish too. Mint is another bright flavour that will bring this recipe to life
  • Add a little zingy citrus if you like lime cocktails and make a Cucumber Lime Martini with a good squeeze of fresh lime
  • Crush a few pink peppercorns into your strained Martini for a savoury twist that adds a touch of heat
  • And of course, you can go traditional and make a Cucumber Gin Martini—just swap out Skyy Vodka with a Bickens Gin

When to serve a Cucumber Martini

This not-the-norm cocktail will melt away any blues at the end of a hot summer’s day. A Martini is oh-so-glam, and offering this deliciously different sip for cocktail hour or as a pre-dinner drink when friends come over will wow your crowd. Our Cucumber Martini is also a crisp drink to enjoy around the BBQ—it’s the perfect antidote to smoky flavours of barbecued ribs or steak.

How strong is a Cucumber Martini?

A martini is typically a spirit-forward sip, poured with an 80-proof vodka and dry vermouth that pack a punch. The ice, syrup and cucumber dilutes the ABVs somewhat, which means our cocktail checks in at about 28% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Is a Vodka Martini really a Martini?

Of course, tradition demands that a Martini is poured with gin. Its botanical juniper notes are a classic combination that just works, but that’s not to say a Vodka Martini isn’t delicious. Who says it can’t be called a Martini? Vodka gives us a blank canvas to get creative and have more fun.


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