Pear Martini

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Pear Martinis with sliced pear garnish against a neutral backdrop with fresh pears in the foreground

Looking for a sweet and crisp cocktail? The Pear Martini is an irresistible sipper that we’re sure will become your signature drink to serve during festive feasts. It only needs 4 ingredients and it’s ready in 5 minutes, the best combination especially if you’re caught in between pans and oven and your guests are eagerly waiting! 



You can make a boozier version of this cocktail by ditching lemon juice and simple syrup and adding extra dry vermouth instead


Why not rim your martini glass with cinnamon sugar for extra fall vibes?


Chill your glasses ahead of time for the frostiest serve



1 Person

60 Ml

2 Oz

2 Parts

Pear-flavored vodka
15 Ml

0.5 Oz

0.5 Parts

Elderflower liqueur
30 Ml

1 Oz

1 Parts

Lemon juice
30 Ml

1 Oz

1 Parts

Sugar syrup
Pear slice, to garnish



Add all ingredients into a Boston shaker with ice. 


Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. 


Strain into a chilled martini glass. 


Garnish with pear and serve. 

Variations to Try

If you love the classic Pear Martini but want to mix it up, have fun with one of our variations below:

  • Ginger Pear Martini: Add an extra spicy kick to your pear martini by infusing your simple syrup with cinnamon or grated ginger.
  • French Pear Martini: Sophistication is the name of the game with the French Pear Martini. Take the traditional recipe and top it off with an ounce of Champagne to elevate your cocktail a notch. Mais oui!
  • Asian Pear Martini: Fancying a taste of Japan in your drink? The Asian Pear Martini is a delicious slow sipper with pear vodka, sake, pear nectar, vanilla liqueur and passionfruit syrup. A real bliss to the palate.
  • Prickly Pear Martini: This delightful cocktail owes its name to prickly pears, a type of cactus that produces flowers called tunas, which can be turned into syrup. To make a Prickly Pears Martini, combine vodka, prickly pears syrup, orange liqueur and lemon juice, shake and serve. An unusual serve that will bewitch your guests.
  • Pear Tree Martini: This autumn-in-a-glass pear martini variation adds a dash of bitters to the pear vodka and elderflower liqueur for an extra tangy flavour. Speaking of autumn, check THIS out.
  • Appletini: This isn’t a pear-flavoured cocktail, but apples sit right next to pears as autumn’s symbolic fruits.  The Appletini is a modern classic introduced in the 1990s, usually identified as the cool kid’s drink. It combines vodka, Calvados, granny smith juice, lemon juice and simple syrup and it’s delicious all year long. 

If you like fruity Martinis, you should also try the French Martini, the Lemon Drop Martini, the Key Lime Martini and the Pornstar Martini. 


The Monkey Martini appears in the film “Trust”, a romantic drama set in Manhattan’s art world. One of the characters orders this drink, which consists of vodka, crème de banana, crème de cacao and light cream.

To make a Prickly Pear Martini you will need prickly pear syrup, which is made from prickly pear’s (a type of cactus) fruits. Combine it with vodka, orange liqueur and lemon juice et voilà!

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