Blushing Bride Cocktail

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Blushing Bride Cocktail

The Blushing Bride cocktail is one of those drinks that look too pretty to be true — bright, cheerful and delightfully bubbly, it really does have the vibe of a bride that’s about to live her best life on her wedding day, dressed to the nines and ready to shine.  

Being so effervescent and photogenic, it’s a natural choice for celebratory occasions like weddings, bachelorette parties, and other events where plenty of toasting is called for. Here’s how you make it! 

Blushing Bride drink recipe

The great thing about the Blushing Bride drink is that it has very few ingredients and it’s super simple to assemble.



Make sure your Champagne is icy cold.


Serve the cocktail in Champagne flutes to keep it bubbly.


Lovely with morish snacks like angels on horseback.



1 Person

4 Oz

120 Ml

4 Parts

1 Oz

30 Ml

1 Parts

Peach schnapps 
1 Oz

30 Ml

1 Parts

Raspberry to garnish 



Pour the peach schnapps and grenadine into a Champagne flute


Top with Champagne


Garnish with a raspberry, and serve

How to serve the Blushing Bride cocktail

The Blushing Bride cocktail is best served in a Champagne flute. Also sometimes referred to as Champagne tulips, these tall, narrow glasses are ideal for serving Champagne and Champagne cocktails. It holds around six to ten ounces and works well for all sorts of bubbly drinks.  

However, aside from looking fancy, this type of glass is also a good choice for a Blushing Bride cocktail for rather scientific reasons. See, in a glass with too much surface area, the natural carbonation of the drink would fizzle out too quickly. A Champagne flute helps to form and maintain the drink’s bubbles. The more bubbles, the better the texture of the drink! 

Additionally, a flute’s deeper bowl allows your guests to enjoy the visual effect of bubbles rising to the top of the drink. The long, slender stem also helps to keep the drink nice and cold since the holder’s body heat is not around the bowl of the glass. Learn more about cocktail glass types here.  

While there are cocktails that can be batch-prepped ahead of a shindig, and served communal style using a ladle, the Blushing Bride calls for a more step-by-step approach because you want to preserve the bubbliness of the Champagne. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make things a little simpler when you’re expecting quite a few guests.  

If you want to serve the drink for a party, and don’t want to prepare each one individually, we recommend that you prep your glasses beforehand. Measure out the peach schnapps and grenadine into each glass, and have it ready in pre-garnished flutes when your guests arrive, keeping the Champagne corked and on ice. Then you can simply pop the bubbly and charge each glass with Champagne before you serve it individually.  

How strong is the Blushing Bride cocktail?

The Blushing Bride signature drink features both peach schnapps, which is a low-alcohol spirit with an ABV of between 15-20%, and Champagne which comes in at approximately 12% ABV. As such, it is a moderately strong drink that can be happily enjoyed in moderation.  

Bonus tip: If you are planning to serve the Blushing Bride cocktail at a bachelorette, we’ve got a whole section of insider tips on how to plan a bachelorette party! 

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The best wedding cocktails tend to lean into the season. For instance, if you are hosting your nuptial celebration in the warmer seasons, summer champagne cocktails are a popular choice. Refreshing fruit-based drinks also tend to work quite well when it's balmy out. On the other hand, if you're hosting a winter wedding, you might consider something along the lines of mulled wine or a Mexican Hot Chocolate.  

As prettily as possible! Weddings are quite heavily photographed, and your signature cocktails are bound to end up on a few family snaps that will stand the test of time. As such, we recommend pushing out the boat in terms of garnishes. Once you've selected your drink, take some time to confer with your caterer or chef to get their insights into which garnishes will pair well with the canapes served during cocktail hour.