Green Tea Shot Recipe

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Invigorating Green Tea Shot recipe to share with family and friends

Okay, so the first thing you need to know about this excellent Green Tea Shot recipe is that it’s the drinks equivalent of the Red Panda. See, even though it’s red and furry, the Red Panda is not actually a panda at all. It’s more closely related to a raccoon. Similarly, this Green Tea Shots recipe is green, but there is no tea in it at all. It’s more closely related to the Kamikaze shooter. Regardless, it’s completely delicious, and a crowd-pleaser of note.  

Here’s the easy way to whip up our go-to recipe for Green Tea Shots 



This shot can also be made with SKYY Vodka or Bulldog Gin.


A thyme garnish adds a little something fancy to the mix.


Pairs well with easy eats like nachos and mini tacos.



4 Persons

15 Ml

0.5 Oz

0.5 Parts

15 Ml

0.5 Oz

0.5 Parts

Peach schnapps
15 Ml

0.5 Oz

0.5 Parts

Sour mix
Splash of lemon-lime soda



Combine the whisky, peach schnapps, and sour mix in a cocktail shaker with some ice, and shake until frosty


Strain into four shot glasses


Top off each shot with the lemon-lime soda

Who dreamed up the Green Tea Recipe Shot?

Looking at the ingredients for the Green Tea Shot recipe, it’s pretty clear that the folks behind it were a fun-loving bunch. The story goes that it was originally created by an Irish whiskey brand to promote their product, but we like to go against the grain and make it with Scotch whisky instead. This adds notes of ripe pears, finishing with a long, satisfying hint of delicate spice. 

Keen on actual tea cocktails? Easy Tea Cocktails for Chilled Celebrations

More Green Tea Shots recipes to try

If you love this recipe for Green Tea Shots, the great news is that there are a whole bunch of variations to try. In fact, you can make the shot your own by playing around with some substitutions.  

White Tea Shot

The White Tea Shot features vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup as ingredients, making it a little less fizzy and more refined — if that’s your vibe. 

Green Tea Shot recipe with vodka

Alternatively, you can stick to our tried-and-tested formula, and simply switch out the whisky for SKYY vodka. This is a good swop to make if you don’t happen to have whiskey on hand or prefer vodka as a base spirit instead. In fact, you could even play around with a flavoured vodka like SKYY Infusions® Pineapple if you want to add a touch of tropical panache. 

Fanciful syrup swops

If you leave out the sour mix and lemon-lime soda, you can send your shot in a completely different flavour direction by using an infused simple syrup and soda water to make up the difference. Get some simple syrup inspiration here. We like the idea of adding strawberry simple syrup for a more summery take on the original.   

When to serve Green Tea Shots

Shots are a fun way to add a bit of buzz to any occasion, and this one is nice and sweet, which makes it popular among most guests. We like to serve it as:  


A Green Tea Shot combines whisky, peach schnapps, sour mix, and lemon-lime soda.

A Green Tea Shot is fruity and fizzy with a strong whisky backbone that makes for satisfying sipping.

No, a Green Tea Shot does not actually contain any green tea at all. It got the name because it looks like green tea, not because it contains green tea.

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