How to Make a Virgin Mojito

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Virgin Mojito with a yellow straw, mint and sliced lime

Everyone should know how to make a virgin Mojito. This not-too-sweet fizzy cocktail is minty fresh and super refreshing. Pouring a mocktail Mojito isn’t a vibe killer – it’s more likely you’ll see raised eyebrows for being so on trend! Make a good one like this recipe and no one will miss the rum!

What’s in a Virgin Mojito?

Our Mojito mocktail recipe is super easy to make, it pretty much calls for the same ingredients as our classic Mojito but without the rum. The main difference you’ll see is our Virgin Mojito ingredients swaps out sugar for a simple syrup. Follow our easy recipe, or use a store-bought simple syrup for this top mocktail hack. It gives our Mojito mocktail recipe the thick viscosity that mimics rum. Then all your need is fresh mint and limes, some ice and soda water or ginger ale to top up. Choose spearmint over peppermint, it’s easier to muddle being softer and sweeter. For the limes, pick bright green plump limes for that tangy tart sweetness a mocktail Mojito needs. Yellow limes are riper and maybe just a little too sweet.

How to make a Virgin Mojito

Let’s get into how to make non alcoholic Mojitos. While an extravagant cocktail kit isn’t needed to make this drink, a muddler does make things a little easier when crushing the mint leaves with the syrup and lime. For a DIY hack, a rolling pin will do just fine to release the aromatics.



Make your simple syrup with Demerara or light brown sugar for all the treacle vibes 


Dial up the lime and muddle your mocktail with pieces of chopped lime  


Simmer mint leaves and lime juice in your sugar syrup briefly for added punchy flavor 



1 Person

large mint leaves, thoroughly washed
limes, freshly squeezed
tablespoons simple syrup
cup soda water or ginger ale
to garnish, a slice of lime



Add mint leaves to a jug or mason jar with the sugar syrup and freshly squeezed lime juice 


Muddle them briefly until fragrant and tip into a highball glass with a handful of ice  


Stir briefly to chill and top up with soda water or ginger ale. Garnish with a slice of lime  

When to serve a virgin Mojito

This tasty drink has a gentle fizz and is jam-packed with lime and mint, making it a perfect digestif for after a meal. Fun fact – mint and lime are known to ease digestion! Since it’s so refreshing, our Mojito mocktail recipe pairs well with long hot summer days when you need something extra chilled. Easy mocktails are perfect for family gatherings as everyone can get involved, so make our Mojito mocktail recipe in bulk and serve it in a drinks dispenser for effortless entertaining.

Pro Tips & Recipe Notes

Learn how to Make a Virgin Mojito like a pro with our insider tips:

  • To prep your mint the easy way, push the mint stalks through the holes in your colander and pull out the other end so the leaves are neatly and speedily removed
  • Boost you’re the zesty, minty vibes by simmering the sugar syrup briefly with the juice of half a lime and mint leaves. Strain and cool the syrup fully before mixing it into your mocktail Mojito. Delish! Make it in advance and store in the fridge for up to two weeks
  • For a pretty garnish, freeze mint leaves into ice cubes