Garibaldi Cocktail Recipe

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This bittersweet Garibaldi cocktail recipe is a tribute to the 1871 unification of Italy, in which General Guiseppe Garibaldi was a key figure. This Italian cocktail celebrates the joining forces of Campari from the north with the Sicilian oranges from the south to create a deliciously sweet cocktail that you’ll want to make time and time again. The Garibaldi cocktail ingredients are unbelievably simple with only two things to remember – freshly squeezed orange juice and bitter Campari. Learn the recipe for this citrusy drink for one of the easiest 2 ingredient cocktails you’ll ever make.



For a Halloween twist, pour the Garibaldi drink with blood orange juice. Eek!


One secret here – don’t skip frothing your juice into a frenzy.


Sip this aperitivo with a delicious bite, a slice of creamy mozzarella and prosciotto pizza would be perfect!




1 Person

45 Ml

1.5 Oz

1.5 Parts

120 Ml

4 Oz

4 Parts

freshly squeezed orange juice
to garnish, a wedge of orange



Add the orange juice to a blender and blitz for 1-2 minutes until it is frothy


Fill a highball glass with ice, pour over the Campari and top up with orange juice


Stir gently and finish with a wedge of orange on the rim to serve

How to make a Garibaldi cocktail recipe?

This Italian classic is a very simple blend of Campari and orange juice served over ice. If you haven’t tried Campari yet, now is the moment. Renowned as the most popular liqueur in Italy, Campari is a distinctively crimson-coloured spirit with orange and herbal flavours that’s bitter but has a surprisingly smooth velvety finish, making it perfect for this easy-sipping cocktail. This effortless cocktail does hold one secret – to create the foamy top, often referred to as fluffy orange juice, you’ll need to froth the juice into a frenzy to aerate it. Learn how below and garnish simply with a juicy wedge of orange on the rim to enjoy.

How to make fluffy orange juice?

Wondering what fluffy orange juice is and how to make it? Stay tuned, we’ve got the secret recipe for the perfect Garibaldi cocktail with a fluffy orange juice top. Whipping the orange juice is an absolute must so that it becomes almost creamy in texture with a smooth and foamy top that works to balance out the bitter notes of the Campari. Making fluffy orange juice could not be easier: blitz the juice for a minute or two in a blender until foamy and fluffy and there you have it! You can also use a milk frother or a handheld whisk to achieve the creamy frothy layer. To DIY it, vigorously shake your juice in a mason jar with enough head space on top so the foam has room to form.

Step it up

As this cocktails is an easy pour, why not step it up and have some fun with the orange garnish. Either add plenty of thin slices of orange and serve them in the glass. Or for extra fun, freeze orange juice in cubes extra texture and colour.

Garibaldi cocktail recipe substitutions and variations

Freshly squeezed juice is vital when making this cocktail but you can mix things up and give the Garibaldi recipe a sweeter twist by opting for satsuma or clementine juice. For something a little more dramatic, try blood orange juice instead (it’s a perfect cocktail for Halloween too!). Just be sure to check the sweetness of the juice is on par with the orange to balance well with the Campari. If you prefer a mocktail, make a Garibaldi Zero, leaving out the Campari and adding a dash of bitter syrup instead.

When to serve a Garibaldi cocktail?

A Garibaldi is a perfect serve for a bursting brunch table. This 2 ingredient Garibaldi cocktail recipe calls for alfresco summer drinking at your next garden party or housewarming. It’s crisp and refreshingly light mouthfeel make it an easy drinking aperitif to enjoy before dinner. To make this cocktail with a spooky Halloween twist, pour the Garibaldi drink with blood orange juice instead for a perfectly bloody-looking Halloween cocktail.

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The ingredients of Campari are a secret that the company has closely guarded since its creation in the 1860s. What we do know is that Campari is a mixture of liqueur that’s infused with herbs and fruits to give it that iconic and beautifully balanced bitterness. It has herbal notes, as well as flavours of orange and rhubarb, and is traditionally enjoyed neat as an aperitif to stimulate the appetite before dinner.