Tom and Jerry Recipe

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Spicy Tom and Jerry cocktails served in cosy mugs

This Tom and Jerry recipe is a nostalgic old-fashioned cocktail, often compared to eggnog, that’s packed with festive spices and served warm. It requires a little effort to make but boy is it worth it! Wondering what is a Tom and Jerry drink? We promise, it won’t make you run around like cat and mouse; rather, this warm and boozy spiced milk cocktail will warm you up from the inside out. Happy Christmas!



Don’t be put off by the ingredient list, it’s worth the effort! 


Stumped on what to serve for a festive dessert, this cocktail a rich dessert in a mug 


Pairs really well with crunchy parmesan bites or a cheese and charcuterie platter, include spicy chutneys 



1 Person

For the Tom and Jerry batter:

large eggs, separated
teaspoon cream of tartar
120 Ml

4 Oz

4 Parts

unsalted butter, softened
cup sugar
60 Ml

2 Oz

2 Parts

teaspoon ground cinnamon
teaspoon ground cloves
teaspoon ground nutmeg
teaspoon pure vanilla extract

For a Tom and Jerry cocktail:

30 Ml

1 Oz

1 Parts

Signature Appeleton Estate dark rum
30 Ml

1 Oz

1 Parts

brandy, or cognac
tablespoon Tom and Jerry batter
120 Ml

4 Oz

4 Parts

hot milk, or water, or both to taste
to garnish, some grated nutmeg



For the Tom & Jerry batter: 

Whip the egg whites in a large glass bowl with the cream of tartar until stiff peaks, a meringue-like texture and set aside


In another bowl, beat the yolks with the sugar and butter until combined 


Stir in the spices and rum to the egg yolk mixture


Fold a large spoon of egg white into the butter mixture to aerate then gently fold in the remaining. Keep refrigerated until you need it.


For the Tom & Jerry cocktail: 

Warm a heatproof glass or mug with boiling water. Discard the water before serving


Add the rum and brandy to the mug along with the batter and top with warm milk


Garnish with a grating of nutmeg and enjoy warm

Why is this cocktail called Tom and Jerry?  

A Tom and Jerry recipe has, like most cocktails, multiple origins, but we’ll go with cocktail historian David Wondrich’s mention of a Jerry Thomas in his 1820’s book, “Imbibe!”. Legend has it, Jerry named the drink after his two pet mice, Tom and Jerry. 

Tom and Jerry cocktail ingredients  

Just like its name, this cocktail is made up of two parts – batter and rum. Like other hot butter rums, the batter will need to be made up in advance. 

 For the Tom and Jerry batter: 

This recipe requires eggs, cloves, nutmeg, Ceylon cinnamon, vanilla extract, sugar, butter and a good dark rum. We recommend choosing a good quality rum for this festive batter, such as a classic like Signature Appeleton Estate or an aged rum like Maison La Mauny. Also, the Trois Rivières collection from Martinique offers some delectable dark rums. 

For your Tom and Jerry recipe: 

For your cocktail you’ll need: a heatproof glass or mug, a spoonful of the Tom and Jerry batter above, a dash of rum, cognac like Bisquit &Duboucheé and a good measure of milk to top it up. Garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg to really get that festive scent. 

Tom and Jerry recipe 

Don’t fret about how to make a Tom and Jerry cocktail – it’s all in the prep! Once you’ve got your ingredients ready, this creamy drink is one of those easy winter cocktails to make year on year. 

When prepping your batter in advance, the trick is to not to get any yolk into your whites when separating the eggs. The rest of the steps are super simple to follow; simply whisk the egg whites in one bowl to make stiff peaks before combining the yolks, sugar and butter with rum and spices in another bowl. To combine, add the egg white mix one spoonful at a time to the yolk mixture, getting a little air into the thicker base mix with each stir. This batter recipe makes enough to serve 25 so store in the fridge or spoon into large ice cube trays and freeze for a later date. When your guests arrive, simmer your milk, boil the kettle and line up mugs. Before your guests wrap their cold hands around a mug, grate a little nutmeg over the top. 

Raw egg warning

Consuming raw and partially cooked eggs can pose a risk to if you are pregnant or immuno-compromised. Be sure to mention this before serving this Tom and Jerry recipe to guests. 

How strong is this Tom and Jerry recipe? 

While you might assume that a Tom and Jerry recipe is a strong drink as it includes both rum and cognac, the addition of the milk and batter makes it a surprisingly lighter option. At about 12% ABV, it equals a glass of wine.

What to serve with this Tom and Jerry recipe 

This cocktail is rich and filling, like a dessert in a mug, so it’s perfect to serve at the start of your celebrations along with strong salty or spicy flavours to balance to creamy notes. Go for a cheese and charcuterie platter with some spicy chutneys or choose dishes with plenty of tasty Parmesan for a great pairing.  

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Our Tom and Jerry cocktail ingredients include both full flavoured spirits, rum and cognac delivering a dessert cocktail that’s jam-packed with spice and cheer.