Apple Butter Old Fashioned Cocktail

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Apple Butter Old Fashioned in tumbler with apple slices and cinnamon sticks

There are a few things as satisfying as those classic fall fragrances (we see you, pumpkin spice latte lovers!), and an Apple Butter Old Fashioned cocktail is packed with the warm and spicy flavours synonymous with cosy apple pies. Made with real apple butter (just like mom used to make), this fall Old Fashioned drink is perfect for an indulgent Thanksgiving feast with your nearest and dearest.  

How to make an Apple Butter Old Fashioned cocktail

To make a proper apple butter cocktail, you have to use the best ingredients you can get your hands on. In fact, this should always be the rule when making any cocktail. Quality ingredients result in quality cocktails, and that’s what we’re all about!

We chose Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey for its bold taste, and we suggest making your own apple butter at home—it will be absolutely worth the extra effort. Contrary to what the name suggests, apple butter does not contain any butter. It’s basically just a fancy name for apples that have been pureed, spiced and cooked down to give them a butter-like texture.

It’s sweet and rich in flavour and can be stored in your fridge for a couple of weeks. You can use your jar of homemade Apple Butter for more than just your drink. Spread it on toast, make it part of a cheese platter, add it to your oatmeal, dollop it onto pancakes or use it as a glaze on the meat. Absolutely delicious!  



Keep apple slices from browning by brushing them with lemon juice before garnishing your cocktail.


Apple Butter is easy to make and store in your fridge. Use it for cocktails, to spread on toast, as a glaze on meat for the BBQ or add it to your morning oats.


Store your apple cider in the fridge once opened. It should keep for around 7 – 10 days.



1 Person

60 Ml

2 Oz

2 Parts

Apple cider
60 Ml

2 Oz

2 Parts

Tablespoon apple butter
Dash of orange bitters
Juice of half a lemon
Ginger beer (to top your glass)
Coarse cinnamon sugar and simple syrup, for rimming
Thinly sliced apples and a cinnamon stick, to garnish



Pour some simple syrup on a plate and some coarse cinnamon sugar on another


Dip the rim of your cocktail glass into the syrup and then into the sugar, twisting to coat, before adding ice cubes to the glass 


Combine the apple cider, apple butter, Wild Turkey, lemon juice and bitters in a cocktail shaker and give it a dry shake (in other words, a shake without ice) 


Shake vigorously until properly combined then strain into your prepared cocktail glass


Top up with ginger beer and garnish with a cinnamon stick and apple slice on the rim to serve

How to garnish an Apple Old Fashioned cocktail

The tastiest way to add that extra autumn flavour punch to these scrumptious cocktails is by using sugar and apple slices for the rim and popping a cinnamon stick into the drink to infuse more of those cosy flavours. If you want, leave out the apple slices and add an orange peel twist instead for an added citrus taste.


Making homemade apple butter is super simple. Wash, core, and quarter about a pound of apples. Pop them into a crock pot then add half a cup of water or apple juice, a dash of apple cider vinegar, half a cup of brown sugar, one teaspoon cinnamon, a few cloves and a quarter teaspoon of each nutmeg and ginger. Cook in a pressure cooker for 8 minutes. Release the pressure. Remove the cloves and scrape the apples into a blender. Blend until smooth, then transfer the mixture to a saucepan. Simmer for 10 minutes, or until thickened. 

Making a Hot Apple Buttered Rum cocktail is simple. All you need is three ingredients: apple cider, good-quality spiced rum, and butter. To make a mug of buttery apple goodness, put all your ingredients in a saucepan until simmering and frothy. If you want it extra frothy add the warm liquid to a blender and blitz. This is a little taste of Christmas in a cup.  

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