Strawberry Gin Cocktail

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Front view of Strawberry Gin Cocktail garnished with fresh strawberry

Slide into summer effortlessly on trend with our Strawberry Gin cocktail, as fresh strawberry cocktails with gin are all the rage at the moment. Making this oh-so-pretty blushed strawberry gin recipe is simple – it’s basically just a fruity martini with no vermouth. Gin cocktails (without tonic) are often referred to as Tom Collins cocktails and the most basic recipe consists of a fabulous gin paired with club soda and lemon juice. With a strawberry twist, this refreshing cocktail will be a welcome change to your usual gin and tonic.




Add raspberries when muddling if you want to up the berrylicious flavours


Swap out the lemon for freshly squeezed lime juice for a zesty finish


For large crowds, this Strawberry Gin cocktail can be made in bulk in a pitcher or punch bowl


Make it extra cute with a simple strawberry garnish and a sprig of mint



1 Person

teaspoons white sugar
60 Ml

2 Oz

2 Parts

30 Ml

1 Oz

1 Parts

freshly squeezed lemon juice
90 Ml

3 Oz

3 Parts

chilled soda water



Muddle the strawberry and sugar in a mason jar or cocktail shaker using a rolling pin or wooden spoon


Meanwhile, add a handful of ice to a tall glass so it’s extra chilled


Add the gin, lemon juice and a handful of ice to the shaker or mason jar and shake well until frosted


Strain into the chilled glass over the ice


Top up with the soda water, stir and add a garnish of your choosing

What ingredients does a Strawberry Gin cocktail need?

With the craft gin explosion, you’ll want to make this recipe over and over trying a new gin every time. To get you started, we recommend our fave O’ndina Gin, it’s a gorgeous small batch gin made with zesty Southern Italian lemons and oranges. The vibrant citrus notes make this gin a perfect partner for sweet strawberry. You’ll also need club soda, some strawberries bursting with all their seasonal goodness, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Oh, and ice to keep the summer heat at bay!

The easiest Strawberry Gin Cocktail recipe

This Strawberry Gin recipe is so simple yet sophisticated for all your summer party needs. It’s a matter of crushing, or in cocktail lingo, muddling a strawberry with a little sugar to release all the berry goodness before adding gin, lemon juice and club soda to the mix. All this can be done in a mason jar if you don’t have a cocktail shaker. Serve this blushed berry cocktail in a tall Tom Collins or highball glass, making it easy to up your ice for an extra chilled drink and giving you room to top with more soda if you prefer a lighter cocktail.

The perfect gin to use for a Strawberry Gin cocktail

Always choose a top shelf gin for the best results. O’ndina Gin is our top choice for a Strawberry Gin Cocktail but there are plenty of other gins that would be delicious in this strawberry gin recipe. Give Bulldog London Dry Gin a go, or why not try Bickens Premium Pink Distilled Gin, made with zesty grapefruit, to add divine tartness to this cocktail? You also could double up on your strawberry flavour with a strawberry-infused gin. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s high-quality and bursting with zesty, floral or herby notes to really compliment the sweetness of strawberry.

All the substitutions and variations you need to know about

Alternating your gin base in this recipe will give you plenty of variations to mix up but here are some other twists and ideas to try:

  • Try a herby twist. Add a few basil leaves to muddle with your strawberries for Strawberry Basil Cocktail that’s herby and fragrant, like a picnic in a glass
  • Tropical twists. For ultimate summer vibes, swap the strawberry for watermelon for a juicy Watermelon Gin cocktail. Or, try a Mango Gin cocktail by swapping out the strawberry for mango puree or use passionfruit for a Passionfruit Gin cocktail. With our round up of Best Fruity Cocktails, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

There’s so many ways to enjoy gin cocktails this summer. If you’re not into gin, check out some our other Easy Summer Cocktails for enviable drinks that are so simple to make.

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