Italian Sunrise Cocktail

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2 tall glasses of Italian Sunrise cocktails garnished with pineapple

Let this refreshing and zingy Italian Sunrise cocktail lift the spirits and awaken your wanderlust. Whether Italy is on your travel bucket list or if you’ve been several times, Campari and Limoncello are undeniably iconic Italian drinks that transport you in just one sip. So, pull up a chair and join us for this fabulous bittersweet cocktail.



For the sunrise effect, add the Campari to the glass first and slowly layer the other liquids on top to create an ombre colour.


Chill your glass for an hour or two in the freezer or with a few blocks of ice to get frosty before pouring.


Fresh is best when it comes to juice!



1 Person

37.5 Ml

1.25 Oz

1.25 Parts

22.5 Ml

0.75 Oz

0.75 Parts

7.5 Ml

0.25 Oz

0.25 Parts

22.5 Ml

0.75 Oz

0.75 Parts

orange juice
22.5 Ml

0.75 Oz

0.75 Parts

sweet and sour bitters
to garnish, a half a slice of orange or lemon



Tip all the ingredients into a shaker (or a mason jar) and shake


Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a slice of orange

More tips on how to make the best Italian Sunrise cocktail

This zesty cocktail calls for a few specifics, but we promise it’s worth it! For the best Italian Sunrise cocktail, choose a good quality vodka and Limoncello. Remember to keep your Limoncello in the freezer too for extra chillness. Campari is the essential Italian amaro for this mix; it’s notably more bitter with rhubarb notes, giving this cocktail complexity and depth.

When it comes to orange juice, fresh is best — you will thank us later. The final ingredient, sweet and sour mix, is easily available. It’s just a simple lemon and lime syrup. For the ultimate Sunrise cocktail, choose an all-natural one without corn syrup or preservatives. Let’s show you how:

How to serve an Italian Sunrise cocktail

Whether you need to celebrate the long hot summer days or are just fed up with chilly winter, bring all the sunshine with this fantastic cocktail that pairs perfectly for a brunch or weekend get-together. Once you have shaken your Italian Sunrise cocktail, ideally pour this Insta-worthy drink into a chilled cocktail, coupé, or martini glass. A champagne flute works perfectly too. To garnish, add a slice of lemon or orange on the rim if you like.

Italian Sunrise cocktail variations and substitutions

Once you have tried the original version, play around with all the delicious vodka infusions on offer from Skyy to add a spin.

  • An Italian Sunrise cocktail can also be served in a highball or Tom Collins glass, fill it with ice and top up with fresh orange juice if you prefer a slower sipping drink.
  • If you love a nutty Amaretto, there are versions of this cocktail that include Amaretto in place of Campari. Absolutely delicious!
  • Look out for a Tuscan sunrise or sunset, a boozier version with the addition of whiskey, and for sweetness some pineapple juice.
  • For a slushy style Italian Sunrise cocktail, blend Galliano with some ice as well as banana and orange liqueur with a dash of cream and orange juice. Make sure the colourful straws are close!
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This cocktail is oh so simple to make at the drop of a hat, it is literally just adding all the ingredients into a shaker or jar. Then just shake (do a little dance, if you like), strain into a chilly cocktail glass and your work is here done. If you prefer a retro layered version, just pour all the ingredients into the glass, starting with the Campari, and don’t stir.

If you love the almondy-peach notes of Amaretto, then you can try an Amaretto twist on the Italian Sunrise cocktail. Also known as an Italian Sunset, you’ll need amaretto, orange juice (or peach, if you prefer), soda water, and grenadine. Serve in a tall glass with lots of ice.

Tuscan skies are known to be a mesmerisingly rich orange and are said to have inspired this version of the Italian Sunrise cocktail. It is similar to a Tequila sunrise, with a mix of orange juice, grenadine, and tequila. However, a Tuscan Sunrise also includes the sweetness of pineapple juice and whiskey, which deepens the drink into a rich orange colour.

Quintessential popular Italian Cocktails include the classic Negroni, the simple Campari Spritz, and the Garibaldi cocktail. We can’t forget the iconic orange Aperol Spritz either. With so many wonderful spirits on offer, such as limoncello, Aperol, Campari, and Amaretto, it’s not surprising that Italian cocktails are a favourite around the globe.