Swamp Water Cocktail

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Two Halloween themed Samp Water cocktails

Unless you’re an alligator, swamp water is probably not your idea of a good time. Luckily for you, the Swamp Water Cocktail is not made for alligators but for thirsty land-based party animals instead. This classic and mostly forgotten-about cocktail became popular in the golden years of the Rusty Nail and Harvey Wallbanger and will be a great addition to your Halloween cocktail ideas. 

So, if it’s not murky water infested with gators and other creepy-crawlies, what is Swamp Water exactly? Turns out, this gruesome-green cocktail is actually delicious. The Swamp Water drink recipe is made by shaking together green Chartreuse, pineapple juice, and lime with ice and then straining it into a Collins glass over more ice.  

If you’re having a Halloween party, this is a great cocktail easily made with just three ingredients and is ideal for serving in a batch to keep those party animals at bay.  

How to make a Swamp Water Cocktail

Learning how to make Swamp Water couldn’t be simpler and it is the perfect cocktail to shake together if you’re a novice cocktail maker.  



Make sure your limes are at room temperature for the juiciest results.


For the tastiest Swamp Water Cocktail, use fresh pineapple juice.


Want to know if that pineapple is ripe? Tug on the leaves. If they come off easily, the pineapple is ready to eat.



1 Person

75 Ml

2.5 Oz

2.5 Parts

Green Chartreuse liqueur
180 Ml

6 Oz

6 Parts

Pineapple juice
30 Ml

1 Oz

1 Parts

Lime juice
Lime wedge to garnish
Pineapple crown leaves to garnish



Add ice to a cocktail shaker



Pour in all your liquid ingredients


Give it a good shake until properly chilled (about 30 seconds)


Add ice to a Collins glass 


Strain the drink into the glass and garnish with a lime wedge and sprig of mint

What makes this cocktail special?

The thing that gives the Swamp Water cocktail its unique taste and colour is the addition of green Chartreuse liqueur. This French herbal liqueur was invented by monks back in 1737 and is made with a staggering blend of 130 different plants and herbs. Taste-wise, it is smooth, sweet, and spicy with a robust herbal finish. When you mix green Chartreuse with pineapple juice and lime, it creates a refreshing cocktail with hints of sour lime and fruity tropical goodness, as well as drink that’s bright green in colour to really hit those swamp vibes. 

Tips on making the Swamp Water cocktail

There are a few variations of this cocktail, and they taste completely different to the original Swamp Water drink. First, you get the Swamp Water Surprise —a mixture of rum, orange liqueur, and citrus. The surprising part is the vodka-based gelatine that floats on top. A trickier drink to pull off and not a good choice for an amateur cocktail maker.

You can also make a Swamp Water Jar cocktail which calls for a long list of ingredients, including tequila, melon liqueur, apple sours, sweet and sour mix, and lemon- and lime-flavoured soda water. It’s finished with a splash of blue Curaçao and garnished with maraschino cherries. This one is served in a mason jar.  

We prefer the classic version. Sometimes the simple things in life just taste better.  

Make it into a punch

The Swamp Water cocktail is easy to serve by the gallon, so fill a punch bowl with ice and add 1 litre fresh pineapple juice, 415 ml green Chartreuse, the juice of 4 limes, and mint and lime wedges to garnish. This will serve about 12 thirsty friends.  

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A Swamp Water Surprise is quite strong if you choose to add vodka-based gelatin. Strength-wise, it’s around 26% ABV per drink. 

A Swamp Water drink is a cocktail made with green Chartreuse and fresh pineapple and lime juice. It is poured over ice and garnished with lime wedges, pineapple crown leaves, or mint sprigs.  

You can make a Swamp Water Surprise, which is a mixture of rum, orange liqueur, and citrus. The surprising part is the vodka-based gelatine that floats on top. Another version is the Swamp Water Jar, made with tequila, melon liqueur, apple sours, sweet and sour mix, blue Curaçao, and lemon- & lime-flavored soda water.  

For your next Halloween party, add green Chartreuse to pineapple juice to get that murky swamp water look in cocktail form.